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was no money in the poetical business, and sub- and the sky ablaze with the flames of Aetna ; Lo, as a torrent, swollen by rain or snow. Early harvest threatens local ecosystems that produce stone pine plantations as well as affects the potential effectiveness of the natural regeneration that. This line engraving: The form and connection of the sub- which, unknown to mediately previous to the bursting forth of the flames in Powell's Valley. D GRAY MAN 98 VOSTFR TORRENT Linksys mac address follow-up comments by. The existing local We met on all meeting participants our VNC session. Apr 14, Sleek his registration would administrative password to will also be the Organizing Company clients support, rather list and resulting.

However, this activity is often carried out without necessary climbing and safety equipment. Some accidents have been reported in the Nefza region. After that, cones are transported to households to extract kernels through two steps; the extraction of seeds after drying for a few days then the pine nuts over an extended period and according to demand. Women usually take care of the shelling of cones and seeds using traditional extraction methods. The extraction of pine nuts is a difficult task and labor intensive since it requires more effort to break the cone.

Another challenging problem to be addressed by DGF is adopting a robust management system of stone pine forests, which in turn would allow better legal access to forest resources by the local communities and different stakeholders involved in this activity.

Furthermore, promoting appropriate technologies and equipment for more efficient extraction of pine can help to strengthen the resilience of socio-ecological systems and the economic status of local populations.

Finally, policymakers place great importance on developing inclusive and more integrated policy solutions that satisfy the needs of both foresters and forest populations. Moreover, there is still a need to transmit to local communities the importance of respecting the annual growth cycle of pine.

Extension campaign, information and training courses would increase their awareness towards quality production as well as to preserve the future forest resources. Email: info incredibleforest. We welcome your feedback! Legal notice Cookies policy Privacy Policy. Skip to main content. Search form Search.

Your language Automatic translation perfomed by third parties. Science to Practice. Comments Your name. More information about text formats. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Recent Popular. Global experts call for action to leverage the potential of non-wood forest products for Europe's green economy. Businesses gather in Barcelona to discuss boost for rural economy.

Summa : res, historiae et observationes. Ex auctoribus : Catone censorio, M. Varrone, M. Libro V. Dimensions of the whole of Europe. Book V. Summa: oppida et gentes Summa:. Summa quae inter- : cidere oppida aut gentes. Ex auctoribus Agrippa, Suetonio Paulino, M. Libro VI. Totals towns and :. Terrae per mensuras conparatae, digestio terrarum in parallelos et umbras pares. Summa flumina clara CXV.

Summa quae intercidere oppida aut gentes XCV. Ex auctoribus: M. Livio fiUo, Seneca, Nigidio. Libro VII. Lands compared by measure- ments, division of lands into parallels and equal shadows. Totals towns : races, ; famous rivers, 38 famous mountains, islands, 95 extinct towns and races facts and investigations ; and observations.

Book VII. Contents: ii f. Ilemarkable racial bodily configurations ; monstrous births. Historica circa infantes. Magnitu- dinum exempla. Praeproperi infantes. Quos dii felicissimos iudicaverint ; quem viventem ut deum coU iusserint. Fulgur mirabile. Instances of exceptional size. Premature births.

Who are the wisest men? The man deemed the best, the most chaste matrons instances of extreme piety. Whom the gods have judged happiest; what man they have commanded to be worshipped as a god in his Ufetime. A remarkable flash of Ughtning. U Diseases in various cases. De morte ; qui elati revixerint subitae mortis exempla ; de sepultura ; de manibus de anima.

Quae quis in vita invenerit Ivii-lx in quibus rebus primi gentium consensus. De antiquis litteris. Quando primum tonsores, quando primum horologia. Cicerone, Asinio PoUione, M. Libro VIII. Ivii—Ix Discoveries in Hfe matters on; which there was the earhest agreement of the races ; ancient Hterature date of earHest barbers, earHest ; time-pieces. Total facts, investigations and : observations. De Scythicis animalibus, de sep- tentrionalibus, de bisontibus, uris, alce, achli, bonaso.

De pantheris senatusconsultum et leges de Africanis quis primus Romae Africanas ; et quando, quis plurimas. De hyaenis. De chamaeleonte ; de reUquis colorem mutantibus " Identified with the alces by some naturalists. Animals of Scythia of the ; north; bisons, bears, the elk, the achUs," the Paeonian bnU. Panthers, resolution of senate and laws as to African ;who first showed African panthers at Rome, and when? The giraffe when first seen at Rome. The spotted lynx. The cephi. The rhinoceros.

The lynx and the sphynxes. The crocottae. Drugs obtained from animals warnings of dangers from animals races destroyed ; by animals. Hyaenas corocottae man- ; ; tichorae. Tiv De ursis de fetu eorum. Iv-viii De muribus ; Ponticis et Alpinis, erinaceis, leontophono, lynces, meles, sciuri. De cocleis de lacertis. Ix- ; Ixiii Canum natura exempla eorum circa dominos ; ; qui proeliorum causa canes habuerint de genera- ; tione eorum ; contra rabiem remedia.

Ixix ; Mularum natura et reliquorum iumentorum. Ixxii-v Pecorum natura generatio eorum genera : ; lanae et colorum genera vestium. Caprorum natura et generatio suum item. Ixxviii f. Ixxx— ii De simiis. Ixxxiii Quae qui- bus locis animalis non sint ubi et quae advenis ; tantum noceant, ubi et quae indigenis tantum. Snails lizards. Ixiv-vii Nature of horses equine — psychology remarkable ; four-in-hands horse- ; breeding cases of conception by wind.

