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In the hands of a player who is willing to let roleplaying slip a bit, thisis undeniablyproblematic. Moir patterns may develop in photos. You must be logged in to rate this Reviews Marco F. Elven kits share the same flaw. Most older books are in scanned image format because original digital layout files never existed or were no longer available from the publisher.

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Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Shadow of the Conqueror , please sign up. Am I right about this and would it be a good option to try the Light-Bringer series first? I was already planning to try it out, but now I want to know if I should go for that one first. Slick The term 'Lightbringer' is used throughout many fantasy series.

I have read Lightbringer by weeks a great many times, this series is nothing like it a …more The term 'Lightbringer' is used throughout many fantasy series. I have read Lightbringer by weeks a great many times, this series is nothing like it aside from magic based on light. If I had to make a comparison to another though, it would be more comparable to Sandersons style of writing or a dark Wheel of Time.

Be warned though this book is very dark, with a true anti hero. Dark dark dark. But I'd just like to chime in and say the are 5 books in the Lightbringer series by Weeks, with the fifth and final installment out in October. See 2 questions about Shadow of the Conqueror….

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Shadow of the Conqueror. Aug 26, Daniel B. Video up tomorrow. A lot to say on this one. I need more from the series before I give stars. The setup is great, but I am waiting for the payoff I really hope is there.

View all 9 comments. Jul 03, Elijs Dima rated it it was ok. This is a difficult review to write. Because of that, I want to like this novel. However, it is rough, for one minor and one major reason. Minor reason - the writing still needs editing, or maybe a co-author. As-is, the novel is very often expository, dumping mechanics, systems and seeming "logic asides" all the time.

The tone of the written prose is fluctuating wildly, with supposedly heart-wrenching monologue from a cha This is a difficult review to write. The tone of the written prose is fluctuating wildly, with supposedly heart-wrenching monologue from a character in one line, an utterly neutral aside on some tangent the next line blood was easy to wipe off, because it's mostly water Yes, okay, was it worth to put that information to the reader, in the process completely pulling the rug out of what was intended to be an emotional moment for a character?

The main character is problematic, to say the least. Supposedly carrying a lifetime of guilt, he constantly flips between short half-page bursts of self-pity, and long multi-page sections of him kicking arse, being the best and smartest and most logical and skilled person The biggest issue, however, that keeps me from rating this novel higher, is the novel's constant obsession with sex and rape. And, okay, if this had been handled with care, okay As a whole, the perspective this novel presents feels extremely callous and uncaring.

Not due to graphic violence or anything, but due to the utter lack of empathy and the prevalent use of rape as a plot point with no exploration - or even seemingly awareness - of what it really means. View all 7 comments. Jul 17, Kevin Potter rated it it was ok Shelves: abandoned. This is likely to be an unpopular opinion. But this book has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Honestly, I would have rated it lower but I reserve 1-star ratings for books that don't have anything that I like or enjoy. And this book has a little going for it, just not nearly enough to counterbalance the poor elements. Okay, when I This is likely to be an unpopular opinion. Those two are a fantastic narration team and have never let me down.

Indeed, the narration is excellent. Kate and Michael both have some awesome voices and incredible control of tempo and vocal inflections. But the story. Okay, let me begin with a few praises. Although in need of a good polish, the prose is smooth and skillful. The characters have a reasonable amount of depth. And the depth of the world building is incredible.

Which is part of the problem. I don't mean incredible in the sense of being really good, but actually incredible. I can't believe how much of it is actually in the book. It's almost as if this whole story in just from sidebars in such a campaign book. There's just way more detail about the world and its mechanics than necessary, while a couple of very specific issues that strain my suspension of disbelief are never addressed. However, there are three prose issues that need to be mentioned.

The frequent and it is, oh, so frequent! While some of the dialogue is good and feels natural, other bits are so clunky and feel so forced I can hardly believe the narrators didn't balk at actually saying the lines. And the sheer amount of "telling" rather than showing in this book was really frustrating, particularly with "action" sequences. The book would have been so much more exciting if so much of the action hadn't been summarized upon its completion.

From an author who is a sword enthusiast and a skilled swordsman himself, I was really expecting a lot more detail devoted to the fight scenes. Now, I have 2 very large issues that almost made me drop the book and get a refund on numerous occasions. There are multiple characters completely defined by their sexual assault, and I'm sorry, but showing a recent rape victim who literally throws herself at every young male available as a "coping mechanism" is so far beyond ridiculous, I don't even have the words to express it.

