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The Green Mile R R 3h 9m. Play trailer Crime Drama Fantasy. Director Frank Darabont. Stephen King novel Frank Darabont screenplay. Top credits Director Frank Darabont. See more at IMDbPro. Top rated movie Trailer The Green Mile.

Clip Video Photos Top cast Edit. Frank Darabont. More like this. Watch options. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia According to one of the featurettes on the DVD, Stephen King called this film the single most faithful adaptation of his work. Goofs Although the voltage used for electric chair executions volts would not be high enough to cause a current flow through an unsoaked sponge properly, it will just act as a resistor and limit the amount of current passing through at a time.

That is why the electrocution took way longer than the required 15 - 30 seconds. The primary cause of death for Del was not via electrocution brain death or organ failure but through severe burns when the resistors overheat and caught fire. Quotes [last lines] Old Paul Edgecomb : We each owe a death - there are no exceptions - but, oh God, sometimes the Green Mile seems so long.

Crazy credits There are no opening credits after the title has been shown, followed by the opening scene for place of film. Although it is now commonplace for films to not have opening credits, in it was somewhat rather unusual and it was considered for a trademark of director Frank Darabont. Alternate versions The documentary "Walking the Mile" which is included on the DVD features the making of a scene, where Edgecomb and his wife are in a church.

That scene is not in the final film. The church is probably the one mentioned by Hanks character when he says to Melinda that "we missed you in church". User reviews 2K Review. Top review. One of the most penetrating films of the past several years. Running Time: minutes. Rated R for scenes of strong disturbing violence, language, and some sexuality By Blake French: It's not everyday that a movie is able to change an audiences opinion on something.

The film, based on a novel by Stephen King, contains such a variety of emotional events that it repels its audience away from its subject rather than glamorizing it. Only a handful of recent productions have been capable of such power. It is a unique, three hour experience that must be seen to believe. The story is more of a personal narrative than an actual plot.

The film offers an interesting perspective of the events that take place. It is seen through the eyes of a man who is over one hundred years of age, Paul Edgecomb, who is currently living in an old folks home with his friend, Elaine. During a very emotional day for Paul, he tells Elaine of a historical year in his experiences.

She listens closely to his story. He tells of a particular year in the 's. The setting is a beautifully crafted prison hall. Paul explains he used to be a kind prison guard on death row in charge of overseeing the executions.

In this year, several significant activities occurred in his life: he had a terribly painful urinary infection, and met a prisoner named John Coffey. This man has been sentenced to the electric chair for the rape and murder of two innocent little girls. Available in: p. BluRay p. Assigned IP address Death Row guards at a penitentiary, in the 's, have a moral dilemma with their job when they discover one of their prisoners, a convicted murderer, has a special gift.

Parental Guide. The Green Mile is a fairly decent movie in most regards. Its well filmed with good production values and has a pretty OK story that overall is entertaining to watch. The performances are also all very good. However by the end of the film I just felt underwhelmed. Nothing really special happened in it. The super natural aspects really weakened the story in my opinion.

Going into it I was expecting the story to be about a prison guard who works on death row who just so happens to befriend one of his prisoners. So when the whole thing became supernatural I was a little disappointed. If the story was more grounded in reality and had a lot less filler it would have been emotionally gut wrenching.

But its not. Also there is a very out of place violent scene in this movie. A man gets slowly burnt alive because of a villain sabotaging the electric chair. Its a scene that feels taken directly from a Hostel movie. I watched it more than once, it is really emotionally heavy film. Frank Darabont's best film in my opinion.

I won't say what is happening for others, but it is a must to watch this film! Great and really strong story, definitely a high quality work.

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Reasons for that American history and the current system could be seen as a continuation of the triangular trade with extra steps, one could certainly make interesting graphics including the new big players and masterminds behind it, including historical, sociological, political, and economic legitimations.

But that would need objective, big history research no one is interested in because it could awake the extremely expensive monster of compensation for Africans, native Americans, and all the others enslaved, killed, and suppressed people from Columbus to the wild west until the 21st century. Just as with his story Hope Springs Eternal culminating in the epic The Shawshank Redemption, King is dealing with the inhumanity, madness, and injustice of many draconic, hellhole prison unjustice systems, focusing on poverty, hate, and the third, most underrated justice that tends to be forgotten for dogmatic and economic reasons, distributional justice with a focus on racism.