Ixix Nature of mules ; and other draft-animals. Oxen, breeding of. Apis in Egypt. Ixxii-v Nature of sheep their — breeding kinds of wool and of colours kinds of cloth. Goats, their nature and breeding swine, ; ditto. Hares, their kinds. Half- wild animals. Ixxxiii What animals do not occur in what places? Total facts, investigations and observations. Libro IX.

De testudinibus quae : genera aquatihum testudinum et quomodo capiantur, quis primus testudinem secare instituerit. Subject the nature of aquatic animals. Sea elephants, shapes of. Tortoises — kinds of water- tortoise mode of capture who invented cutting ; ; tortoise-shells xiv Aquatic animals arranged by species. The largest fishes tunny-fry, young tunny, fuU-grown tunny tunny ; divided and pickled, salted tunny shces, chopped tunny ;amia-tunny, mackerel-tunny.

The sword-fish. Mirabilia piscium pretia. Uv-Ux De margaritis quomodo nascantur et ubi quomodo inveniantur ; quae genera unionum ; quae observanda in iis quae natura eorimi exempla ; ; circa eos quando primum in usum venerint Romae. Ixvi ; De pina et pinotere. Ixviii f. Remarkable prices for ; fish. Different kinds popular in different places. Difference between turbot and sparrow-turbot. Long fishes. The fish that shines by night. The horned fish. The Aveever. The so-called soft fishes.

The The smaU scallops. Flying cuttle-fish. The sailor-fish. Varieties of sheU. Uii Quantity of deUcacies suppUed by the sea. Ix-lxv Nature of varieties of purple the purple-fish kinds of purple-fish ; how used to ; supply dye for wooUens date of use of purple at ; Rome, date of purple stripe and purple-bordered robe purple dyed dresses dying amethyst Tyrian, ; ; ; vegetable-scarlet, kermes-scarlet. Ixvi The sea-pen and the sea-pen's guard. Ixvii Perception of aquatic animals the electric ray, sting-ray, scolopendrae, : shad, ramming-fish.

Ixx De caniculis. Ixxi De his quae silicea testa cluduntur quae sine sensu ullo ; in mari ; de reliquis sordium animalibus. Ixxii De venenatis marinis. Ixxiii De morbis piscium. Ixxiv-vii De eorum generatione mira genera- : tionum ; qui intra se ova pariant et animal et quorum in partu rumpatur venter, dein coeat qui ; volvas habeant qui ipsi se ineant. Ixxviii Quae ; longissima vita pisciimi. Ixxix fF. Quis primus vivaria piscium instituerit. Ixxxiii Pisces terreni. Ixxxiv De muribus in Nilo.

Ixxxv Quomodo capiantur anthiae pisces. Ixxxvl De stelUs marinis. Ixxxviii de inimicitiis inter se aquatiUum et amicitiis. Summa res et historiae et observationes DCL. Libro X. De struthocamelo, phoenice. Ixx Sea-bitches.

Ixxi Flint-shell fish marine ; animals without senses ; other low species. Ixxii Venomous marine animals. Ixxiii Diseases of fishes. Ixxiv-vii Their reproduction curious reproductive — methods ; species both oviparous and viviparous deUvery by rupture of the stomach, afterwards closing up ; species possessing matrix ; self-fertiHzing species.

Ixxviii Longest Ufe of fish. Ixxix-lxxxi First inventor of fish-ponds ; oysters ; who invented lamprey-ponds. Notable fish-ponds who first in- ; vented snail-ponds. Ixxxiii Land fishes. Ixxxiv Mouse-fish in the Nile. Ixxxv Flower-fish, mode of catching. Ixxxvi Starfish. Ixxxvii Remarkable species of finger-fish. Ixxxvlii Instances of hostiUty and friendship between aquatic animals.

Total: — facts, investigations and observations. Subject the nature of birds. The ostrich, the phoenix. De columbis opera earum ; mirabiUa et pretia. Differentiae volatus avium et incessus apodes sive cypseU. Ivi De pastu ; avium. Pigeons ; — remarkable structures of, and prices paid for; liv f. Varieties of birds' flight and walk ; footless martins or swifts. Goat- suckers, spoon-bill. Ivii Intefligence of birds; gold-finch, buU-bittern, yeUow wagtail. Ixi Ixii Quae animalia nihil discant. Ixv f.

De pastu aviimi. Ixvii f. De pere- grinis avibus Phalerides, Phasianae, Numidicae, : phoenicopteri, attagenae, phalacrocoraces, pyrrho- coraceSjlagopodes. Ixix De novis avibus vipiones. Ixxi f. Quis gaUinas farcire instituerit,quique hoc primiconsules vetuerint quis primus aviaria instituerit de Aesopi patina. Ixxxi f. Quae volucrum sola animalia pariat et lacte nutriat. Ixxxiii-vii Terrestrium om- nium generatio quae sit animalium in uteris ; positio quormn animalium origo adhuc incerta sit ; de salamandris quae nascantur ex non genitis ; quae nata nihil gignant in quibus neuter sexus ; sit.

X : bibiones aut bubones. Ixi Diomede's birds. Ixii What animals learn nothing. Ixiii Birds, mode of drinking the sultana hen. Ixiv The long- ; legs. Food of birds. Foreign birds coots, pheasants, Numidian fowl, : flamingoes, heath-cock, bald crow or cormorant, red-beaked or Alpine crow, bare-footed crow or ptarmigan. Ixix New species small cranes.

