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On other beats, given a quarter of an excuse, he'll get cheeky, goofing off having fun with words. But it's the clash of styles and a creeping maturity that make his records special and true. It's taken a while to get the mix right. By contrast, his latest, Bashy. Now I can 1 00 per cent be myself and I don't really have to bat an eyelid.

That's where I was at at that time. That's what I thought, in my head. Looking back on it that wasn't me. Cos my ideals ain't like that. I'm nottrying to hide that past. It makes sense to show people what you used to do. I don't think anyone can tell me I've done wrong because of it. Is it true you were a bus driver?

I did it in order to survive. Rather than stay out on the road and do things which could get me in trouble, then my career would be down the pan. Cos you can't really be an MC in jail. Being a bus driver made me not wantto work in a job that I didn't want to do. You just want to get out.

I'm very spontaneous, and I'm creative, so I want something that matches that. Driving a bus didn't do that. Neither did being a postman. Do you temper yourself a bit more now? I still say what I wanna say. It's just I've got smarter with when I want to say it. I know exactly when's the right time and how to put it across in a better manner. Obviously excited to discuss the play, his motivation is palpable over barely half a breath of discussion. He's well aware how comical the whole situation is, posing on his blog with a weeks worth of stubble and promising notto shave till the opus is complete.

He's not ashamed spast. Everything he's gone through got to where he'sattoday. My lixtapes are from a perspective. The album is more. It's more about you? People will be able to relate to it. Even though we've got our differences and that's what makes us human, we've got our similarities as well. I think people will be able to relate even if you're from a different walk of life. That's the best word I can come up with for it, and it's not a criticism - it's a record that sucks you in and pulls you under.

There are so many layers - and layers - of production to unpick that you can't just let them wash over you. Listening to this is like swimming against strong currents, trying not to drown. But grappling with it feels like the flush of endorphins after a long run or cycle ride. It's excitable and juicy with life, insects and rivers and everything that buzzes in the summer night. But Avey Tare and Geologist can explain all this much better than lean In The Flowers It's like being in a film that starts off black and white and then turns into 3D colour animation - oversaturated sounds blooming everywhere.

Avey: "Since we were in high school, we've viewed music as a visual thing. Brian and I would often sit around listening to a lot of experimental compositions, and turn them into scenarios. Like, 'let's make that sound like you're walking out of a mountain' Like this is a day record, this is a night record, this is a rain record Brian: "That record was kind of an alien landscape Liquid is everywhere. Avey: "Surprisingly, when we've talked to people we've gotten the same thing -that there's this real underwater theme with this record that we've been talking about- and at least one side of that is this lagoon thing.

Avey: "I can remember us all sitting outside, listening to Music For 18 Musicians by Steve Reich, and that being veryjungle-y in that context - I think we all experienced it that way, hearing it in the outdoors, being out there. But no one in Animal Collective has synaesthesia, apparently. Brian: " People have asked us, but I've seen the synaesthesia tests. I think a lot of people, myself included, had this thing of thinking we were synaesthetic, you know. Avey: "We have a vocabulary that's primarily based on sounds-things that would probably sound ridiculous if you came to one of our practices.

It's very simple, like: 'Hey. Let's go up there! Brian: "The didgeridoo isn't super-recognisable, it provides a bass tone that just rises. Brothersport Avey: "We watched this really ridiculous ocean documentary with Leslie Nielsen, where it was just him and the boat full of marine biologists. Some of that stuff made it onto 'Brothersport', the location sounds.

CDm rainbow arabia Words: Jesse DarlirT Rainbow Arabia are Tiffany and Danny Preston -spouses, not siblings -hailing from theSoCal badlandsto bring you juicy sun- drenched ethnico-technicolor-telectronica like you've never heard it before. Well, you might've heard something like it on an old LP someone bought in some souk somewhere and played all summer while everyone got dirty and dusty and danced in the kitchen and made iced booze in the blender.

The band formed a little under a year ago, when Danny ordered an Arabic Casio online and they started jamming out: " Danny answers questions in the speediest email interview ever: Where do you draw your influences? Tiffany developed her singing style with her past likings of Siouxsie and Cambodian and Thai compilations.

Not the same sound, but bonded with an overall artistic energy. The climate seems to be ready for a surge of bands influenced by music from around the world. MIA has led the way but I feel there's a lot of stuff cooking up out there. These keyboards have microtonal compatibilities along with traditional instrument selections. So I can use an oud sound and adjust the scale on the keyboard to give that off-pitched eastern sound.

Tiffany uses samples and a drum pad along with live percussion to make her counteracting rhythms. While doing all that, she sings and plays her screaming SG guitar. Filmed during a World Championship match in 1 , it's soundtracked not by the soft chink of kissing spheres, nor the sporadic encouragement of hushed spectators. Instead the cue ball clatters like a cymbal when struck and each time O'Sullivan finds the pocket a Casio drone shifts chords queasily, as journeyman opponent Mick Price's face is consumed by a wry grimace.

While there's no doubt that 'the Essex Exocet' is worthy of such testimonials you can't help but wonder if there's some waggish art-school concept 'To please some people you might have to disgust some others' behind the video. Or does Lime Headed Dog just really like snooker? I develop healthy obsessions with things occasionally. Snooker's one that stuck.

I potted the black! It basically involves shitting on the other player so that they never even get a go. That's not to say he didn't enjoy the time spent in a band with his "oldest and best friends" -Good Shoes guitarist Steve Leach is still enlisted on drums when Lime Headed Dog play live.

But the Dog's found a new pack, sharing an aesthetic in the odd, DIY pop of this issue's cover star, Micachu, as well as a label -with Matthew Herbert's Accidental Records on standby for the release of an album and a single, both titled 'Kfum And Kfuk'. If you have your own recording equipment and the ability to release records yourself, nothing can go wrong, right?