With free health care and education, and strong social services, most of this suffering could, just as in Europe, easily be avoided. View all 7 comments. I can now clarify, not only with myself, but with every other King fan, that this particular book gave me rather noticeable palpitations and for a moment or two, it made me feel quite faint. I've seen 'The Green Mile' Tom Hanks film adaptation, and although that was also amazing, and it makes for edge-of-the-seat viewing at times, when all is said and done, it has nothing on this book.

This book is up there with my list I like to call "King mind-fucks" and in that group are books like The Shining I can now clarify, not only with myself, but with every other King fan, that this particular book gave me rather noticeable palpitations and for a moment or two, it made me feel quite faint. This book is up there with my list I like to call "King mind-fucks" and in that group are books like The Shining and Pet Sematary and right there, just on the outside looking in, is Cujo , who didn't quite make that group, but still, it's a book I consider a 'classic King' There are elements of horror within these pages, but it is done in a subtle way, and I think King gets more of a result with subtle, and not with in your face blood and gore.

It just works better, especially for me, and it admittedly makes my toes curl. The story is lead by Paul Edgecombe, who is a guard in charge of 'The Green Mile' which is a block that houses purely death row inmates. While Paul was there, his block housed some wild and mostly unforgettable characters, one being John Coffey, a larger than life man, who was afraid of the dark, and had been accused of a absolutely horrific crime. John Coffey changes the lives of the inmates, and the guards who work on the mile, and we feel human compassion and emotion at it's finest.

The characters are finely drawn with such care, and I felt as if I knew some of those personally. I completely loathed the little dick Percy Whetmore, and I haven't hated a character as much as I did Percy Whetmore at poor Del's execution. It made for horrendously uncomfortable reading, and that was mainly due to Percy Whetmore.

He is a despicable excuse for a human being, that literally thrived on watching other people suffer. I admire the way King writes about how Paul Edgecombe and his men attempt to give the men on death row respect, and dignity until the day when they have to sit on the 'Old Sparky'. I think King captures these tender but also powerful moments with ease, and with a skilful level that is pretty rare to me.

I finished this book this morning, and I still don't feel quite over it yet. I can report that my heart is somewhat calmer, but I very much doubt that I'll be able to forget this book for the years ahead of me. But, let's be honest here, why the fuck would I want to? View all 30 comments. The Green Mile Nevertheless , the unique green surface is the last thing the nervous residents are thinking about , in their humble cells, pe The Green Mile Nevertheless , the unique green surface is the last thing the nervous residents are thinking about , in their humble cells, peering through the bars When the recently convicted murderer of two nine- year- old twin girls, the Detterick's, John Coffey, a giant black man, strong as an ox, enters his final home, sadistic prison guard Percy Wetmore, the governor's wife's, nephew, he brags about the political connection constantly, enthusiastically shouts "Dead man walking ", the vicious young officer got that idea, reading it in a cheap magazine.

Paul Edgecombe, the official in charge of the block, starts to believe he's innocent He cures Paul's very painful urinary tract infection, the very grateful guard tries to find out more information , about the stranger's case Jingles is not an official inmate in E Block, an unregistered guest you might say, a stowaway they would call him if this was a ship, in fact a mouse, quite intelligent for sure , but some others think , is something else entirely.

The pet of soon to be extinct inmate M. Eduard Delacroix a Cajun from Louisiana, yet Mr. All the guards love this brave little critter, feeding and even getting him a cigar box to sleep in, except you guessed it Percy , an enemy he got, by escaping his deadly clutches hiding in another room. John Coffey saves the mouse's life, the other men hate the creep Percy but cannot get rid of Wetmore, not realizing the consequences of his vengeance, he loathe the convict The officers involved in the execution including Paul , despises the job, but during the Great Depression, with long bread lines , they need to feed their families and themselves, many people would be eager to do it.