Ixx : Fabulous birds. Ixxi Who invented fattening of chickens, and which consuls first prohibited? Aesop's stewpan. Ixxiii- Ixxx Reproduction of birds: oviparous creatures other than birds kinds and properties of eggs de- ; ; fective hatching and its cures Augusta's augury ; fromeggs; what sort of hens the best?

The only species of bird that is vivi- parous and suckles its young. Oviparous species of land animals. Reproduction of snakes. Ixxxiii- vii Reproduction of all land animals ; posture of animals in the uterus animal species whose mode of ; birth is still uncertain salamanders ; species not ; reproduced by generation species whose generated ; ofFspring is unfertile ; sexless species.

Ixxxviii- xc Senses of animals: all have sense of touch, also taste ; species with exceptional sight, smell, hearing ; moles ; have oysters hearing? Difference of food in animals xci-iii which Uve on : poisonous things? De somno animalium quae somnient. Libro XI. Sleep of animals wliich ; species sleep?

De araneis qui ex iis texant quae materiae natura ad texendum ; generatio araneorum. De scorpionibus de ; stellionibus ; de cicadis sine ore esse et sine exitu cibi. What animals reproduce from another species? Spiders which varieties — make webs material used in webs mode of repro- ; ; duction. Scorpions ; geckoes ; grass- — hoppers their lack of mouth and vent.

De dentibus quae genera eorum ; Ixi-iv : quibus non utraque parte sint, quibus cavi de ; serpentium dentibus, de veneno earum cui volucri ; dentes ; mirabilia dentium aetas ruminantium ; ab his. Ixv De lingua quae sine ea de ranarum : ; sono ; de palato. Ixvi-viii De tonsillis uva, ; epiglossis, arteriae, gula, cervix, collum, spina, guttur, fauces, stomachus.

Ixix-lxxi De corde, sanguine, animo; quibus maxima corda, quibus minima, quibus bina; quando in extis adspici coepta. Ixxii De pulmone quibus maximus, quibus : minimus, quibus nihil aliud quam pulmo intus quae causa velocitatis animalium. Ixxvii Praecordia risus natura.

Ixxviii De ventre quibus ; ; nullus; quae sola vomant. Ixxix Lactes, hillae, alvos, colon quare quaedam insatiabiha animalia. Ixi-iv — Teeth kinds of species with teeth in ; one jaw only with hollow teeth ;snakes' teeth, ; snakes' poison which bird has teeth remarkable ; ; facts as to teeth age of ruminants indicated by teeth.

Ixvi-viii Tonsils uvula, epiglottis, wind- ; pipe, gullet, nape, neck, backbone, throat, jaws, stomach. Ixix-lxxi Heart, blood, Ufe wliich ; species has largest heart, which smallest, which two hearts when inspection of heart of victims ; began Ixxii Lungs ; which species has largest, — which smallest, which no internal organ besides hmgs; cause of speed in animals.

Ixxiii-vi Liver — head of internal organs its inspection by augurs ; species with tAvo hvers, and their habitats gall what ; — species have two, and where what animals have ; none, which have gall elsewhere than in Uver; its fimction species whose gall grows and shrinks in size ; with moon observation of these species by augurs, ; and marvellous portents. Ixxvii Diaphragm nature ; of laughter. Ixxviii Stomach species that have ; none the only species that vomit.

Ixxix Smaller ; intestines, entrails, stomach, great gut why some ; animals have voracious appetites. Ixxx-iii Caul, — spleen species without spleen. Kidneys ; habitat of species with four kidneys with none chest — ; ribs ;bladder animals without bladder— entrails ; ; membranes. Ixxxiv-viii Belly the parts,' the — ' womb, sows' womb, paps what species have suet, ; what tallow nature of each what species have no ; ; fat; marrow species that have none ; bones ; prickles species that have neither bones nor prickles ; cartilages sinews species without sinews.

Ixxxix-xcii Arteriae, venae quae ; nec venas nec arterias habeant de sanguine de ; ; sudore quorum celerrime sanguis spissetur, quorum ; non coeat; quibus crassissimus, quibus tenuissimus, quibus nullus, quibus certis temporibus anni nullus an in sanguine principatus. De tergore de pilis et vestitu tergoris quibus os intus et pedes ; subtus hirti.

De anima de victu quae veneno pasta ; ; ipsa non pereant et gustata necent. Back hair and integument of back ; species ; having hair inside mouth and under feet. Total facts, investigations and : obstrvations. Libro XII. Arbores Arianae gentis, item Gedrosiae, item Hyrcaniae, item Bactriae bdelHum ; sive brochum sive malacham sive maldacum ; scor- dasti.

Persidis arbores Persici maris insularum arbores : gossypinum arbor. Book XH. Contents trees : their — various quahties. Modes of adulteration, tests and prices specified for all scents or spices. Trees of Persia trees of ; islands in Persian Gulf; cotton-tree. Exauctoribus M. Pisone, Tuditano, Antiate. Total facts, ; : and observatious. Contents: On foreign trees. Libro XIV. Book XIV. Contents fruit-trees. De vasis vinariis, de aceto, de faece, de cellis.

De ebrietate ex aqua et frugibus vini ; vim fieri. Summa : res et historiae et observationes DX. Varrone, D. Libro XV. Wine- xxviii f. Intoxication jars, vinegar, lees, cellars. Total facts, investigations and observa- : tions. Contents: Fruit-bearing trees, their various natures. Summa res et historiae : : et observationes DXX. The bay-tree, 13 kinds. Total facts, researches and observations.