I used to lay on my bed and stare at the wall and see a crack and fixate on it, and just be consumed with dread. For a long time, I had this feeling that inanimate objects were actually evil, and malevolent. But I slowly became aware that it was just my state of mind If you stare at someone's face for long enough, you start to see them as a shape instead of a person.

If you say a word 1 00 times in a row, it loses its meaning and becomes a sound. Bare to the waist, torso jack-knifing, unleashing pained howls and using twin microphones to coax bursts of needling, high-end scree from a roaring amplifier, at first glance there seemed to be little to distinguish DominickFernowfrom a legion of angry, male noise artists all gnawing at the same bone.

But then, there was something else at work here. Back turned to the audience, moments of silence conjuring up unbearable tension, Fernow's performance had the feel of something ritualised, internalised, private. If noise's most grotesque projects seem to delight in dredging up corpses, uncovering things most vile and obscene, the sense lingered that Prurient was outto leave something buried.

He said ittook him a long time to realise that he didn't have a lot of interests. That shocked me at the time; it seemed so regressive. But I thought about it, and I concluded, I was the same. I don't have a lot of interests. I'm very interested in a few things. I think especially now, in a culture that is based on imitation, driven by not just information but a thirst for temporary information -things now, especially music, are so much more accessible - obsession is an important fuel in developing your own art.

Until you really spend time with things, it's hard to understand why you're really doing them. As owner of Hospital Productions, a record shop and noise label operating in a small space in Manhattan's East Village, Fernow is a central node in a noise underground that's existed across the United States since the early Eighties. His music- in essence, abrasive blasts of raw sound, accompanied by vocals and soaked in distortion - has inherited much from this history.

That's not to say Fernow isn't driven by humanity's seamier side: while his music is concerned with sex and yearning, fear and death -the human condition, if you will -the difference is in the mode of expression. I have discovered love! How to show images of everyday life, of asexual marvellous!

How good! And I wanted to drive home this secret! How deep! Images, texts, sounds and extremists trading tapes in the mail. A and concepts are juxtaposed in a way that skirts of extreme metal and true crime literature literal representations but leaves sensations Fernow was entranced by the idea of indu; that linger. A lead cinematic monologues and imagery depicting through the letters page of the Relapse crumbling Roman ruins; last year's And Still, catalogue, where Fernow found an article Wanting, with its packaging depicting Joeseph Roemer of Macronympha titled T tumultuous waterfalls, and lyrics-thistime, Current State of American Noise'.

Within about two weeks I had ups of leaves, stalks, and the stamen of flowers. Through a perpetual process of In the late Nineties, Fernow moved to contextualising, I hope it's building a feeling. Providence, Rhode Island, to attend Rhode And that feeling is a soul in distress. Hisarriva think it matters if people are asking 'What is coincided with the rise of the scene arounc wrong here?

Not that Fernow is a raver, exactly. But I should say, Cocaine Death is a very anti- drug record. It's kind of a triptych about the desire to escape, but in doing so, that there's acceleration towards the very thing you're trying to escape. It's the continual destruction of clarity that's ultimately the most disturbing. These releases are really about this dissatisfaction, that lack of reality. It's not a glorification of anything, or an acceptance. It's neither ours to accept or embrace, it's the human condition, it's not right, it's not wrong; it just is.

I find a stoic comfort in that. I ran down the guy and I was like, 'I do a noise label! On the surface, that title could be shock schlock, but Fernow explains a more personal significance. I met him a few times, and heard that he died, and how he died. And it was the first time in my mind I'd connected sex and death. It disturbed me, but it also fascinated me. So I started piecing together these things -the idea of love as the ultimate weakness. We don't choose who we're attracted to, we just do, and in that sense it becomes a metaphor for vulnerability.

S fir fc. But Igotthatbookasagiftand I was reading it, like, wow, it felt like it was written yesterday. And I was thinking, who else summed upthe bittersweet nature of love than Rumi? I don't think anybody else captured that vulnerability, that loss of control that attraction brings us. The excess of the vocal, that further drives home that feeling of futility". Prurient's lyrics are sourced from numerous locations -the works of Buglarian poet Lyubomir Levchev, biology textbooks, even fortune cookies a line on 's Black Vase, "Don't overestimate the light -every day begins with darkness" dates back to one particularly gloomy dinnertime surprise.

But the bulk to date have come from an even more unexpected location, however: his own mother, writer, poet and public radio broadcaster Jean Feraca, whose writings appear on Troubled Sleep, Fossil, and Prurient's new book project for Heartworm Press, The Rose Pillar. Comprising of a 1 1-inch record and a hard- bound book, it's a tribute to Fernow's uncle Stephen Feraca, who died of lung cancer.

The text, extracted from Feraca's memoir, tells how Fernow and his mother witnessed his uncle's death first hand, perched by his hospital bed. When he died, there was a sudden calmness, a sense of equilibrium. And that shocked me.

I thought I would be. That experience, that process of transformation, it shattered my fantasies, the fantasies that were driving me as a child. I started to question this element of horror, of fictionalised violence and cruelty. I started to feel angry about that kind of art. I began to feel it was a form of manipulation. Fernow has avoided this fate so far, doubtless thanks to his plain dedication to the scene and the unwavering quality of the records he releases.

What proved testing for slightly more dogmatic members of the noise hardcore, though, was the news that Prurient was taking up an invitation to tour the US in support of XiuXiu in late Fernow contends there is more similarities between Prurient and Xiu Xiu than there are differences. All these message board noise people complaining, calling them 'indie rock pussies' - in their real lives, Xiu Xiu are a lot more power electronics than most who'd wear that tag. I'm not into being, you know, the extreme guy.