Warden Hal Moores, a good friend of Mr. Paul has an audacious , risky notion, maybe the healer Coffey can save this wonderful, kind woman , it can get him and his pals, the other correctional officers into a big mess A superb story by Stephen King, always entertaining, you will learn also, and even feel the pain of the interesting characters As good as the glorious film version. View all 19 comments. Some books are worth waiting years for to read and I have certainly waited a very long time to read this one.

I have to confess I am not a Stephan King fan as Horror or science fiction just doesnt work for me but having watched the Green Mile Movie some years ago I have always wanted to read the book and when I happened to find a copy among a pile of books lately I just knew there was no time like the present.

My only problem with reading a book after watching such an iconic movie is that I am Some books are worth waiting years for to read and I have certainly waited a very long time to read this one. My only problem with reading a book after watching such an iconic movie is that I am unable to imagine the characters for myself, but setting that aside What a phenomenal read this was Now I am actually jealous of readers who haven't read the book yet because this one is such a beautiful, compelling and brilliant story, I was blown away by the read.

Convicted Killers all await their turn to walk the Green Mile and their date with the Electric Chair. When John Coffey is condemned for a terrifying and horrendous crime, Paul Edgecombe is confronted with the terrible wondrous truth that will change his life forever.

I went though all sorts of emotions when reading this story. The writing is vivid and the story believable and you feel and experience everything this tale has to offer. There were actually times I felt the humid heat so well described in the book. The characters are so realistic and believable, and the plot twists and turns kept me turning the pages. A little sprinkle just a little of magical happenings make this novel the perfect story that I will remember a long time from now.

I only have a tiny paperback copy of this book which I really have to replace with a hard copy for my real life bookshelf. If you have this on your TBR Shelf View all 40 comments. King is able to terrify because he is adept at drawing us into a scene, luring the reader in with deft characterization and attention to detail that creates empathy and understanding. That detail has stayed in my mind in greater clarity than the actual murder.

King provides that kind of detail and can also play with our emotions. He understands and makes use of the technique of adding unusual but memorable detail and also mixes shades of humor in with the darker hues of terror to make the portrait more tangible. Set in the south during the great depression, King does not let us forget that these men endured this job because it was employment, one they were happy and lucky to have. We are walked through the rehearsals for the executions by electric chair and then seen the performance of that instrument.

Clearly this is no coincidence as King describes several men as devout and Biblical references and symbolism are ubiquitous. Highly, highly recommended. View all 5 comments. View all 14 comments. A wondrous book on so many levels. Two very young white girls are brutally raped and murdered - the missing girls' search party come across a distraught and crying, huge black man holding their corpses! This is the story of what really happened during his incarceration, trial and sentencing as told by his warden, many decades later.

A Stephen King masterclass with a tremendous use of pacing, tone and historical setting. A semi reliable and definitely biased narrator t A wondrous book on so many levels. A semi reliable and definitely biased narrator tells a story that has almost every key development clearly foreshadowed, yet the book is a delight and as King oft does, damning on America's treatment of African-Americans.

And yet King manages to overly, almost engulf this with a concurrent supernatural and beautiful tale about Coffey's humanity. A gem! View all 13 comments. Shelves: year , read , all-time-favorites , magical-realism , crime-fiction , own-paperback , reviewed , supernatural , buddy-read , that-ending-killed-me.

Rarely does it happen to me that I read a book which actually causes me to tear up to some extent and which I can't stop thinking about even months after turning the last page. You might should have heard about the movie adaption starring Tom Hanks and the late Michael Clarke Duncan may he rest in peace , and if you haven't considered watching it yet, then please don't hesitate to do so for even one moment.

The Green Mile is easily one of my favorite movies of all time, and to be completely hon Rarely does it happen to me that I read a book which actually causes me to tear up to some extent and which I can't stop thinking about even months after turning the last page. The Green Mile is easily one of my favorite movies of all time, and to be completely honest, I had certain doubts about whether the Stephen King novel it was actually adapted from would be capable of causing the same range of emotions in me as the movie did.