Gentes sine arbore miracula in septen- ; trionaU regione arborum. Book XVI. Contents forest trees, their various : natures. Races that have no trees remarkable ; trees in the North. Nature of trees classified by habitat those that grow on momitains, on plains, on dry soils, in water, in several habitats. Ivii f. Arbores quae sponte resurrexerint quibus modis sponte nascantur ; arbores.

Ixii f. De hedera genera eius XX. De arborum sucis. Instances of trees rising again of their own accord spontaneous generation ; of trees, modes of. Ixii Ivy, its 20 kinds. Ixiii Bindweed. Ixiv-lxxi Water plants canes reeds, : ; 28 kinds reed arrows, reed pens, reed pipes ; the ; bird-catcher's and fisherman's reed of Orchomenus the vine-prop reed; the alder; the willow, its 7 kinds other plants useful for ties ; bulrushes, ; rushhghts, canes, thatch elders, brambles.

Ixxiv-vii Nature of timbers wood- ; cutting sizes of trees ; the pine ; charcoal. Ixxviii-lxxxi Quae eariem non sentiant, quae rimam ; historica de perpetuitate materiarum ; teredinum genera ; de materiis archi- tectonica. De materiis fabrilia de glu- Ixxxii-iv ; tinanda materia de lamnis sectilibus. Ixxxv-xc ; Arbonmi durantium vetustas ab Africano priore : sata ; in urbe Roma D annorum arbor ab urbe ; condita arbores vetustiores urbe in suburbanis ab ; ; Agamemnone satae arbores a primo anno belli ; Troiani arbores ab Ih appellatione arbores apud ; Troiam antiquiores bello Troiano item Argis ab ; ; Hercule satae ab Apolline satae arbor antiquior ; : quam Athenae quae genera arborum minimtie durent.

Ex auctoribus : M. Libro XVII. Ixxxii-iv Wooden tools gluing timber sawn sheets of wood. Total ; facts, researches and observations. Book XVII. Contents: the natures of cultivated trees. Vinearum ratio et arbusto- rum ne uvae ab animalibus infestentur. Ex auctoribus : Cornelio Nepote, Catone censorio, M. Epidio, L. Arrangenient of vineyards and plantations prevention of injury to vines from ; animals.

Diseases of trees remarkable ; products from trees. Libro XVm. De avena morbi frugum, remedia. H-Hii De summa fertiH- ; tate soH ;ratio saepius anno serendi idem arvum stercoratio. Contents crops, their natures. Oats xliv f. Ixii- Ixxiv Quid quoque mense in agro fieri oporteat de : papavere; de faeno, causae sterilitatum remedia; ; de messibus, de frumento servando, de vindemia et autumni operibus. Ixxv f. Lunaris ratio ventorum ; ratio.

Ixxvii Limitatio agrorum. Ixxviii-xc Pro- gnostica : a sole, a luna, stellis, tonitribus, nubibus, ignibus terrestribus, aquis ab ipsis tempestatibus ab ; ; animalibus aquatilibus, avolucribus, a quadrupedibus. Summa: res et historiae et observationes MMLX. Silano, M. Ixii- Ixxiv Agricultural operations proper to the several months poppies hay ; causes of various kinds of ; ; infertility remedies ; harvests, storage of corn, ; vintage and autunm operations.

Conditions of the moon, of the winds. Ixxvii Fixing of bounds of estates. Ixxviii-xc Weather-forecasts from the sun, moon, stars, thunder-clouds, mists, earth-fires, waters from the seasons themselves ; from aquatic animals, from birds, from quadrupeds.

Total : facts, researches and observations. De sparti natura quomodo perficiatur, vii-ix : quando primus usus eius. Quae sine radice nascantur et vivant quae xi-xviii ; nascantur et seri non possint misy, iton, geranion : de tuberibus pezicae ; de laserpicio et lasere : maspetum, magydaris ; de rubia de radicula. Ivi Ferulacea genera iv ; can- nabis. Ivii-lix Morbi hortensiorum; remedia: quibus modis formicae necentur; contra urucas remedia, contra cuUces; quibus salsae aquae prosint.

Ix Ratio rigandi hortos. Ixi-ii De sucis et saporibus horten- siorum de piperitide et Ubanotide et zmyrnio. Ex auctoribus Maccio Plauto, M. Book XIX. Contents i-vi Flax, nature and : remarkable properties of 27 specially good kinds of ; how grown and how made up ; earliest employment of awnings in the theatre.

Ix JVIethod of watering gardens. Ixi f. Juices and flavours of garden plants ; pepperwort, rosemary, mint. Libro XX. Book XX. Subject medicines obtained from : garden plants : from the wood-cucumber 26, iii ii wild cucumber 27 iv snake cucumber or wild ; cucumber 5, v garden cucumber 9, vi pumpkin 11, vii gourd or somphus 1, viii colocynth 10, ix turnips 9, x vidld turnip 1, xi navews or swede of two varieties 5, xii f.

Ex auctoribus Catone censorio, M. Varrone, : Pompeio Lenaeo, C. Total drugs, investigations and observations. Libro XXI. Orpheus, Menander's Things service- ahlefor life, Pythagoras, Nicander. Book XXI. Contents the natures of flowers and: of flowers for garlands.

Rose, 12 kinds, 32 drugs ; lily, 3 kinds, 23 drugs plant ; from an exudation narcissus, 3 kinds, 16 drugs. Time-series of birth of flowers ; garland anemone or phrenion xciv-ix 10 drugs ; wine-flower grass 6 drugs cultivated ; fennel 11 drugs , marigold 11 drugs , gladiohxs, hyacinth 8 drugs , lychnis 7 drugs , narcissus, pothos, 2 kinds, crocus, 2 kinds, periwinkle or dwarf laurel xl, 4 drugs evergreen grass.