It's the sort of move that's going to be perceived in some quarters as a crossover attempt, and that inevitably alienates those for whom noise should be a closed shop. I hope they are upset. Catharsis means to let go, but there is no letting go in what I do - it's always with me. I call what I'm doing 'negative meditation'. Negative energy is conjured, and used - it's an attempt to reclaim that energy. For me it's not as simple as embracing what can destroy you.

Negative energy can still be used to create. That's not a part of it. It's not fun. I don't do it because I enjoy it, I do it because I feel the need. I don't know. To find out. I guess that's why. Every press release that flutterbyes into the Plan B bunker stresses this or that artist's noble autonomy or dramatic outsiderdom weblinks attached, available for interview. The words sour inside the office stereo every time it turns out what they're doing themselves - exhibit a: the music - is as entirely predictable and calculatedly careerist as a CV.

Which is what we want, right? Utopia now! For every empowered eccentric, there's an audience-worth of rather less artistic artists hustling existing templates toward established markets. Equally inevitably, those fans complicit in the commodification of music are being supplanted by online avatars happy to ref rame it as data, and share as such.

Labels and magazines struggle the latter get more money from the former than from readers. Yeah, it's an interesting time to be starting a career in music Meanwhile, Marc 'drums, perc and singabit' is more concerned with an early live review: " It said the performance was two-dimensional which Diplomatically, I steer them toward talking about a recent first excursion to NYC.

Either carefully sincere, or absolutely not, Mica summarises: "It was very exciting. And very. Second gig, the keyboard broke halfway through. Third -we didn't know it was acoustic, so had to muster stuff for that. It was mental. It was totally sober. That's exactly the promo guano I was complaining about to the left. Fuck that. Let's get serious: this band are on the cover for a reason. So far as I'm concerned, they're the most promising young British prospects since.

Anyway, here's how I met them. Correction: 'her'. Micachu was Shapeless, back then, not a bandleader but a producer. What she'd produced was a mixtape, Filthy Friends -still downloadable free from her MySpace if you have The quotes hint how art has risen again and again from the poorer areas, where the 'nasty pleasures' of theatres and music halls were often located. Micachu's magical urbanism is more wireless networks and automatic doors.

And it's not just districts that it moves between - it's scenes -stray indie troubadours including Golden Silvers and Man Like Me- who she met at clubs , non-grime aligned MCs like Mayhem and Baker Trouble, who she met "on MySpace, in internet caffs" , sudden stabs of guttertech and stretches of academic strings. Any or all are lucky to last 1 5 seconds before being super- deformed orTetsuo-ed as their caff einated host pitch-shifts up or pushes tempo with Laundromat drum rolls she gave up tea immediately after.

Once settled with a mug of tea she's "getting back into it" after quitting smoking - "I need two vices" and the radiator full-on, I ask how she managed such a minute feat of syncretism. Where do you find all these collaborators?

Ask if they want to get involved. It's like if you can do kick-ups - 'oh, you're really good at football - for a girl' - there's always that bit of. I think it would be quite - old-fashioned. It probably is still there. Discussing grime and hip-hop's uneasy attitude toward homosexuality - she's gay - is less comfortable: " I can't say anything about other people's lives.

It's not my life -at all. I think everyone I worked with knew about me, and. I underestimated technology. I underestimated how quickly technology reconfigures its users. In a cute but functional inversion, Filthy Friends would tape together the social mix she explored when finally arriving full-time. Like many freelance producers, she's something of a person-collector- learning as much as she can from each but also filing them away for what they can offer her productions.

Working relationships were quickly cemented with the more traditionally urban Cluster Collective including soprano Miss Bienek , Ghost Poet suburban ruminations and Kwes producer whose bass notes melt like tar. In the backdround, a wide-eyed Mica clutches her forehead, a amazed and b amused: "I can't believe that- 1 feel terrible. So it doesn't seem two- dimensional? I josh, everthe button-pusher. The three would go beyond first impressions via Mica's S'N'M Society for New Music night: "To provide concert opportunities for pieces by student composers, for various ensembles.

We have bands, too, and try and mould it together - so everyone can perform a piece written specifically for that night. It's very irregular Good use of space. Raisa: "Marc is Finance Man. My guitar and my amp. I plug it in -and I'm done Raisa: "Ortunes her guitar for an hour She shifts to affronted: "If I talk too much, as well, they just start the next song.

She considers this. Mica has no idea how he first heard her- but recreates the ensuing, possibly historic, interchange for posterity: " He said: 'd'you wanna do a record? Especially the kitchen. It has an array of things. Most bands' first record embodies the challenge of limited means - the spectrum and mass of compositional ideas here make an aesthetic of it even when many tracks don't even break two minutes.

Further on from Filthy Friends' superabundant metamix, each takes a few very separate elements looped ingredients, defamiliarised instruments, tempo shifts and melodic switches and leaves yr mind free to join them up -when a song unfolds out of the collage and it always does it has the magical kick of an optical illusion. Urn, for the ears. From the lilting, lyrical outlets of 'Wrong' to 'Just In Case's addictive pile-ups, the formal game is in finding which expert-level Tetris combinations modernist ambience and sucker-punch choruses, modem-dry scratches of guitar and extra thick smoothie synthlines, vintage radio fizz and feral yowls like fluo highlighter score the most satisfying multi-line wipeout.

The title of the album, Mica says, is "'Cause it's quite polished. And in reference to the second record - even if it's something we put out free - that's gonna be called Debris. I've made all sorts of excuses. Like: I have a short attention span 'cause I'm from the iPod generation. Mica: "I don't develop things gradually. I have one idea, then stick another to it - then another. All the equipment- Seventies digital DIY kits, army gear, amazing handmade pre-amps-warm up this small space Mica: "Very nice.

He brought a lot of ideas - and we argued through them I ask, 'The NME took away all our imperfections' a detestable hack scenting a story. Somewhere in the real world, Mica shrugs. But where next? Well, first is Jewellery's release, any minute now - one of an abrupt new crop on Herbert's Accidental label see also: Lime Headed Dog and The Invisible.