And oh, how it succeeded with doing that. First off, allow me to mention something about my love-hate-relationship with Stephen King. During the 80's, he built up for himself a reputation as being one of the major horror writers of his time, but few people actually know about the few touching, emotionally affecting stories he can be called responsible for - let me just mention Stand By Me and Shawshank Redemption , both of which are beautiful movies actually based on a less famous work by Stephen King.

I am the first one to admit that King has a capability to write novels you will have a lot of troubles with if you expect to find stories with literary worth. But books like The Green Mile are what I love this author for. For those who are unfamiliar with the story, The Green Mile is the nickname for the death row at Cold Mountain Penitentiary, a prison in Louisiana. During the s, our protagonist Paul Edgecomb receives John Coffey into his custody as supervisor of the death row.

Coffey turns out to be physically intimidating, but mentally challenged. How could a man like him, a man who is afraid if the lights are not kept on during the night, have been capable of murdering two innocent girls? Trust me, this is not a story about Coffey's guilt or innocence, however.

What King confronts us with is a character-driven story about the daily events on the death row, raising moral and ethic questions along the way, allowing us to care about the small amount of characters he presented to us. Untypically for King's novels, we only meet a few characters, but even those of minor importance to the story are drawn out in such a fascinating way that it becomes difficult to resist caring for all of them. Originally, King published this book in six different installments before releasing the six parts altogether in this novel.

Each of those six parts focuses on different elements to the story, with all these parts interfering with each other along the way and finally weaving together a convincing picture of a prison in the 30's. Is this book only about life in prison, however? No, it isn't - by far it isn't. In a frame story, King introduces us to the older Paul Edgecomb who revisits the events on the Green Mile in an attempt to write down his story before his memory can begin to fade away.

King starts off each of the six installments of the story by including more insight on the story of Paul's older self, until he finally manages to masterfully create the illusion of two deeply connected plots. Supernatural elements are a minor part of the story, though - as skeptical as I usually am about stories involving magical realism - its inclusion mainly just allowed to emphasize the beauty of the story.

The cast of characters in this novel is truly convincing - we meet Brutus "Brutal" Howell, Eduard Delacroix with his beloved pet mouse Mr. Jingles, and of course Percy Wetmore. And Percy actually has more than just a few votes.

Talking about Mr. Jingles, I will miss him. Oh, how I will miss him. In the end, this story manages more than just to raise questions. It turned me into a pile of emotions, ranging from nostalgia over grief up to relief - but mostly nostalgia. The last pages included some of the best writing I have ever encountered and yes , I will gladly admit that both the movie and the book made me cry, and I don't find it difficult to believe that they will continue to make me do so in future.

Because out of all the movies I have seen and the books I have read, The Green Mile in both its book and its movie version is a story I am going to revisit over and over. If you have only seen the movie, then please don't fear reading the book because even though it is a completely different experience due to a few minor changes and, obviously, a huge distinction in its narrative, the book doesn't fail to convince even after having watched the movie.

And if you have only read the book - then what are you waiting for? The Green Mile is, in my opinion, one of the best book-to-movie adaptions which have ever entered the big screen. A beautiful, touching book which I am never going to forget. Buddy Read with Anne who I have to truly thank for continuously encouraging me to keep up reading! View all 38 comments.

This is one of the best serial novels I've ever read. Originally in 6 single issues I can highly recommend buying them as single volume. You won't miss any issue. Paul Edgecombe tells his heart warming story about Could Mountain Penitentiary and reveals everything about John Coffey, Mr Jingles and the characters involved.

A very philosophical and moving novel. Absolutely recommended! I have just finished this book and wow what a read. I'm not at all into horror, either in books or in films, and even though my boyfriend has for years tried to get me to read Steven King I've avoided him like the plague.

I did know that he wrote other types of books, namely through the re-makes of these books into Hollywood films, i. It was only after my boyfriend read this and na I have just finished this book and wow what a read. It was only after my boyfriend read this and nagged me into doing the same that I picked it up and I'm so glad that I did. The characters are just so beautifully written and I'm not ashamed to say that I cried many a tear even though I knew exactly what was coming up having seen the movie numerous times.