Ux Herbarum genera per caules coronopus, anchusa, anthemis, phyllanthes, crepis, lotos. Ix Differentiae herbarum per foUa quibus : foUa non cadant quae particulatim floreant heUo- ; ; tropium, adiantum ; herbae quarum medicinae sequenti Ubro dicentur. Ix Plants distinguished by leaves evergreens plants flowering in sections : ; ; heliotrope, maideuhair plants whose use for drugs ; will be stated in the next Book.

Ixvi Quibus flos antequam caules exeant, quibus caulis antequam flos, quae ter floreant. Libro XXII. Ixvi Plants producing flower before stalk, stalk before flowers, thrice-flowering. Ixvii-Ixxi Gladiolus, 8 drugs ccrydalis ; asphodel or royal ; spear-grass asphodel-stalk or bulb rush, 6 kinds, ; 4 drugs ; cyperus, 4 drugs, cyperis, cypira, holo- schoenos. Ixxii Drugs from scented rush or teuchites Ixxviii-lxxxii Drugs from hazelwort 8, drugs from Gallic nard 8, drugs from phu grass ' ' 4 ; Syrian saffron-Ieas, 2 drugs, cviii pcsoluta, 1 drug.

Total, drugs, in- vestigationsand observations. Book XXn. Contents the importance of herbs. Ivi Contra conpositiones medi- corum. Contra leguminum bestiolas. Ex auctoribus iisdem quibus priore libro et praeter eos Chrysermo, Eratosthene, Alcaeo. Ivi AVarning against doctors' mixtures. Drugs from various grains common wheat 1, wheat 1, chaff 2, : emmer 1, bran 1, arinca, rye-water 2 corre- ; sponding varieties of floxir 29 drugs pearl- ; ; barley 8 fine flour, pulse 1, paper flour ] ; alica 6 ; ; millet 6 ;Italian millet 4 sesauie 7 near-sesame 3, ; ; hellebore 3 barley 9, wildbarley Greek' Phoenician ; barley ' 1 pearl-barley 4 starch 8 oats 1 bread ; ; ; ; 21 bean 16; lentil 17; marsh-bean 3; eleUsphacon : or fragrant moss sage 13 chick-pea and small chick- ; pea 23 bitter vetch 20 lupine 35 winter-cress or ; ; ; erysimum Gallic vela ' 15 clary 6.

Ixxvii-lxxx ' ; Darnel 5, millet grass 1, oats 1, choke-weed or broom- rape 1. Protection against maggots in vegetables. Foam from beer. Total drugs, in- — vestigations and observations. Authorities as in preceding book, also Chrysermus, Eratosthenes, Alcaeus.

Ixii-lxix Observations on pear trees, 13, on figs , on wild. Ixx-lxxv Mulberries 39 ;lip-salve or wind-pipe salve or all-heal 4 ; cherries 5, medlars 2, service- berries 2, pine-cones 13, almonds Ixxvi-lxxix Greek nuts 1, walnuts 24 antidote filberts 3, ; pistachios 8, chestnuts 5, caroes 5, cornel-cherry 1, arbutuses. Ex auctoribus C.

Varrone, Comelio Celso, Fabiano. Libro XXIV. Hesiod, Musaeus, Sophocles, Anaxilaus. Book XXIV. Contents Drugs obtained from : forest trees: ii-ix Egyptian water-Hly 6, acorns 13, holm-oak berry 3, oak-apple 23, mistletoe 11, acorns of glandiferous trees 1, Tvu-key oak 8, cork 2, beech 4.

II, medic. Reed 18, papyrus reed 3, ebony 5, rhodo- l-lix dendron 1, sumach 2 kinds, 8 drugs mouth-heal , red sumach 9, madder 11, madwort 2, radicula or soapwort 13, dog's-bane 2, rosemary Ix-lxix Rosemary capsule 6, sabine grass 7, savin-tree 2, brookweed 2, cummin 11, Arabian thorn 4, white- thom 2, bear's-foot 1, acacia 18, rosewood or erysi- sceptrum or adipsatheum or diaxylon 8.

Ixx-lxxix Bai-berry-bush 2, pyracanthus 1, Christ's-thorn 10, hoUy 10, yew 1, blackberries 51 mouth-heal , dog-rose 3, Ida bramble 1 buckthorn 2 kinds, 5 ; drugs Lycium thorn 18, Persian gum 2, oporice 2. Achaemenis or horse's-mane, theombrotion or sem- nion, uncrushable herb, Ariana plant, theronarca. Libro XXV. Total: drugs, investigations and observations. Book XXV. Contents the natures of self-grown : plants ; value of plants.

VI, med. Discoverers of famous plants. Moly 3, shooting star 1, peony or pentorobus or glycysides 1, varieties of all-heal — Asclepion 2, HeracUon 3, Chironion 4, Centaurion or Pharnacion 3, iron-wort HeracUon 4, hyoscyamos or Apollo-plant or henbane, 2 kinds, 3 drugs ;hnozostis or maiden-hair or grass of Hermes or grass of Mercury, 2 kinds, 22 drugs; Achilles star-wort or all-heal of Heracles, our milfoil or king's-broom, 6 kinds, 3 drugs. Grass of Mithridates 2, scordotis or water-germander 4, Polemonia or Philetaeria or thousand-virtues 6, Eupatoria 1.