Then: "Touring, touring, touring. Actually, her parents are both music teachers: "They, like me, are crap at everything else. I started learning music really young, every day, since I can remember. It's got a lot of perks - education-wise. It seems to push people into expressing themselves in different ways -being more confident plan b 1 31 micachu and the shapes 'You can loop anything' in pictures - or sounds - than words.

But, hey: free computer! I can show you - but you can't record it. Indeed, when I asked after the origin of the name, Raisa is happy to admit, "It was so we could have T-shirts. They're just a load of old bollocks-that rhyme," Mica sniffs. Clever bollocks. Beautiful bollocks, even. I meant to further ask if she used it in ways it wasn't designed for. Any reason the songs are sequenced the way they are? Who are yr musical peers?

I listened, mostly disagreed. For now, for me, Jewellery feels closer to that other maverick, Joe Meek, and his domestic attempts at the artifice of cinematic dramatics; except with her, it's more Noughties communication devices; the micro, the digital, the glitch. She seems embarrassed by the amount of attention given to the post-Partch instruments she's made so far- "I don'tthink I'm doing anything new- lots of people in industrial bands do it But the technologies undercutting music sales are also making new connections possible - Micachu And The Shapes met in LDN, but their natural habitat is co.

It's no coincidence this music sounds like Walkman bass boost, 3G phone chirrup, Mac beats not McBeats - all the machines we carry with us to override the real world. Micachu may identify with outsiders and share their idiosyncrasy , but hers is a story of bypassing borders, reaching out and connecting, virtually but directly; how the medium -be it MP3, MySpaceor MSN - can escape hierarchies and centres. More: the fact that territorial prejudice, the obstacles previous generations have batttered against or been filtered through, turned out to be the non-story at the heart of this article, an easy answer to a vexed question, is more interesting - and more important- than anything I've written here.

The habits of this generation are slaying an industry, but collaborative projects between equals flourish as capital endeavours fail. Downsize yr budget. Enlarge yr ambition. It's an incredible time to be starting a career in music. This is the first question I refuse to answer. Why are your songs shorter than Fuck Buttons say? Did you have musical tutorage? Cassie Ramone: "Our songs are short because we are of the opinion that if you have something to say, you should say it as concisely as possible.

We like to get right to the point. Two decades ago, I had to fend off accusations that the music I liked - not boorish, frailties intact, rooted in the Sixties femme pop of the Ramones and The Shaggs, often bordering on the shambolic -was somehow not 'proper'. It was looked down upon as being amateur like the word is an insult, like music is a competition. That because a group like Beat Happening utilised silence as an instrument and didn't have a bassist, or Shop Assistants liked to keep things simple and noisy, or Talulah Gosh liked flowery dresses, they somehow meant less than The Smiths, or, to give a more ordinary example, The Weather Prophets.

I was ridiculed, roundly and often: the music got categorised and derogatorily referred to as twee. It favoured expression. It favoured a linear alternative to rock'n'roll - the idea alternative music could tackle pop in the same way it usually tackled rock: the idea it could be centred around two- minute bursts of energy and not be tied to contentious notions of 'punk' when the word punk was devalued even in 1 9-f ucking, for fuck's sake.

And the fact it went on to inspire a generation of underground-level kids looking for ways round the dreary solidarity of alt rock, the fact it was a primary influence upon Riot Grrrl and hence this very magazine. Ask Amelia Fletcher. Ask Vivian Girls, the new sensations on the block. They're so embarrassed or ignorant of their heritage, they refer to their glorious, clattering pop music as 'shoegaze' something the revisionist college historians at Pitchfork unwittingly reinforce - even though it's all about the early Ramones thrash Vivian Girls get early Ramones like no band before or since Shop Assistants and primal emotion a charge you could never lay at the.

Yeah, My Bloody Valentine were shoegaze too. And Sonic Youth are a pretty good 'noise' band. Two decades on, and folk are still making fun. One Guardian correspondent refers to Vivian Girls as the band "most likely to induce multiple orgasms and a coronary " in my good self.

Actually, I justthink theirthree-part harmonies are magic. What do you have planned for the second LP? Cassie: "So far, we have a little more than half of the second album written. The songs are darker and a little more intricate than those on the first album. Its guitar solo is the anti-Marnie Stern. It too clatters unmercifully but wonderfully. I take Cassie's comments to mean. There was nothing to understand. What stands out most about recording the first album?

What were you hoping it might sound like? What stands out most in my mind is that it was recorded in a really cold basement and huddling up by the space heater to keep warm the whole time. The Hunches Possibly the final album from a band who've been playing penultimate shows since June , Exit Dreams is classic Hunches; sounds not so much mixed as stacked hazardously atop each other. Their music resonates with the sort of saturated splendour that makes both Times New Viking and the twin drummers of Shop Assistants so wonderful; and you just know that their live shows must fall apart at the slightest provocation; and you just know they adore The Shangri-La's and eat ice cream in the street and record entire albums in half a day because to do anything else would be boring.

Stand-out song 'Where Do You Run To' is like Shop Assistant's 'Safety Net', or Whyte Boots's 'Nightmare', for and every last fractured harmony and driven beat throws me roundly back into Cricklewood, mid-Eighties, five to a floor and the rent due tomorrow, nothing better than the thrash of guitars strings played like a chainsaw, sweat dripping across our faces, cheap amps threatening to overload any moment What do the following groups have in common.

This is the second question I would prefer not to answer. What sort of audience do you get at yr shows? Do they dress or behave any different to other audiences? Are they cutie kids? Do you get heckled? Cassie: "In general, people run the gamut from punks to hipsters to college kids to middle-aged record collectors. We get the opposite of heckling - everyone is really nice to us. I don't know if I'd describe us as 'punk rock' perse, but all three of us do come from a strong punk scene in New York and New Jersey.