If you are a fan of the movie then you can not fail to fall in love with the book as the movie is one of those rare exceptions in that it is very true to its original source. The delight with the book, as is often the case with books, is that it goes into much more detail in particular with the character of Mr Jingles.

This book just illustrates how versatile King is as a writer and that in years to come will probably be considered one of the great literary genius of the Twentieth century. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I'm a huge fan of Stephen King and The Green Mile has got to be one of the best novels he has ever written. In fact, it's one of the best novels I have ever read in my entire life and a great piece of literature to boot! The novel is simply amazing. Once I started it, I couldn't put it down! It is very beautifully written and extremely moving at times. The plot is original, gripping and heart-breaking. All the characters had depth, and were vivid, intriguing, and believable.

The story is told so I'm a huge fan of Stephen King and The Green Mile has got to be one of the best novels he has ever written. The story is told so well that it was easy to imagine yourself in Cold Mountain Penitentiary in Alabama back in It takes a terrific writer to evoke feelings of sympathy for murderers, but Stephen King managed this effortlessly.

I wished that John Coffey would be set free somehow, but I knew deep down that he would die. I had tears streaming down my face when he was executed. The novel left me thinking about the death penalty and whether it's time it should be abolished worldwide. I've developed quite a convinced moral stance against the death penalty thanks to reading this novel. My country doesn't have the death penalty so I never really thought much about it until I read this book.

I'd give this book more than five stars if I could! View all 15 comments. The year is , the place is death row at Cold Mountain Penitentiary. Who are the monsters here? A gentle giant name of John Coffey, sentenced to death for an unspeakable crime, is a strong possibility. But let's look at the prison guards on duty there. The one called Brutal, that can't be happenstance, can it? What about Percy, high on holding a position with a little power? With his girly hands, hand tooled leather baton holster, and his mean stupid bullying ways, I wouldn't count him The year is , the place is death row at Cold Mountain Penitentiary.

With his girly hands, hand tooled leather baton holster, and his mean stupid bullying ways, I wouldn't count him out. Full of miracles and wonders, this is a Stephen King offering that is such a good story. Don't expect your heart to come out intact. It's apt to break just a little bit. View all 28 comments. It's certainly a story that really consumes you and then you start reading it you can put it down. In my opinion, it had a few issues, but overall great writing and story itself deserve readers' attention.

View all 3 comments. The Kindle edition is currently on offer: 0. If Goodreads, existed at that juncture; when I first read it, I would've accoladed it five-stars. I've still got the softback copy of the book, which is in pristine condition, so not sure whether to buy the Kindle one - or not. I'm looking forward The Kindle edition is currently on offer: 0.

I'm looking forward to doing a reread, someday. I bought that one. View all 6 comments. This was undoubtedly one of the best books I have ever read and I enjoyed it even more than I expected and I had set the bar super high! This was also the most horrible book I have ever read - but in the best possible way! Not a single sentence was unneccessary; I enjoyed every scene and interaction.

The main character was wonderfully developed - he really seemed like a real person and at times it was hard for me to forget that he's just fictional. It was easy to forget that all of this was jus This was undoubtedly one of the best books I have ever read and I enjoyed it even more than I expected and I had set the bar super high! It was easy to forget that all of this was just made up and yes, even the fantastical aspects were written and presented in a way that made them seem realistic and believable!

Some might say that John Coffey's character development falls a bit on the short side as you do not find out too much about him and his life. But I thought this was perfect for him and for the role he plays in the story. I found myself wanting to keep reading constantly.

I wanted to find out so badly what would happen next, I forgot everything around me! But at the same time, I wanted to set the book aside and never pick it up again, because I just didn't want the story to end.

I also want to mention that I have never seen the movie before something I will now do as soon as possible! I'm really glad about this, because the events that unfolded in part 6 completely surprised me. Looking back to it, I have to say that the suspense and the buildup to it was done in a perfectly subtle way - something I would love to see more in other books!

I often correctly guess what will happen in the end, but this time nothing prepared me and I was completely clueless throughout. Overall, this was a wonderful reading experience and I already know that this story is going to stay with me for the rest of my life and will be reread many, many times. I wish I could describe my feelings about the topics of this book better, but there a simply too many feelings I have.