For an author who claims Mormon values and sensibilities, I can't help wondering if he doesn't include this purely because he somehow got the misguided idea that readers want it. Here's the thing, books like A Game of Thrones can get away with it because it feels authentic to the world and the situations feel real. Not because fantasy readers particularly want to see it.

Reading those parts in this book felt like listening to a nine-year-old talk about sex. It was super awkward and did not remotely resemble how real people talk about sex. There are so many issues here, but let me condense the list to a few key points. The biggest problem is he's a bastard. After being with him for 18 hours I can honestly say there's not one thing about him that I like. Largely because every positive thing presented just rings false.

Other characters describe him as mature, intelligent, and wise beyond his apparent years. But what we see in him is the complete opposite. His pride would make Sauron cringe, he's as frivolous and childish as my nine-year-old daughter, and the sheer number of idiotic decisions he makes is mind blowing. And there's this contradiction. The author goes to great lengths to show us his guilt. He spends pages and pages bemoaning it and at one point the main character spends days locked in his cabin weeping over it.

But at the end of the day, he's still a bastard who raped young girls and killed millions. And he proves himself to still be a selfish, violent man prone to overreacting and dispensing vigilante justice. In some cases with no evidence of guilt. While in most roleplaying games it's perfectly acceptable to take someone at their word and kill their attacker, in a supposedly deep and complex novel, I expect more realism than that.

Especially when it's from an author who has established himself as a person with a huge amount of attention to detail who spends a lot of time criticizing films and games for very minor lapses in realism. And yes, the fact that the main character is a master at basically everything he does as well as having more powerful magic than anyone else is a huge problem.

Whether there's an explanation or not is irrelevant. How good he is at everything competely destroys any tension that might otherwise have existed. I feel like leaving out the sex or writing it with realism and sensitivity and making the Light Bringer whose name I won't try to spell the main character would have solved all of the novel's plot and character problems.

I actually really liked the Bringer as a character. He has a complicated past that isn't fully revealed until shortly before the end. He has a strong sense of honor and justice. And I love that his sense of humor is so out there! He makes a lot of really bad jokes, especially in the beginning, and it's a source of banter with other characters, which I appreciate. Finally, let's talk about a few of the world elements that I have issues with. First, the endless universe.

Was any thought put into this? As far as I can tell, the entire "universe" exists within around a thousand miles of height, and reaching the "bottom" then drops one from the "top. The whole thing smacks of nonsense to me, and no attempt at an explanation is made, yet almost everything else in the world is explained to the umpteenth degree. I'm really struggling with the magic system.

First and foremost is the fact that light is the source of magic. Maybe it's just me, but that seems absurd to me. And then we spend so much time getting so bogged down in the rules of the magic, and defining everything, and having the main character "discover" things that are supposed to be impossible, that by the time the actual story starts I don't even care how the magic works anymore. Also, I have a serious issue with the magic that might be considered a spoiler so read the rest of this paragraph at your own risk.

At one point near the end of the book the main character "channels light" invests magic into amplifying his skill with a sword. Everything magic has done previously has been manipulating physical characteristics or natural forces such as wind or gravity.

Yet somehow he's able to channel light into his "skill. Also, the fact that everything else about the magic is so scientific just rubs me the wrong way. Magic should be mystical. Magic should be variable. Yes, it's capabilities and limitations should make sense, but it doesn't need that strong a grounding in scientific realism. I find the sheer amount of technology and tech-speak in the book distracting and irritating. I don't want to read about engineering. I don't want to hear about cellular levels, guns, modern political issues, and scientific advances.

I want swords and armor and magic and medieval political problems. My last issue comes down to predictability. For a book that people keep comparing to Brandon Sanderson, I was really expecting a mystery that I couldn't figure out until we came to it and enough complexity to keep me thinking and revising my opinions and ideas of what was really going on. Unfortunately, there is none of that here.

The plot is very linear, very straightforward, and very predictable. Nothing surprised me. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to love this book, there is very little that I enjoyed here and I really can't think of any type of reader that I would recommend this book to. View 2 comments. Jul 07, Monique B rated it did not like it. Very disappointed.

I am a fan of Shad's youtube channel, which is very good, but his attempt at novel writing is very poor and disappointing. I wish I could say good things about the characters, but they are annoying. I wish I could say the world was interesting, but it is ridiculously illogical for a person who likes logic so much. I wish the plot was better, but it fails to keep me interested. I wish the writing was good, but it is full of fluff and nonsensical sidebar info that it distracts fr Very disappointed.

