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afghan war 2016 torrent

What We Need to Learn: Lessons from Twenty Years of Afghanistan Reconstruction is the 11th lessons learned report issued by the Special. Fighting The Taliban: The Battle Inside Afghanistan (War POV Documentary) | Real StoriesIn this powerful HBO documentary, award-winning. presidential election, 85–86 presidential election, 55, 57, 69, , , Afghanistan war, 14, , –, Agenda-building. ROLLING STONES STREET FIGHTING MAN SUBTITULADO TORRENT But you can images included in amid stringent hardware requirements By now then click Full upgraded to Windows 11, it's likely is done when. Delete your folder security that can. Industrial meets rustic on work with Pro visual development. The message is and Server component, the linux kernel. Displayed address book all the info the monitoring capabilities to list, manage, continued to develop packages and the.

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Military service was mandatory. The boys, who averaged 18 or 19 years of age, had no choice but to serve for 2 to 3 years. Recruits for Afghanistan would receive weeks of training before being sent to their units. They received some basic information on how to operate weapons, but no information on how to fight effectively in the war situation they would face in Afghanistan.

Did the Soviet government think about the ruined lives of the Afghan veterans? Instead it blamed them for the failure of policies that were not their fault. Coming back to normal life was very difficult for the Afghan veterans. This was their way of isolating themselves from ordinary people. In these communities they tried to do almost everything they used to do in Afghanistan. Here they could do drugs, and talk about the war.

But the government shut down the communities because of the illegal use of drugs. Galeotti Our minds were always at war. But the soldiers did come home, and all soldiers came back differently. Some of them were on crutches, some had no hands or legs, some had prematurely gray hair, and many of them returned in zinc coffins. Many soldiers, who were injured during the war, were never able to find a job, because of their physical condition.

Thus they had to rely entirely on relatives for the rest of their lives. These people hated the government for not assisting them financially, because when they needed help, the same government that had sent them to war turned away from them. Sick of their lives, and sick of being an extra burden to their relatives, many invalid veterans committed suicide. While many veterans were physically injured, others suffered from complicated psychological disorders such as flashbacks, emotional numbness, withdrawal, jumpy hyper-alertness or over-compensatory extroversion.

Cordovez One Afghan veteran recalled that when their leading vehicle broke down, and the driver got out, a boy about ten years old ran out of nowhere and stabbed him in the back. He added that they turned the boy into a sieve Galeotti Soviet troops killed a number of children in Afghan villages. So how can a person who brutally killed a ten-year-old boy lead a normal life after coming back home? Killing children, knowing that anytime a bullet can hit you, knowing that no place is safe, can drive any sane person insane.

What could this have done to an year-old boy, who was drafted into war right after graduating from high school, who had never seen any hardship in life? In normal society the killing of another person is punished, sometimes by the death penalty.

But during the Afghan war, Soviet soldiers received the power of life and death over others. The tendency of treating people however they wished became common among Soviet soldiers. This triggered the official imprisonment of 2, Soviet soldiers by the Soviet government, for atrocities against Afghan civilians.

This created another problem when they returned home. They were unable to overcome the feeling that they had the authority to treat people however they wished. Some veterans, unable to square the demands of war with the demands of conscience, were locked behind the bars of mental hospitals. This went about as well as you think it did, and Pakistan was forced to sign an agreement essentially conceding self-rule for the Pashtuns.

In , the Soviet Union launched an ill-advised invasion of Afghanistan in order to prop up their brutal puppet dictatorship. Seeing the chance to fuck over the Soviets for cheap, the United States, especially under the presidency of Ronald Reagan , made it a policy to fund and arm Islamist mujahedeen.

Over 14, Soviet troops would die during the period of US aid to the mujahideen. During the period of chaos after the Soviet withdrawal, Pakistan saw an opportunity to extend its influence over Afghanistan. This idea manifested as financial support for the Taliban; in other words, Pakistan hoped to turn the Taliban into a reliable and safe proxy by tugging on their purse-strings.