I tried telling my mum about my thoughts, but I just couldn't find the right words - nothing seemed to do this fantastic book justice. King does what he always does best. The story telling and overall character development is pure brilliance as usual. It's full of suspense and raw emotions I think John Coffey has become one of my favourite King characters.

Oh and An unforgettable and emotional novel. John Coffey has to be the sweetest character King has ever written along with Paul Edgecomb. The ending left me feeling emotionally numb because of the injustice that occurred. The movie adaptation of the novel series is just as good if not better. Shelves: recommendations , stand-alone-read , , 4-star , I have always wanted to read a Stephen King but since am not into horror genre, I maintained a secure distance between me and books by one of the most famous authors.

So when my friend recommended it to me I decided to finally read Mr. King and am glad that I read this. Story revolved around the inmates of Cold Mountain Prison who are there for murdering someone waiting for their death on Old Sparky, an Electric chair. Story is told by prison's warden Paul Edgecombe. Life was pretty much simple f I have always wanted to read a Stephen King but since am not into horror genre, I maintained a secure distance between me and books by one of the most famous authors.

Delacroix was mostly a cheerful man when his pet, a little mouse, was around. John Coffey was a quite man and Wharton was the troublemaker. I love how Mr. King has blended the lives of three inmates and in addition to that he also done justice to what workers of prisons go through business of execution of these inmates on Old Sparky. Sometimes it was tough for them and sometimes they just want to get over with this as it was deeply painful as most of the people were no longer what they were at the time of committing a crime.

This book is categorized under "Horror" genre but I didn't find it anything like that. It was a beautiful story deeply touching and emotional. Thanks Vidya fo r recommending this book to me for two reasons, first it is a beautiful book and secondly for picking a King novel for me.

It's incredible - the emotion, the feelings Just the starkness of what's presented. It's a prison story, but moves beyond that, touching on naked human sensibilities, on basic human emotions. I am really bad at reviews. What I can talk about, however, is the emotions that the books caused [Reviewed in What I can talk about, however, is the emotions that the books caused to arise in me.

Do you believe that people can be evil? Hmm, let me be more specific. Do you believe that a person can be bad, or evil, or however you want to put it, without having any good in them? After reading this book, I would say yesh, there are people who don't have an ounce of good in them. I know, I know - the book is fiction, but that doesn't mean that it can't describe what can actually exist in real life most of this particular book, anyway.

One of the characters in the book was completely I don't know if I can use the word evil in this context evil implies demons, maybe even the opposite of god, things like that in my mind , but I guess bad, vicious, diabolic, wicked, cruel would seem like the appropriate description. Even when people gave him a break, after seeing the cruelty and callousness, it made no difference, he continued the same backbiting, sadistic ways of the past.

And it didn't matter how many times he was "forgiven" or let off for the unbelievably montrous deeds he committed , it was the same. One particular part that hit me hard was this no spoilers ahead, in case you're planning to read - which I highly recommend you do!

He thought we were going to put him in with Wild Bill Wharton; that his punishment for the dry sponge was to be a dry cornholing from the resident psychopath. Instead of feeling sympathy for Percy at this realization, I felt disgusted and a hardening of my resolve. He was, after all, judging us by the way he would have behaved, had our positions been reversed. I guess that holds true to a certain degree for everyone too. I mean, how often do you think "outside the box"?

Dar ce zici de Mouseville? Ce Mouseville? E Tallahassee? E vorba de Tallahassee. Ce se face la Mouseville? Ce este Mouseville? Ce zici, Paul? Oh, sigur! Aia este! Este un loc periculos acesta. Ce-i cu pelerina asta a ta, Paulie?

Asta nu e a ta. E un cuier plin cu pelerine. Asta-i chestia. Paulie, Paulie, Paulie. Scuzele au fost acceptate. Ce faci acolo, Paulie? Deschide palma, spuse el. Sfinte Dumnezeule. Nu am nimic de spus. Fii prudent. Delacroix aruncase mosorul colorat acela pe care Mr. Dar Mr. Ce faci? Ce naiba? Delacroix se oprise din strigat. Coada lui Mr. Dumnezeule, ce sunt astea? L-ai ajutat, am spus.