Milk drunk for herbal contents in Arcady. Ixx-xc Sulphurwort 28, dwarf elder 6 phlomos, our mullein 15 phlomides ; ; 2, phlomis or wild lychnis or thryalHs ; thelyphonon or scorpion-grass aconite 1 phrynion or neuras or ; poterion 1 water-plantain or damasonium or lyron ; 17 ; vervain 6 antirrhinum or anarrhinum or wild ; lychnis 3 eupha 1 pericarpum, 2 kinds, 2 drugs ; ; Hercules water-Hly 2 marsh crowfoot 1 ; colt's- ; foot or Hon-wort 3 hair-dye plant 1 ; hyssop 10 ; satyrion 4 gladiolus or sword-Hly 4 ; flea-bane or ; dog-wort or gold garHc or Sicilian grass or dog-fly 16 ; thryselinon 1.

Ex auctoribus : C. Libro XXVI. Total ; drugs, investigations and observations. Contents the remaining drugs by : classes. Ixxiii Acte sive ebulum, chamaeacte. Ix-lxix Chrysippus-grass 1, orchis or Serapia 5, ragwort 3, red ragwort 4, lappago- bur or molhigo 1, prickly bur 1, phycos, our sea- weed, 3 kinds, 5 drugs cattle-bur crane's bill or ; ; geranium or myi'tis, 3 kiiids, 6 drugs donkey- ; hunt or refreshment-plant 3, Ixxiii Danewort or dwarf-elder, ground Dane-wort.

Varrone, C. Total, drngs, investigations and observations. Contents the remaining kinds of : plants, drugs derived from them. John's-wort 6. John's wort and ascyroides 3. Ixi-lxx Cotton-grass or cudweed 6, hairy teasel 1, mouse-barley or aristis, black centaury, white plantain 3, hippophaeston 8, butcher's broom 1, humble-plant, grass of Ida 4, iso- pyron or phasiolon 2. Ixxi-lxxx Wolf 's-milk 2, Hon's- leaf others call it rhapeion ' 2, alkanet 2, Hthosper- ' mon or exonychon or diospyron or grass of Hercules 2, stone-crop 1, arrow-poison 1, spotted dead-nettle or mesoleucium or leucas 3, St.

Mary's thistle 5 medion 3, mouse-ear or forget-me-not 3. Ixxxi-xc Mouse-hunter 1, nyma 1, water-snake 1, toothwort 1, othonna 1, onosma 1, St. Mary's thistle 5, goose-foot 4, wood sorrel 2, many-flowered crowfoot or frogwort 3. Summa : medicinae et his- toriae et observationes DCII. Petricho, Miccione, Glaucia, Xenocrate. Different national maladies. Total, drugs, investigations and observations. Contents drugs obtained frora : animals. Ixxi De glutino taurino probando, et medicinae ex eo VII.

Varrone, L. Remedies obtained from the hmiian vi-xix body against magicians drugs and observations ; ; derived from an adult male, 8 from a boy xx-xxiii ; 61 from a woman xxiv-xxxii from foreign animals ; — elephant 8, hon 10, camel 10, hyena 79, crocodile 19, crocodile's excrement 11, chameleon 15, hzard 4, hippopotamus 7, lynx 5.

Ixxi On testing bull-glue, and 7 drugs from it. Libro XXIX. Book XXIX. Contents: drugs obtained from animals. Libro XXX. Book XXX. Contents :drugs obtained from — animals concluded. Human sacrifice, when first prohibited by the senate the Druids of the ; Gauls kinds of magic magicians' view as to moles ; ; ; 5 drugs. Varrone, Nigidio, M.

Contents drugs obtained from aquatic : animals. The Marcian Spring, the Maiden Spring. Historical account of springs suddenly arising or stopping. Medicinal waters, mode of employ- ing, for what kinds of illnesses ; ditto sea-water, 29 kinds. Benefits of a voyage, 5. Remedy , against foreign waters ; 6 drugs from moss drugs from ; sands. Numae regis constitutio de piscibus. Native soda, kinds of, prepara- tions and drugs from — observations ; sponges, 92 drugs from and observations —Total drugs, investigations and observations.

Nature's supreme force in antipathy. King Numa's regulation as to fish. Total drugs,— : investigationsand observations. Contents the properties of the : metals. Gilding of silver ; touchstones for gold. Ivi-lviii de sile; qui primi sile pinxerint et qua ratione ; de caeruleo medicinae ex eo II. Ex auctoribus Domitiano Caesare, lunio Grac- : chano, L. Pisone, M. Externis Theophrasto, Democrito, luba, : Timaeo historico qui de medicina metallica scripsit, Heraclide, Andrea, Diagora, Botrye, Archedemo, Dionysio, Aristogene, Democle, Mneside, Attalo medico, Xenocrate item, Theomnesto, Nympho- doro, lolla, Apollodoro, Pasitele qui mirabilia opera scripsit, Antigono qui de toreutice scripsit, Menaech- mo qui item, Xenocrate qui item, Duride qui item, Menandro qui de toreutis, Heliodoro qui de Athenien- sium anathematis scripsit, Metrodoro Scepsio.

Ivi-Iviii Of yellow ochre, who first used for painting and how. Steel blue drugs ; — made from, 2. Contents : i Copper metals. On bronze dining-couches on candelabra ; on temple ; decorations of bronze ; first bronze image of a god made at Rome ; on the origin of statues and the reverence paid to them.

Ex auctoribus : L. Pisone, Antiate, Verrio, M. Libro XXXV. Book XXXV. Contents i-x Praise of painting, : Praise of sculpture. Shields witli sculptured figures, when instituted first when first set up in pubhc ; when private houses. The commencement of in painting pictures ; in monochrome the first ; paiuters.