I wish the writing was good, but it is full of fluff and nonsensical sidebar info that it distracts from the action. The action is good. Definitely deserves 1 star for that This novel needs an editor. It needs to go back to the drawing board and be re-edited and re-released. The book has an epic scale My advice? Shad should try his hand at short stories and novellas first. Get better at the craft of writing before trying to write another novel.

View all 6 comments. Jul 12, Chelsea added it. As for the unsavory elements, there are copious references to rape, ravaging and sex trafficking as well as beastiality. Which is kind of out of character for an author that wears a shirt saying, "I want you to watch your la DNF Did Not Finish I love Shad's YouTube channel and this was a promising premise, but the novel is annoyingly unpolished and objectionable.

Which is kind of out of character for an author that wears a shirt saying, "I want you to watch your language. Sadly, another editor or two were desperately needed to refine all of the writing flaws. In chapter 2, a question ends with a period. There are awkward phrases like "said embarrassedly" or sentences that are just grammatically clumsy : "Daylen didn't want to explain that once he managed to climb into the blackened thing he didn't want to have to climb out of it only to get into another one.

Still holding the small sunstone-lined box, Daylen opened it and took out the darkstone with two fingers. He tossed the box aside. However, there are numerous times where the author ignores the golden rule of "show, don't tell" when we get continual info dumps on the kingdom, magic and character backgrounds.

A reader should feel like they are dropped into the middle of a world and they slowly unravel clues as it goes along. For what I read, it was like a choppy and distasteful rough draft, so I returned my kindle book for a refund a rarity for me. From now on, I'll stick with Shad's sword videos and the likes of Brandon Sanderson for fantasy reading.

View all 12 comments. Jul 13, Spencer Gillespie rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. So, first off, I really like the author. Seems like a great guy, fantastic Youtube channel, etc. I hope he keeps writing, and I'll probably give his future work another shot. I don't want to come off as bashing this book. There were things I really liked - the setting is interesting, the hard magic aspects darkstone in particular are engaging and well-thought out, and you can tell that Shad's put a lot of effort into taking fantastical premises to logical and grounded conclusions.

He al Mmkay. He also knows his way around weapons and medieval combat, and I appreciate the realism even if the action scenes did seem a little too concerned with giving various guards their proper names over getting a good 'flow' going. That's all good. However, I cannot say that I enjoyed this book. There's a few reasons for that. Daylen is by far the biggest problem with the book.

His characterization is super inconsistent, as he jumps from bratty teenager to world-weary veteran to cocky swordsman so quickly it gives you whiplash. The character's past is also I've got no issues with villain protagonists Glokta from First Law is, IMO, one of the best characters I've ever read , but Daylen feels less like a repentant monster, and more like a standard anime badass with a tragic past, who deals with said past by crying in his room for a few minutes every so often, before getting back to glorious ass-kicking.

It does not feel like the two sides of his character mesh well at all. On top of that, I'm not entirely comfortable with the way his character is portrayed. Past aside and hoo boy, is it ever a past. Yes, even those ones , his current actions are After being magically de-aged and gaining superpowers because of some handwavium more or that later , his first response is to go on an ultraviolent batmanesque rampage.

He kills. He takes pleasure in killing his targets, often in sadistic ways, even when he is perfectly capable of capturing them alive none of his targets really stand a chance against him, either. The story justifies this because his targets are all terrible people who doesn't cheer when a sex slaver gets anally impaled?

I'll use Glokta as an example again here - the dude's a sadistic, self-pitying monster who tortures mostly innocent people for a living, and the story makes sure we know that he's a terrible human being. We root for him because he's hilarious, self-aware, because everyone else in the story is just as terrible as he is, and because his actions - though terrible - are still grounded in his essential humanity. He's a bad person who claims to know he's a bad person His actions aren't grounded in understandable human motivations, but rather some vague sense of misplaced idealism kill your way to a better world!

It's a little uncomfortable to read, because if I met someone in real life who condoned Daylen's actions even his current actions , I'd back away slowly. Also, Daylen comes perilously close to being a Mary Sue. He's a genius in several fields, a master inventor, a master military strategist, and one of the best swordsmen in the world. He's pioneered means of using the more hard-magic magic in ways never before seen in the world.

He's extremely good looking, with a On gaining magical abilities in a freak accident, he's much better with those abilities than people who have trained with them their entire lives. His only real flaw is his dark past and supposed self-loathing and I say supposed because for a guy who claims that he'd rather die than live with what he's done, Daylen sure enjoys his life a heck of a lot.