Are you lucky or unlucky people? Cassie: "I write about both at the same time. I think that I'm a very lucky person who happens to be unlucky in love. Cassie: "A catchy song with hooks and interesting phrasing that doesn't overstay its welcome.

Burt Bacharach is my favourite songwriter. Most of his hits fall into that category. Vivian Girls are perfectly able to pick and choose for themselves. Are you surprised that folk like you? Why do you suppose that is? Cassie: "I think it's because we are so loyal, responsible, active, loving, caring, sharing, kind-hearted, warm, accommodating, sexy, compassionate, tolerant, and laid back.

Hello, sparse beats, brutal synths, ancient handclaps, militant vocals. Hello, 's angriest party. Kalaf cropped up repeatedly among a cast of dozens of MCs. The music, they say, is progressive kuduro. Out of Angola, made in Portugal. Irresistibly danceable, universally understandable. Ready for export. One day in we decided we needed to do something around kuduro, which was popular in Lisbon in the mid-Nineties. It lasted four months, before getting shut down by police for being too rowdy.

Hello kuduro. It's pronounced 'kuh-do-roo', and translates into English as 'hard-ass'. Born in Luanda, Angola in the late Eighties, its earliest proponents took samples from Caribbean and African carnival music and plastered them on top of frantic four-to- the-floor beats. The resulting sound is like a darker, harder version of calypso orsoca. It was billed as 'the new baile funk' by hip blogs about two years ago.

It's resisted widespread fashionable crossover to date, as it has done for the past 1 years. Seemingly on a downward curve in Lisbon since its mid-Nineties peak, what brought it back to prominence in Europe? We want to show how much there is to explore in this music. I could show you kuduro beats which sound stranger than stuff released on Warp. But the whole approach of the earlier artists couldn't have been worse.

They weren't credible at all, they were going on primetime television shows doing all sorts of dancing, looking like. Kalaf adds: "You know when you see a monkey and you throw him peanuts and he'll do some kind of circus act? It was like that, totally circus. Sirens, Indian-sounding drums, and calculator beeps ferociously fight for attention under streams of moreish, unknowable Portuguese words.

Its busy- ness never detracts from the over-riding seriousness of the music, its raw militancy. Somehow, it still has 'party time' scrawled all over it. The last thing Buraka want is to become a 'live act' to tick off a list, a 'cool' night out. They keep six months between live appearances in big cities. We take our live shows really seriously. We want to go in and just slap everyone in the face and just get their attention as fast as possible.

We thought maybe these people wouldn't know how to dance. I was quite surprised," says John. He's only quite surprised because he knows by now that Buraka's is hugely effective dance music. As if genetically engineered, it appeals to each one of your limbs to move in a different direction faster than they want to. Barking male and female voices are cut upon top. I don't speak Portuguese, but the delivery makes Kano's guest slot, with its empty promises about having a crowd 'on lock', seem tremendously uninspired.

Even this song, 'Skank And Move', is irresistibly brash and vital. Why isn't this soundtracking everyone's nights out? It's OK to move your ass to traditional music, but not to kuduro because it's very fast, very nasty. On record, the vocal contributions are the first thing you notice. MCs spit what sound like a series of well-prepared points to the best argument you've ever heard. They lollop around the beat, rolling 'r's theatrically, with scant regard for where they should be.

Like the origins of the music, it's representative of that first thrilling moment when an amateur stops being intimidated, and realises they can bring their own shit to the table. Hello, world. While widespread internet access has made genre cross- pollination easier than ever, the production and growth of kuduro has happened more traditionally.

Once Portugese colonial subjects, Angolans have migrated to Lisbon for generations. Kalaf seems equally delighted with the meanings since attached to the title. When a kid comes from the ghetto there, from nothing, then goes on to succeed in life, they're considered Black Diamonds. They've brought themselves up from scratch. Some people don't know where Angola is, so to bring that into people's life, to make its presence felt with this album, I think the title's perfect.

That represents the way we approach music. Let's take it back to where the whole dance music thing started, when drums were stretched animal skins, and if you banged the same rhythm on it for two hours you'd get people dancing. Buraka is a new vision of that, a re-shuffled version. It's rough dance music, that's the first idea that we had. World music is not a term Buraka can identify with.

The words 'world music' says to me the old guy playing guitar, with the old hat. We went to Koko to see what the world music scene is, for the Africa Express thing. A pause. But 'world music' is a really bad term. Kids in African cities are on Messenger with their cousins in the US, and they exchange music with each other.

They're not swapping Baba Maal songs. They're sharing the newBusta Rhymes, or the best of kuduro or whatever. That's the relationship, and to those people Buraka has a place. The blogger writes " Interesting to see these Luanda mixes for a Lisbon sound, as if it was a boomerang effect. We have the technology to collaborate, to take influence from everywhere. Why not use it? Plan B's forensics team found no fingerprints Information about Women is thin on the ground. Researching this interview threw up: 1 some blurred press photos; 2 a list of four men's names, no clue as to musical roles; 3 the fact their self-titled debut was recorded by morbid indie-folkster and fellow Calgary resident Chad VanGaalen; and 4 the album itself, a dislocated, reverb-drenched amalgam of noise, folk and a half dozen other 'A lot of bands I like are just wasters' genres.

Though evidently indebted to the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth and the murkier elements of new and no wave, the record's singularity lies in an overarching sense of mystery, its half hour of red herrings, wrong turns and delightful surprises. Mayfly pop songs circle long, dark drones, lyrics are fragmented and inaudible, melodies half- obscured under ambientfoliage. Anonymity is integral, yet encountering Women in the flesh, it's interesting and refreshing to discover this is not a policy or stance, but simply a gut approach.