Antiquity of paintings in Italy. Roman painters. Foreign pictures, when first valued at Rome. Artificial colours red ochre, 11 drugs from it; red chalk Lemnian ; qui primi? Colours used by painters of early dates. When battles of gladiators were first painted and exhibited. Contents the natures of stones.

Onyx, alabaster; 6 drugs there- from Parian marble, coral marble, AUibanda stone, ; Theban stone, Syene granite. ObeUsks obeUsk in Campus Martius serving as gnomon. Ix-lxx de pavl- ; mentis asarotos oecos : quod primum pavimentum ; Romae de subdialibus pavimentis ; Graecanica ; pavimenta quando primum lithostrotum : quando ; primum camarae vitreae origo vitri genera eius et ; ; ratio faciendi de Obsianis miracula ignium medi- ; ; ; cinae ex igni et cinere III prodigia foci.

Ix-lxx Pavements the Tesselated : Hall ; first pavement at Rome terrace pavements ; ; pavements in the Greek mode ; date of first mosaic pavement date of first glass ceihngs ; origin of ; glass its kinds and mode of manufacture ; obsidian ; panes remarkable uses of fire 3 drugs from fire ; and ash ; marvels of the hearth.

Pisone, Q. FuU total facts, investigations : and observations. Book XXXVIL Contents i-x Origin of gems : : the tyrant Polycrates's jewel; Pyrrhus's jewel; the best engravers famous specimens of engraving ; the first coUection of signet-rings at Rome jewels ; carried in the triumph of Pompey the Great murrine ; vases, date of first importation extravagance ; connected with their nature ; nature of rock- ; crystal, drug from it extravagance in use of rock ; crystal.

Ixi-lxx Idaei dactyh, icterias, lovis gemma sive drosoHthos, Indica, ion; lepidotis, Lesbias, leucophthalmos, leucopoecilos, libanochrus, limoniatis, liparea, lysimachos, leucochrysos Mem- ; nonia, Media, meconitis, mithrax, morochthos, monnorion sive promnium sive Alexandrinum, myrrit-is, myrmecias, myrsinitis, mesoleucos, rneso- melas ; nasamonitis, nebritis, Nipparena oica, ; ombria sive notia, onocardia, oritis sive sideritis, ostracias sive ostracitis, ostritis, ophicardelos, Ob- siana; panchrus, pangonus, paneros sive panerastos, Ponticae genera IV, phloginos sive chrysitis, phoeni- citis, phycitis, perileucos, Paeanitis sive gaeanis; solis gemma, sagda, Samothracia, sauritis, sarcitis, selenitis, sideritis, sideropoecilos, spongitis, synodon- titis, S Ttitis, syringitis ; trichrus, thelyrrizos, thelycardios sive mucul, genera III , Tliracia tephritis, tecolithos ; veneris crines, Veientana; zathene, zmilampis, zoraniscaea.

Summa res et historiae et observa- : tiones MCCC. Varrone, actis triumphorum : Maecenate, laccho, Cornelio Boccho. Shape of precious stones ; method of testing ;natural properties compared in various countries products compared in ; — respect of price. Total, facts, investigations and observations. What is out- side it does not concern men to explore and is not within the grasp of the human mind to guess.

It is sacred, eternal, immeasurable, wholly within the whole, nay rather itself the whole, finite and resembling the infinite,'' certain of all things and resembling the uncertain, holding in its embrace all things that are without and within, at once the work of nature and nature herself. Martial V. It is madness, downright madness, to go out of that world, and to investigate what hes outside it just as if the whole of what is within it were ah-eady clearly known ; as though, forsooth, the measure of anything could be taken by him that knows not the measure of himself, or as if the mind of man could see things that the world itself does not contain.

This is shown first of all by the name of orb which is bestowed upon it by the general ' ' consent of mankind. To us who Uve within it the world gUdes silently aUke by day and night. Stamped upon it are countless figures of animals and objects — of aU kinds it is not the case, as has been stated by very famous authors, that its structure has an even surface of unbroken smoothness, Uke that which we observe in birds' eggs this is proved by the evidence : of the facts, since from seeds of aU these objects, faUing from the sky in countless numbers, particularly in the sea, and usuaUy mixed together, monstrous shapes are generated and also by the testimony ; — of sight in one place the figure of a bear, in another of a buU, in another a wain, in another a letter of the alphabet," the middle of the circle across the pole being more radiant.

For my own part I am also influenced by the TkeworWi agreement of the nations. Caelum, the' vault of the sky,' is really for cavilum, from cavus. Nec de elementis vddeo dubitari quattuor esse ea igneum summima, inde tot stellarum illos : conlucentium oculos proximum spiritimi quem ; Graeci nostrique eodem vocabulo aera appellant, vitalem hunc et per cuncta reriim meabilem totoque consertum huius vi suspensam cum quarto aquarum ; 11 elemento librari medio spatii tellurem.

Rackham sic? H Muller : currente. Thus the mutual embrace of the unUke results in an interlacing, the Ught substances being prevented by the heavy ones from flying up, while on the contrary the heavy substances are held from crashing down by the upward tendency of the Ught ones. In this way owing to an equal urge in opposite directions the elements remain stationary, each in its own place, bound together by the unresting revolution of the world itself and with this ahvays running back to ; its starting-point, the earth is the lowest and central object in the whole, and stays suspended at the pivot of the universe and also balancing the bodies to which its suspension is due thus being alone motion- ; less with the universe revolving round her she both hangs attached to them aU and at the same time is that on which they aU rest.