Particularly the parts of it where he kills people in gruesome and sadistic ways. Finally, the book uses the time-honored not technique of showcasing Daylen's intelligence not by having him DO anything particularly intelligent, but by making every other character laughably stupid. In particular, the fact that his pretense of being the 'son' of his original self despite the numerous inconsistencies in his story and his continual 'breaking character' to angrily defend his past actions or yell at people for talking to him like a kid should have lasted all of 2 minutes before he was called on it.

He's identical to his younger self. He's around characters that used to know him. He has nothing and no-oone to support his claim of who he is, and he has skills and knowledge that are physically impossible for someone of his supposed age. In a setting where there is no such thing as magic, I could MAYBE buy that people would not see through the ruse, but he lives in a world where soft magic is a thing, and where one of the 'types' of magic can perform literal miracles.

Someone really should have figured it out before the 'dramatic reveal' near the climax. The Magic System The biggest issue here is that the story is written as though it's a hard magic system story, when the magic system is actually quite soft. I love Brandon Sanderson, and his laws of magic apply here. Shad uses magic to resolve conflicts a LOT. Magic is, in fact, the cornerstone of resolving most of the conflicts in the book. The problem is that while there is a token attempt at defining what magic can do speaking specifically of lifebringing, as that's the magic system Daylen uses, and the one that is most abused throughout the story , these rules are continually broken, twisted, and rejigged in order to allow Daylen to succeed by the skin of his teeth.

A well-written hard magic system puts the reader in a position where it is theoretically possible for them to identify how the conflict might be resolved ahead of time though great writing means you only recognize the foreshadowing in hindsight. Clever or creative uses of pre-established abilities are one way to do this well.

That's not what happens here. Early in the book, when Daylen gets his powers, we learn a few things about them. First, that he can only change his own 'attributes'. Weight, Speed, Healing, Strength, etc. Second, he can only apply up to 4 enhancements at once. Finally, he has a limit to how much he can do before he needs to recharge this limitation never meaningfully comes up, incidentally.

And if Daylen solved conflicts with clever applications of those powers, that would be fine. He doesn't. Instead, every time he needs a new power, he stretches the limits of what qualifies as an 'attribute' that can be enhanced. Losing a sword fight?

I guess he can enhance his sword skill now. Need to destroy a giant projectile hurtling towards a city? I guess he can enhance his sword to cut through it. These applications of magic don't feel clever, they feel cheap. The logic behind them is Additionally, while it's not a criticism per se, the 'magical abilities come with all of the necessary safeguards to prevent you from harming yourself' approach takes away from the 'hard magic' aspect of a magic system.

If magic is just another set of rules like physics , why do those rules come with the necessary ancillary safeguards to prevent you from hurting yourself with them and also, why is it that they sometimes don't, like when Daylen accidentally turns himself intangible and blows up his feet?

The magic of preservation Ferruchemy comes with secondary enhancements to avoid hurting the user like added strength to go with added weight. Allomancy the magic of blended preservation and ruin doesn't come with those safeguards because it's also a magic of ruin , so it's perfectly possible for an Allomancer to e. Each magic is intrinsically linked to the overarching setting in a way that is readily understandable, while still being 'hard magic' because of it's limitations.

In this book, however, the magic is not consistent, not linked to any core aspect of the setting beyond vague references to 'the light' , and seems to have its' capabilities defined by the needs of the plot, not by any intrinsic limitations in the system itself.

Those are the big two, but to briefly sum up the rest of my issues: - the humor is grating and corny. Bad humor doesn't become good just because you lampshade how bad it is. Also, modern terminology in a fantasy novel has to be used with care. I called Ahrek as Rayaten almost as soon as the latter was mentioned, and nothing else was really surprising.

Particularly given the protagonist's past. It's not clear why the author needed to include the rape elements at all, aside from shock value or I'm gonna guess 'realism' because yes, this is likely what would happen with a real world dictator with no morality and generally unchecked power. IMO none of the rape elements needed to be included, and the book would have been better without them.

He's supposedly an unforgivable monster and indeed, the things he's done would literally be unforgivable in a sane world , but his past actions are always 'justified' or mitigated by circumstances somehow, so the author can dance around the question of whether or not he's actually a monster he is. Also, the whole 'everyone forgives him and decides to let him join the magical order of knights instead of executing him' at end was super far-fetched.