For a long time it was stupid how modest we were. We used to have so much self-deprecation it affected how we were playing, not feeling comfortable being confident 38 1 plan b in anything we were doing, because we resented the attitudes a lot of bands have. We wouldn't set up merch stands, we still think photo shoots are gross Whatever the case, recorded in bare basements, cramped crawl-spaces and VanGaalen's studio, much of Women's effectiveness can be tied to a looseness in the studio process - many songs were written the day before recording - combined with draconian abandonment of swathes of recorded material, so as to adhere to a pre- decided half-hour running time.

What remains, disorientates, rough-hewn shifts in style and velocity bound together by reverb and sense of distance. We wanted to eliminate the sense of restraint. You hear so many bands that sound canned, like they were playing to a metronome, but a lot of bands I like are just wasters. Like The Fire Engines, they'd plug in and just record. We were just fucking around writing these songs, we'd get really drunk and notthinktoo much. The four have history.

The exact same line-up of Patrick, his bassist brother Matthew, Wallace and guitarist Christopher Reimer had formed a noise band at high school. Prosaic distractions of adulthood dissipated them for a while, Patrick playing in mathy Calgary band Veritas, Matthew serving as a sideman for the likes of Nina Nastasia and VanGaalen, Wallace heading off to India.

Concluding none of this was noticeably better than what they'd been doing before, the Women drifted back together with varying degrees of abruptness: Matthew still plays with VanGaalen; Patrick bailed on Veritas to fractious effect "We were recording an album and I hated it - 1 left halfway through the recording They're all dimly and not a little uncomfortably aware that the resultant project is by some measure the best thing any of them have ever done, and probably the best thing to emerge from their insular hometown in some years "Calgary's kind of in limbo at the moment," sighs Patrick.

To the extent, awkwardly, that they're in the process of unseating VanGaalen as the city's leading musical light. Though happy to give the latter credit where it's due, they certainly scotch the suggestion he's any sort of svengali figure, or even a bona fide producer: " It's just his level of creativity.

And the fact that he had recording equipment," deadpans Wallace. As with REM or Sonic Youth, it'll be success, not interviews, that will serve to demystify this band. It's fruitless speculating what the future will hold, but whatever the case, Women is an artefact likely to hold on to its secrets. Odawas The Blue Depths is the working title for the Berkeley-based duo's third full-length, their next collection of foreboding folk pop pencilled in for release in the midst of February.

They get a bad rep in many quarters due to being simplistic and illogical and contradictory, but anyone who spends a notable amount of time writing or even talking about music finds them to be more of a help than a hindrance. When you have word counts or boredom thresholds to consider, sometimes shorthand is the only way. And yet almost all genres take a while to become established and codified, the ever more sprawling landscape of dubstep serving as testament to this.

Still in its evolutionary period compared to most musical movements, it had enjoyed an odd gestation: beginning as a sort of mongrel subset of garage and achieving a certain purity of style before the scene's growth and journeys to the overground led to other forms minimal, reggae, drum'n'bass being introduced by way of hybridisation. This is where we meet Ikonika: a London-based producer and DJ whose youthfulness is by no means unusual in the scene, but whose gender puts her in, it has to be said, a frustratingly small category.

Still, dubstep's quasi-cliche of beatmakers retreating into the gloom and letting their tunes function as their public persona has an element of truth, and works in favour of Ikonika - given name: Sara Abdel-Hamid. There are no chromosomes in the grooves of the four sides of vinyl released by Kode9's Hyperdub label thus far. I started to get bored with hip-hop and needed something like dubstep to come into my life. People already know how energy converge ing dubstep diverse the scene is; I love progression in life and music.

This is why I love Kode9's sets so much: progression, children, progression! Better to be an outsider looking in than glued on the inside, I say. Lead song on the second 1 2-inch, 'Millie', 'Progression, children, progression! Those drones are transplanted into 'Direct', where they gambol with half-steppish noddability and chrome-plated keyboards, which squiggle like they might be about to collapse in on themselves. One of the first things you'll notice when you venture to Ikonika's MySpace page, more than likely, are her list of stated influences: J Dilla the easiest one for the layman to fathom , Madonna, Glassjaw and Pretty Girls Make Graves.

It's not obtuseness or obf uscation - it's where she's from, and to an extent where she's still at. Respectively: "To me Dilla's music was so straight because it was live, it was offbeat because it was human, natural not wonky. Glassjaw has everything I need from a band: melody, violence, progression, structure raiding and rawness.

Really, though, the fact that Kode9, one of the truly original dubsteppers, saw enough in there to slot her into Hyperdub's release schedule should at least provide a healthy clue. There's more to come. There'll probably be another single in , and I've been working on a couple of remixes. It's a great label and I feel pretty special being involved. Mystique is fun, but not really Sara's thing. I live a pretty boring life, so the music has to be good, right?

Zomby Wonky? Aqua- crunk? Whatever Rustie, Darkstar, Hudson Mohawkeet al are doing, Zomby does at least as well, his self-titled EP spread across two discs of supreme bleep and swagger. Their debut, last year's Mood Poisoner, tightly demonstrated their abilities: joyfully nasty riffs driven by vocals and drums that conspire like bullies. But with titles like 'Cock Swastika', and cover art portraying crying, ball-gagged nuns, DeSalvo are not drawing from standard metal iconography.

But honestly, apart from Sylvester and gay disco, I really have a problem with queer guys in rock, because a lot of the people who label themselves like that are some of the most derivative and least interesting and creative people. My inspiration comes from stuff outside that scene. In a sense, recorded music has become kind of dead and irrelevant, and hopefully the trade-off is that live music and experiences are gonna become much more profound, much more interesting and much more participative.

Streaming sound files and downloading stuff is so fucking passive. Sure, like tape culture it's freed up lots of music, and tape culture has been central to some radical movements, especially hardcore, but eventually it just becomes part of commerce. P6'stakeon crowd interaction completely changes the standard power dynamic of metal, making the norm visible by disputing it; suddenly there is palpable tension, social mechanics grinding.

Some literally run away. They're intimidated by the fact that our singer is gay. They like the music, it's harsh enough for them, and they start moshing or whatever. But then [P6] starts doing his thing, and they don't know what to do with themselves.

You know, in metal you've usually got these guys onstage, screaming and yelling confrontational stuff, but always from the supposition that men in the audience can identify with them. You know, they can raise their fists or give the devil sign or whatever to show that they are on the side of the confronter. That doesn't actually challenge them at all. This is different. They are being confronted in a way they can't avoid. But it works. I love the male reaction, that discomfort and shame.

Usually women are very comfortable and amused and completely get it. Men tend to get very uncomfortable and leave, or sometimes they try to take the piss. A boy started shouting at me, telling me how sexy I was, and I really didn't believe an obese year-old man was his type. Or when you saw us play at Stereo, that was the night I got a beer thrown in my face. It obviously pushes buttons. And women are, eitherthrough the music, or the way it's set up, or through force of numbers, expected to be submissive in those spaces.

That's part of what I'm playing with. Hopefully it gives men permission to be different. Put on a ski mask and jump around, be a gimp for a night- don't just stand around with your arms folded, just asserting that you own the space. That's really boring.

Kinda the point. So when funky house - let's just say those words again: funky house - emerged late last year at the scalpel-sharp cutting edge of British urban music, my dismay, my brows-to-the-sky consternation, betrayed nothing if not an heinous ignorance of the rules of the game.

Indeed, rearranging my internals so that funky house was no longer filed away in a drawer slapped with a post-it note - 'do not open' in big red caps - took a feat of impressive cognitive agility. So, erm, pardon me, but how the fuck did it happen?

Well, funky house changed. In fact, to be honest, the funky house of Hed Kandi comps, handbags, and Booty Luv and the "funky house" that has just turned my world upside down - with its rapidly propulsive Latin and soca rhythms twining under and over each other, soupy-warm basslines silk- spun from classic New York garage, cascading grime synths - are different beasts.

Entirely different. In fact, as if to prove the point, someone toyed with the nomenclature. Now people just call it "funky". But still.. Simple answer: a song did it. Its central conceit is a delicious one. The vocal - which is reshaped, chopped up, and overlayed with itself throughout until it has spun you a web so complex you couldn't even begin to unpick its beginning from its end - centres on Kyla's gently- coaxing plea to take you home and " It's an extreeeeemely pregnant silence, one they left in on purpose, and if you fill the blank yourself with something rude, well then, that's the work of no one's dirty mind but your own.

Really, it just means whatever you want it to mean It got to a stage where you'd just be walking down the strip and you could hear them coming out of every single club. Grime has always seemed to struggle to move a crowd like that, too aggro, too many boy-vibes. It's got such a different attitude to it. It's going to be a big deal, and that's because it's not just based in the UK, it's global.

There are house scenes in Japan, America, South Africa. It's very social, " he continues. Everyone contributes, and we don't have a hierarchy. So if this month it's DJ sets and vocal PAs every night and making tracks all day, next year, Flukes assures me with something approaching certainty, is Glastonbury. Running a youth project out their studio, giving kids music biz primers, letting them loose on desks and mics. Making a grey corner of a Bermondsey industrial estate buzz with eagle-eyed energy.

They want to shape the funky scene before even they lose a hold of it, fingers crossed, to the world. This is thinking big as a point of principle. Everyone brings something different to the table. We're going to take funky house to a new level.

And it all sounds so new. The band themselves are a tricky bunch to pin down. There's not a lot of information about them out there, and Heather and John prefer to remain blurred and anonymous in photos. Beat-maker Jack, meanwhile, is absent from the band photos altogether, nor does he make himself known in our brief email interview. I would rather have someone listen to our music then look at a hundred pictures of us. When you work as collaboratively as we do, the thought of posting individual photos doesn't even cross your mind.

Diverse inspirations, but the way they balance sounds natural rather than contrived. When we like things, we put them on repeat over and over, until we move on. I think we were really influenced by that late-Eighties, singing voice sounds like. When John sings, it's like he's someone else reciting a story about himself.

When I sing I am myself reciting a story about myself. A girl came up to me and was talking about a song and how it the lyrics were so beautiful. May 23 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Supreme Low. Tcherneyan first saw Sensational in France in while meeting in New York in The two quickly connected and kept in touch throughout the years when they finally got the chance to record material together in London in The result is a powerful fusion of sound and style that shatters all expectations and delivers an audio vehicle bridging past, present and future.

We are thrilled to host this track today by Supreme Low featuring the other half of Years of Denial, Barkosina on vocals. May 21 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Monokrome. Out May 25th in digital formats. May 19 6 mins. Out May 20th in digital formats. May 19 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Wlderz. The following track delivers high quality dark and industrial sounds with acid elements and dramatic melody.

May 19 5 mins. The Norwegian duo has been crafting some of our favorite tracks across techno - industrial - trance and beyond with both raw dance floor and pop sensibilities. We are thrilled to welcome them to the label with "Plz Say Its 4 Real", a five track EP that ranges from high impact rhythms to lush and moody atmospheres which also contains a killer remix by the one and only Lucinee.

The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Stockholm Syndrome. Out May 27th. May 19 8 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Acid Vatican. May 18 5 mins. May 18 66 mins. The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from Enn Franco. The artist and DJ has become known for her diverse sets and today we host this killer mix that weaves through shades of ravey techno, industrial, body and future sounds ready for the dance floor.

May 17 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from R Gamble. May 16 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere from Korea based producer Comarobot. The track delivers brutal, dark and industrial sounds with heavy and powerful kicks and distrorted vocals. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Idem Nevi. Today we present 'Midnight Shuffle Drive', a dance floor destroyer which carries ghostly pads over a pummeling bass. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Red Deviil.

May 15 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from French based producer La Fraicheur. Out May 16th in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Parrish Smith. Each track on the record is originally based on a solo idea, moulded and fine-tuned in conversation with contributing musicians Sofiane Brahmi and Javier Vivancos, then finalized by the producer.

The result is a 11 tracks that weave through a mosh pit of styles and slip through cracks and fall outside the lines of punk, techno, metal, grunge, no wave, industrial and beyond. A true "compilation of imperfect music", be prepared to be entranced, enthralled and maybe even slightly uncomfortable - but in a way that challenges the current musical paradigm and shifts to much broader horizons. Out May 16th on vinyl and digital. S Music]. May 12 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Noctam.

S Music. The name of the track perfectly reflects the composition: deep bass line and groovy rhythmic kicks. Out May 13th in digital formats. May 12 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Dersee. Initiatives Studio returns with another great V. A, featuring 6 tracks with post-punk, EBM, trance and Industrial influences.

Out May 13th on Bandcamp. May 12 54 mins. The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from Whattis. As a DJ, she likes her dance floors wet and wild, delivering it hard across the board like this great set she prepared for us today. May 11 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Deep Dimension.

Available as a 12" vinyl exhibiting each artist's range of sound. Deep Dimension - Distant Memory B2. Out in digital formats! May 10 4 mins. May 10 7 mins. A must have for this summer of raves! May 09 6 mins. May 09 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Zisko. Today we premiere the hot original title track. May 05 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lady Maru.

Out May 6th in digital formats. May 05 6 mins. Out May 6. May 05 91 mins. The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from Human Experiments. Resident of Berlin party series Stimulation the Human Experiments project was born from the will to share a radical vision of techno and the meeting of two inspirations, cyber-cinematic music and hypnotic groove. Currently based in Berlin, he tends to refine his style by taking inspiration from the more minimalist aspects of techno.

It is under his other alias 'Arc:type' that he intends to fully express this other musical vision, even if the borders between the two projects are thin. Today we are thrilled to host this massive three-deck sonic adventure that takes you from lethal big room techno to fast-paced grooves and well beyond. May 05 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere another track from Lady Maru.

Make sure to get yours on Bandcamp: revokrecords. May 04 4 mins. May 04 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Chemical Dumpster. Lesser Of - Timeless Ghosts Subverted. May 02 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lesser Of. Today we premiere one of Lesser Of's originals, "Timeless Ghosts". M Tapes]. May 02 3 mins.

M Tapes upcoming V. A 'Unification of Harsh Realities Vol. May 02 6 mins. This track delivers high quality industrial sounds and at the same time sentimental and emotional feelings, which memorize witchcraft in a traditional Korean way. Out now. Apr 28 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Romeo. Out April 29th in digital and vinyl formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Keepsakes. Out April 29th in vinyl and digital formats.

Out April 29th in digital formats. Apr 28 61 mins. The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from Lucia Lu. We've been loving her sets as of late and they mix high energy techno with euphoric pop sensibilities, hip hop, industrial, rave and more.

Our mix today shows why she's one of the hottest going right now. Apr 27 7 mins. The EP also features3 banging remixes from Myler, E. Out April 28th in digital formats. Apr 27 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Onleas. Apr 27 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Zebar. Against the background of the currently ongoing Russian full-scale war against Ukraine, the label would like to express its solidarity with the Ukrainian people through this release.

In this vein, all proceeds from this release will be donated to Vitsche Berlin. Vitsche Berlin is a young Ukrainian activist organisation based in the German capital. Apr 27 3 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from EiyiE. The track delivers the finest melodic and euphoric sounds, poly-rhythms and emotional vocals.

Out April 28th in vinyl and digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Amit Dagim. The album reflects deeply personal tracks, rhythmically vibrant and at times elusive, with spaces inhabited by voices of supposed creatures, perceived as both extremely intimate and familiar, and yet esoteric and obscure. We chose to support PHR to contribute to humanitarian aid which is needed as an outcome of the ongoing Israeli occupation, apartheid, and violation of Palestinian rights, which the label strongly opposes.

The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Zerotonin. Apr 26 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Euyinn. For this release, 3X2U delivers a compilation based around the bodies of the solar system.

Each artist has been given a gong sample in a frequency that corresponds to the chosen planet and the end result is a powerful, striking array of tracks including this great one today from Euyinn. Celestial Dissolvement is out now. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Leo Bufera.

Out May 2nd on Bandcamp. Apr 25 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Pierre Berge-Cia. Today we present "Candide", which comes off his upcoming release on Paris' Sinister Desires. Out April 28th on Bandcamp. Apr 24 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Ukraine based producer Rassver. Apr 22 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Sanchez Jr.

Apr 21 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from French techno producer Electric Rescue. The following track delivers classic high quality industrial techno and dark synth sounds. Out April 22nd in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Daryl. Apr 21 61 mins.

Using 4 decks and imitable style, this is a masterful set that showcases the Geneva-born, Berlin-based artist's hard hitting, infectious grooves. We are thrilled to host this mix by one of today's most talented young artists. Apr 20 7 mins. Out April 21st in digital formats. Apr 20 6 mins. Apr 20 3 mins. On the B-Side, Istigkeit Records label boss reveals a new side of his musical universe with a post-punk version of the song under a new moniker : Velvet Claw.

Apr 19 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from K-Ten. The emerging talent has a passion for timeless, cerebral, and hypnotic strains of electronic music and his productions showcase a focus on both the dance floor and mind. Nostalgia EP will be release on R3volution Records. Apr 19 7 mins. Domenicano, who have previously released on prestigious labels such as Slow Motion Records or Chromatics, among others.

The artists bring us three excellent Original Mixes that combine groovy basses, dark and intrepid synth lines and leds that transport you to another dimension. The release also includes a remix by Indian artist Aaryan. