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Plumbago auriculata azul oscuro torrent

plumbago auriculata azul oscuro torrent

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The ovary of the flower is superior and the flower has regular symmetry. It has basal placentation, with 1 locule and 5 carpels. It flowers mostly in the summer, but in the right conditions it can bloom year-round. There is also an isolated occurrence in Mpumalanga. Typically the species grows in bushes or thickets. As an ornamental plant, it is widespread today in the tropics and subtropics including the Mediterranean region.

It is visited by various butterflies. Their leaves serve as food for the caterpillar of Hummingbird hawk-moth. Conversely, the sticky sepals sometimes catch animals up to the size of a housefly. It is believed that the plumbago species living today are very similar to the first ancestors of Drosera and other carnivorous plants.

Many secondary metabolites have been discovered and isolated from Plumbago auriculata such as plumbagin and palmitic acids. In temperate regions it may be grown outside in frost free areas, otherwise under glass. It grows best in full sun to part shade. The species [2] and the white-flowered form P. Plumbago auriculata can be propagated sexually by seeds and asexually by cutting in summer. It needs well-aerated soil and light and prefers acidic soil. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Species of carnivorous plant.

Vigorous shrub in Catalonia. Seaside shrub in Hyderabad. Flowering shrub in Tuscany. The Plant List. Retrieved Retrieved 23 February The Illustrated AZ of over garden plants and how to cultivate them", p Rebo International, Netherlands, RHS Latin for gardeners.

United Kingdom: Mitchell Beazley. Catalogue of Life ID. Dyntaxa ID. Encyclopedia of Life ID. Encyclopedia of Life. EPPO Code. European Nature Information System. Flora of China ID. Flora of China. Flora of North America taxon ID. Flora of North America. FloraCatalana ID. Flowers of India ID. Nila Chitrak. Freebase ID. Freebase Data Dumps. Global Biodiversity Information Facility. International Plant Names Index. Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera.

Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Microsoft Academic ID. NatureServe Explorer ID. Taxonomy database of the U. National Center for Biotechnology Information. New Zealand Organisms Register. Open Tree of Life ID. Open Tree of Life reference taxonomy version 3. PalDat plant ID. Pladias ID. Plant Finder ID. The Plant List 1. Plants of the World online ID. Plants of the World Online. Portal to the Flora of Italy ID.

Queensland Biota ID. Red List of South African Plants.

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Plumbago auriculata - Cape Plumbago

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