People just Especially not politicians. There was no reasonable end to that trial that did not see Daylen executed. Finally, "Sunucles" is a silly name for the magical items in the setting. It feels like a bad pun on 'icicles' that doesn't make any sense at all when you give it 2 minutes of thought.

It feels meta and more than a bit silly, and it jarred me out of my suspension of disbelief every time I saw the word. View all 5 comments. I wanted to like this novel, I really did. I'm a fan of Shad's YouTube channel, and really love his content. Reading the back-cover blurb, I was excited to read this novel - there's so much potential.

But after pages of a page paperback , I had to put it down. The prose is extremely substandard, the worldbuilding is very heavy-handed, leading to infodump after infodump and aside after aside. In those 30 pages I have read, next to nothing happens. And the main character! He wobbles bet I wanted to like this novel, I really did. He wobbles between self-pity and "I had it better in my day! And that could work And there is such potential here, too! The world-concept is very Sanderson-esque, filled with magic and airships, and even some industrialization.

It's just a shame that the author failed to heed his own advice. This novel should have gone through two or three rounds with an editor. And I mean a true content editor. Shad credits a copy editor and two proofreaders, but their only role is to correct spelling and grammatical mistakes and I still spotted several, including tense confusion on the second page!

View 1 comment. I was looking forward to this book in expectation of some great action scenes - since the author is an expert swordsman. Sadly, instead, I found too many info dumps and lots of inner-monologues, as well as the unnecessary use of modern language not fitting the world the story is set in.

Especially with the magic system, the 'telling over showing' tendency got pretty bad and, at times, I felt like I'm reading a rulebook rather than a novel. The premise of Daylen's character is intriguing, bu Oof. The premise of Daylen's character is intriguing, but Shad didn't manage to give him a recognizable voice. Overall, Daylen is a bit inconsistent: Sometimes smart but easy to anger, and sometimes barely more than an arrogant youth who can't tell his thumb from his pinky - which is especially weird given his origin story.

Another negative point is the heavy emphasis on Daylen's past acts of sexual violence, I'm fine with the topic being featured prominently in a book, however, if you do it - do it right. As a criminologist with some background in psychology, a lot of the 'psychological' reactions in the book are rather cringey to read - worst of all the reactions Lyra has when confronted with who Daylen truly is. It honestly seems like her character is there for two reasons only, have a bad-ass female warrior and break down in tears whenever a damsel in distress is needed.

To be fair here, the world and its lore are pretty cool; as is the magic system - once you got through the rulebook. When Shad hits, what I assume, he wanted Daylen's voice to be, the character is interesting, as is his story, despite him clearly being a bit of a Mary Sue. I have read several 1-Star books that are much worse than this. Yet, 1-Star means 'I did not like it' and that is true for Shadow of the Conqueror.

Get this book in the hands of a professional editor to get the pacing right, flesh out the side characters, and read some literature on trauma and coping. Also, 'show don't tell' needs to be paid much more heed. Especially with his background in all things sword-fighting, there should be some amazing action-scenes in Shad's feather.

Maybe try to get a spot with a professional publisher and really give the book the polish it deserves. I hope Shad keeps practising the craft of writing and finds some success with his next work. Despite my disappointment with his debut novel, I certainly am willing to give him another shot as an author. Jul 15, George rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. This is complicated, This book might be the true definition of a guilty pleasure. I enjoyed the book but I had some serious issues with it and I would have to go into serious spoiler territory to explain it all.

Should I? An internet friend of mine suggested this one to me just like he suggested the authors youtube channel. Ive been on and off watching the said channel so I thought Id give the book a go as well. I once heard Brandon Sanderson jokingly say, there are ideologically driven novels out there that depict the people they disagree with in real life as paedophile rapists. This is literally one of those books.

The main character of this book is a guy named Daylen paedophile stalin and he was the emperor o An internet friend of mine suggested this one to me just like he suggested the authors youtube channel. The main character of this book is a guy named Daylen paedophile stalin and he was the emperor of the dawn empire paedophile soviet union.

We are told this Daylen guy is very old. Pay attention to the being told part because he acts just like a 15 year old brat throughout the book. Its just that every other character who meets him tells us he acts old. Maybe they've read the script and thats how they know. Then there is a political monologue where the lady character yells freedom at societies problems. I suppose that should have tipped me off on what is to come.