L-am ajutat. L-am ajutat pe Jingles, spuse Dean. Jingles pe piept. N-are nimic. Mizerabilul acela nenorocit a plesnit! Am auzit! Ce-ai spus? Jingles este bine? Fii atent la ce spui, zise Percy. Noi suntem oamenii cu care lucrezi, Percy Nu foarte tare dar l-am apucat bine. Deci, ce spui? Acum suntem chit. Bine, am spus. Era foarte palid. Ce este, Del? Nu este Numai pentru acum. Apoi tu duce pe el la Florida. La locul acela Mouseville. Mau- vais temps, mauvais chance. Nu e mare lucru, dar face parte din munca mea.

Je t aime, mon petit. Ras perfect cu Eversharp. Mai e ceva, domnule Edgecombe. Sainte Marie, O ma mere, Mere de Dieu, priez pour moi, priez pour nous, pauv pecheurs, maint ant et a l heure L heure de mon mort. Ainsi soit-il. Haide, Del. Nu mai e mult. Non, non, nu el! Doare pe mine numai un minut.

Stai calm, Del, te descurci foarte bine. Deasupra capetelor noastre, tunetul bubui din nou. Va merge la Mouseville Buretele este uscat! Nu cred. Orice faci, numai nu-i spune asta. Vor rezista clemele acelea? Dumnezeule, ce miros! Asta era bine. De ce nu mi-a spus nimeni?

E mort, i-am spus lui Brutal. Har Domnului! Nu, am spus. Nu sunt Tocmai l-ai ars de viu pe Delacroix. Ce mama dracului a fost asta? Ei s-au oferit pentru treaba aceasta, nu i-a adus nimeni cu arcanul. Nu vor face asta, am spus. E prea macabru pentru cititori cu familie. S-o crezi tu, spuse el. Ce tare miroase, ptiu-ptiu-ptiu! Era prea evident. Unde este Mr.

A fugit pe acolo. Nu cea cu pantoful; nu vorbesc de aceea. Ochii cuiva care moare. L-am ajutat pe Mr. Acesta e lucrul important. Da, desigur. Dar asta n-am spus cu voce tare. Nu, sunt aici, Hal. Nimeni nu va obiecta. Hal, cum este Melinda? Se trece, spuse el. Se trece. Din fericire, fu un impuls care trecu repede.

Nu, n-am schimbat, am spus. Cum e Melly? Nu e bine. Poate, am repetat. Nu sunt un mare cititor. Citesc mai ales manualul utilizatorului pentru radio. Nenorocitul acela de Percy l-a strivit, spuse el cu simplitate. L-a vindecat cumva. Tu ce zici de asta, Paul?

Unde aceasta dispare, spuse Harry. Pe mine numai m-a atins. Dar eu nu eram pe moarte, sufeream numai. Va vrea oare? Dar n-ar fi asta culmea culmilor! Pe asta contez eu de fapt. Dar Paul Am dat din cap dezaprobator. Nu se poate. Din cauza administratorului Moores? De asemenea, este imens. Unul dintre ele este pantoful meu.

Magia este ceva periculos. O beau seara. Dar n-am avut noroc. Ce faci tu acolo, Paulie? Era prietena mea, Elaine Connelly. Elaine, ce Dar de ce mergi acolo? Te iubesc, Ellie, am spus. Va avea probleme din cauza asta? Ce zici? Domnule Edgecombe, spuse George. De fapt, tocmai a plecat. Da, am spus, dar mi-e foame. Cum de nimeni n-a ridicat problema aceasta la tribunal? Nu, nu a lui.

Ce anume? Erau moarte de prea mult timp. Iisuse, spuse Dean. Dumnezeule mare. Care este al doilea? A fugit spre nord-vest, spuse Brutal. Iar John Coffey este un om mare. Am dat din cap. Orice om. La naiba cu tine! Nu mi-a pornit motorul. Oh, spuse Harry, bietu de tine. Nici chiar Percy Wetmore. Ce mai faci, Kid? Nu, nu eram bolnav.

Fusesem bolnav, dar John Coffey se ocupase de asta. Unde mi-e cina? Taie-o, Toot. Numai Percy nu. Kid, am spus. Am ridicat din umeri. Am luat-o. Destule, am spus. Era atent la Percy. E timpul? Mult noroc, spuse Dean. Ce naiba-i asta? Ce are Howell la spate? Nimic, spuse Brutal. Ei bine Oh, Percy, spuse el. Ce ar spune mama ta? Nu vreau, spuse Percy. Numai la camera de izolare, Percy. Eu nu credeam asta, dar orice era posibil.

Nu era nevoie. Da, domnule, spuse Coffey. Bine, spuse Dean. Dar nu trebuie. Dar noi? Lor le face bine. Haide, John Coffey! Unde naiba ai parcat-o? Dumnezeule mare, Paul! Brutal se supuse. E Cassie, doamna din balansoar!

Apoi, era problema Hal Moores. Cineva s-a trezit. De ce nu? E un prost. Dumnezeule mare, Paul, unde naiba ne-a fost capul? Noi suntem! Oh, sfinte Dumnezeule. Domnule administrator John Coffey. Stai pe loc sau trag! Ce faci acolo? Domnule administrator! Mult mai mult. Sau este o evadare sau Nu vreau nici un Electrolux! Nu vreau nici un Hoover! Nimeni nu poate. Era tonul unui om hipnotizat. Da, John Coffey? Ceva foarte important. Era ca un cutremur. Picioarele ei se loveau rapid de pat.

Cum am ajuns aici? Acum sunt aici. Ai luat cina, Hal? Da, am spus eu. John, am spus. John Coffey nu spuse nimic. Ea merse spre John Coffey. Se apropia ora trei. Hal, am spus. N-am fost aici nici unul dintre noi. Tu nu vrei un ceai, Hal? A trecut ora de culcare a lui John. Haide, John Coffey. Te va feri de rele. De dragul meu. Ia-l, John, am spus.

Este un cadou. Nu, spuse Harry. Sunt bine. Oh, Dumnezeule, faruri! Deschid eu. Nici n-o spune, am zis. Brad, ce ai cu mine? Dar, oricum, ce scrii acolo? Dar cine te crezi? Vorbesc serios, spuse Elaine. Sunt bine, am spus. Ai terminat? Iar dragonul a fost alungat, am spus. Mult noroc, Paul. Un ultim culoar. Dar eu? Nu e nimeni. Nu e pe moarte Dar Percy?

E bine acum, am spus. Ajunsesem la celula lui John. A fost un Da, a fost un miracol, pe bune. Deci, ce zici? Era palid ca laptele. Eu spun lucrurilor pe nume. Ceea ce nu m-a surprins. Care e problema, Paul? Eu i le-am dat. Gura lui se turtise pe gura lui Percy.

Hei, Percy! Dormise pe tot parcursul acestei scene. Privirea lui trecea prin noi. Ce facem acum? Apoi, m-am uitat la vechiul meu prieten, Brutus Howell. Va fi bine, am spus. Pentru ce? N-a zis nimic altceva, a pornit numai pe coridor. Nu, domnule. Nu, domnule, n-a fost nevoie. Nu s-a agitat. Atunci, n-a zis nimic de Wharton?

N-a vorbit nici de Coffey? Am dat din cap negativ. Da, domnule, i-am spus. N-a spus cum se simte Melinda? Numai partea aceea. Poate de mai multe ori. Am oftat. Ei bine, sigur, spuse ea. Apoi am spus: Nu. Care din ele. Da sau nu? De ce s-ar fi aflat? Un mod bun de a te debarasa de un gunoi, ai fi zis. Eu i-am spus. Locul acesta e prea aglomerat pentru mine. McGee vorbi o vreme. Wild Bill le-a ucis. Sigur, spuse Dean.

La urma urmei, acela e un caz clasat. Scuze, draga mea. L-am avertizat ca la carte, mi-a spus Catlett. Foarte specific. Un tip destul de simpatic. Ce crezi, Paul? Ce nume?

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