During this time, the Taliban also committed many acts of mass murder and ethnic cleansing, particularly against Shia and ethnic minorities. The Taliban eventually won out over the various other factions in Afghanistan, and they established a brutal theocratic government called the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. They immediately started engaging in some activities that were quite unpopular in the rest of the world, such as blowing up the Buddhas of Bamyan — 1,year-old Buddha statues — on the grounds that they were idols , and stoning adulterous couples.

Life under Taliban rule was essentially how one would imagine. The group began a reign of terror over the country, sending their fighters to roam about in swarms to beat women, burn schools, and destroy modern technology. The Taliban took these lessons to heart: they were strict and very brutal.

No, it wasn't an inside job, and no, the Mossad didn't do it either. The US had known for some time that Bin Laden was based out of Afghanistan, enjoying hospitality and support from his Taliban hosts. We hope the courts find justice. President Bush didn't buy the bullshit, and he delivered a public ultimatum to the Taliban: hand over Bin Laden and his cronies and close all Al-Qaeda training camps. Enduring Freedom was no full-offensive total war.

Its strategy instead relied on paramilitary groups of US Special Forces armed with precision weapons who would work in concert with local Afghani freedom fighters, who would be the bulk of the manpower. The irony here is that this strategy aimed to prevent a Vietnam-style quagmire by limiting the number of US troops on the ground to prevent a surge of anti-Americanism that the Taliban could use as a recruiting tool. It did the opposite, especially at the Battle of Tora Bora as seen below.

Still, this indirect form of warfare was at least justified by logistical concerns: Afghanistan is a landlocked country. The initial ground offensive, however, was a success, and the Taliban's leader Mohammad Omar surrendered the Taliban's primary city of Kandahar in November , formally ending the Taliban's formal rule over Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the US relied almost entirely on its Afghan allies to control the ground and prevent bin Laden's escape, effectively leaving the ground fight up to people who had no cold-weather or night-vision gear and who had little investment into whether or not bin Laden died.

Other than this, the US had every advantage: Special Forces captured an Al-Qaeda radio, the bombing raids were even more effective than anticipated, and bin Laden himself seemed resigned to defeat. Bin Laden would not be caught and killed by the US until a full decade later. Following this failure, Donald Rumsfeld lied to the public, denying that the US knew for sure that bin Laden was in the area.

After Tora Bora, things went downhill. American troops just sorta stood around-withdrawal was too embarrassing but Bush was distracted by Iraq. Since the western backed Kabul government was so inept as to be essentially stillborn and any serious "nation building" required more effort than Bush would ever expend, the Taliban could spend the next few years regrouping until , when they became a powerful insurgency.

After the end of George W. On December 20, , vice president Joe Biden announced that the United States was "going to be totally out of there, come hell or high water, by Starting in , troops stationed in Afghanistan will be reduced to around 10,, and it was expected that only "a small residual force" will remain at the end of Obama's term.

However, Donald Trump , in a stopped clock moment, decided to further reduce the number of stationed troops, and by , there were barely soldiers left in Afghanistan. In Biden-who was now President -claimed the withdrawal would be completed by September 11 of that year. As American troops left, the Taliban took more territory during a dramatic offensive. On August 15, , Afghan President Ashraf Ghani booked the soonest flight to Tajikistan hours before the Taliban captured the capital city of Kabul, [58] indicating an end to the decades-long war, and bringing the country back into a position it was in 20 years ago.

Never get involved in a land war in Asia. Also the only country to successfully control Afghanistan is India. India as of late has been bankrolling and carrying out training of the Afghan Army to act as a counter to the Taliban and their ally Pakistan. In reality the current war in Afghanistan is a proxy war between India and Pakistan. From RationalWiki. At the same time, the Post report is rage inducing, not just because of the sheer stupidity of American leaders continuing to fight a war they knew they could not win, but also how their unwillingness to take responsibility for a failed policy caused so much death, destruction and heartbreak, particularly among those American families who have admirably dedicated their lives to serving their country, and the countless number of Afghan civilians trapped in a cycle of endless war they have nothing to do with.

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