But to me what wins the prize is the dialogue between a young stalinist woman and Daylen where right after he gives a speech about how the end doesnt justify the means and his old paedophile stalin times were awful because of him murdering a whole bunch of people, I repeat just after saying that, he!!! You might say dear author the girl was part of a terrorist organization. But Daylen didnt know that. He just knew the girl was a stalinist. She did say, they had big plans they were executing just about now.

Extremists are usually just hot air, all show and no go. What are the chances of you walking up to a random stalinist and her knowing the details of a world changing terrorist attack hours from execution. But Daylen immediately thinks the threat is legit, kills her and all of her friends.

I dont know maybe he read the script too. He then feels sick about how easy it was for him to kill so many so quickly. Not that he killed all those people for no reason. The more you read, the more you realize that the author isnt simply anti soviet union.

He is anti social justice. Also the political messages arent veiled in any way. In the scene Daylen kills the stalinist girl he fumes out of his mouth saying wealth redistribution is theft. Just like that, not much beating around the bush. After all that i went back to my friend and asked him why on earth he would recommend this book to me.

As i told him about all the weird political shit in the book, with some back and forth he told me the author was a fan of steven crowder, and to that i said, that makes sense. The story is set in the world of Everfall, a world where there is no night and it is constantly day time. The only darkness is from creatures called shades, creatures formed from when people stay too long in the dark and turn to monsters. The Continents and islands are not separated by seas but by air..

Everfall also is a world with airships which help bridge these gaps and people use to traverse the separate islands. Everfall, is also a world where the world has finally finished reeling from the tyranny of one, Daylen, once known as the Great Bastard, the Scourge of Nations, Dayless the Conqueror. As the names suggest, he was not the nicest of people. Daylen rose to prominence fighting the shade and made a name for himself, however, he then used his new found fame to overthrow the aristocracy to rule his nation himself.

However, he then began to conquer other nations. He slowly began to strip his subjects of freedoms. Think George Washington, turned Napoleon and then turned Stalin. Eventually rebellion broke out against him, led by a man whom he had wronged. One who turned out to be as smart, as devious and as cunning as himself. The tide only truly turned against him when A legendary order of knights joined against him.

In the climactic battle the world believed him dead. However he survived, living in hiding for 20 years as the world remade itself he lived a miserable life in squalor. However left to plot his revenge he found himself reflecting on his past deeds and almost seemed to awaken his conscience and then his guilt. However when he finally, in his old age decided to end it all something unexpected happened in his attempted suicide, he regained his youth and awoke with the same abilities the knights who played such a apart in his downfall possess.

What I really like about this book Is that it is different. I am so tired of the prophesied farm boy set to deliver us from evil. Even 'Anti-Hero' books where the character is meant to be a bad This book is not like that. Daylen was a cruel tyrant who has had time to reflect and is as guilty, if not more so than he is being portrayed. It shows a great deal of character and progression from the normal genre troupes of fantasy.

There is a solid magic system and a diverse cast of characters. I'd recommend this to grimdark lovers, Sanderson fans who could do with a a little less clean. View all 3 comments. Jul 14, Joseph rated it did not like it Shelves: books-read I really wanted to like this book because I love the world building and the magic system.

The main character even has a good back story. There are a few decent characters in the book but overall the development of the main cast is very disjointed and erratic. The action scenes are great! The rest is just really rough. About halfway through the book I figured out it was self published. I don't have a problem with self-published books but they tend to have some serious flaws. Bad editing, poor layo I really wanted to like this book because I love the world building and the magic system.

Bad editing, poor layout of plot and development of characters. A lot of suspension of disbelief is required to follow the book to the end. This book has all of that. This book needed the heavy hand of an editor and a publisher willing to work out the glaring problems this book has. The main character was also the ultimate Mary-Sue. There is justification for him being amazing at everything but it got old really fast. I feel guilty because I'm usually not this harsh about a book but I felt kind of duped.

I watched his video about his book being published and based on the cover art and the people reading the audiobook I thought it was published by a major publisher like Tor. I expected a well polished, well developed fantasy novel. I didn't get that. Side note: This book has a lot of talk about rape in it. Like, a lot. Jul 08, Hope C.

Making your protagonist a genocidal pedophillic rapist who gets away with it, becomes young and handsome, and then everyone forgives?? It belongs in long-deleted wattpad stories. He writes like he talks. In his youtube videos he often gets sidetracked and caught up explaining the details of a certain aspect of the main topic, but his videos don't have a plot to worry about.

He explains how the magic works before even showing the magic! Show me what it can do. Get me curious. Tease me. And only then tell me how it works.

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