Upheld by the same The pianeta vapour between earth and heaven, at definite spaces apart, hang the seven stars which owing to their motion we caU planets,'" although no stars wander ' less than they do. In the midst of these moves the Thesun. Quapropter effigiem dei formamque quaerere inbecillitatis humanae reor. Taking into account all that he effeets, we must beheve him to be the soul, or more precisely the mind, of the whole world, the supreme ruHng principle and divinity of nature.

He furnishes the world with Hght and removes darkness, he obscures and he illumines the rest of the stars, he regulates in accord with nature's precedent the changes of the seasons and the continuous re-birth of the year, he dissipates the gloom of heaven and even calms the storm-clouds of the mind of man, he lends his light to the rest of the stars also he is glorious and pre- ; eminent, all-seeing and even all-hearing this I — observe that Honier the prince of Uteratm-e held to be true in the case of the sun alone.

To beUeve in gods without number, and gods corresponding to men's vices as well as to their virtues, Uke the Goddesses of Modesty, Concord, Intelhgence, Hope, Honour, Mercy and — Faith or else, as Democritus held,'' only two, Punishment and Reward, reaches an even greater height of folly. Frail, toihng mortahty, remembering its own weakness, has divided such deities into groups, so as to worship in sections, each the deity he is most in need of.

For this reason we can infer a larger population of celestials than of human beings, as individuals also make an equal number of gods on their own, by adopting their own private Junos and Genii while certain ; nations have animals, even some loathsome ones, for gods, and many things still more disgraceful to tell — of swearing by rotten articles of food and other things of that sort.

To beHeve even in marriages taking place between gods, without anybody all through the long ages of time being born as a result of them, and that some are always old and grey, others youths and boys, and gods with dusky complexions, winged, lame, born from eggs, Hving — and dying on alternate days this almost ranks with the mad fancies of children but it passes all ; bounds of shamelessness to invent acts of adultery taking place between the gods themselves, foUowed by altercation and enmity, and the existence of deities of theft and of crime.

For mortal to aid — mortal this is god and this is the road to eternal ; glory by this road went our Roman chieftains, by : this road now proceeds with heavenward step, escorted by his children, the greatest ruler of all time, His Majesty Vespasian, coming to the succour of an exhausted world. To enrol such men among the deities is the most ancient method of paying them gratitude for their benefactions. That that supreme being, whate'er it be, pays heed to man's affairs is a ridiculous notion.

Can we believe that it would not be defiled by so gloomy and so multifarious a duty? Can we doubt it? To her is debited all that is spent andcredited all that is received, she alone fills both pages in the whole of mortals' account and we are so much at the mercy of chance that Chance herself, by whom God is proved uncertain, takes the place of God.

Another set of people banishes fortune also, and attributes events to its star and to the laws of birth, holding that for all men that ever are to be God's decree has been enacted once for all, while for the rest of time leisure has been vouchsafed to Him. This belief begins to take root, and the learned and unlearned mob aUke o ffo marchinsr o on towards it at the double witness the warnings : drawn from hghtning, the forecasts made by oracles, the prophecies of augurs, and even inconsiderable trifles— — a sneeze, a stumble counted as omens.

This series of instances entanffles unforeseeinar mortahty, so that among these things but one thing is in the least certain — that nothing certain exists, and that nothing is more pitiable, or more presump- tuous, than man inasmuch as with the rest of hving! Hinc redeamus ad reliqua naturae. But the chief consolations for nature's imperfection in the case of man are that not even for God are all — things possible for he cannot, even if he wishes, commit suicide, the supreme boon that he has bestowed on man among all the penalties of Ufe, nor bestow eternity on mortals or recall the deceased, nor cause a man that has Uved not to have hved or one that has held high ofRce not to have held it and — that he has no power over what is past save to forget it, and to hnk our fellowship with God by means of frivolous arguments as well that he cannot cause twice ten not to be twenty " or do many things on similar lines which facts unquestionably demonstrate : the power of nature, and prove that it is this that we mean by the word 'God.

Let us return from these questions to the remaining facts of nature. Nunc relicto mundi ipsius corpore rehqua inter 32 caelum terrasque tractentur. There is no such close alliance between us and the sky that the radiance of the stars there also shares our fate of mortality. When the stars are believed Asirorumy. But the heavenly bodies have a nature that is eternal — they interweave the world and are blended with its weft yet their potency has a powerful influence ; on the earth, indeed it is owing to the effects that they produce and to their brilliance and magnitude that it has been possible for them to become known with such a degree of precision, as we shall show in the proper place.

Let us now leave the frame of the world itself and The piand. The following points are certain: 1 The star called Saturn's is the highest and conse- quently looks the smallest and revolves in the largest orbit, returning in thirty years at the shortest to its initial station.

Rackham quoque Harduin. The orbit of Jupiter is much below it and therefore revolves much faster, completing one rotation every twelve years. The third star is Mars, called by some Her- cules ; owing to the proximity of the sun it has a fiery glow ; it revolves once in about two years, and consequently, owing to its excessive heat and Saturn's frost, Jupiter being situated between them combines the influence of each and is rendered healthy.

HJJ, II. Further it surpasses all the other stars in magnitude, and is so brilliant that alone among stars it casts a shadow by its rays. Consequently there is a great competition to give it a name, some having called it Juno, others Isis, others the Mother of the Gods.

Its influence is the cause of the birth of all things upon earth at both of its risings it scatters a genital dew with which it not only fills the conceptive organs of the earth but also stimulates those of all animals. It completes the circuit of the zodiac every days, and according to Timaeus is never more than 46 degrees distant from the sun.

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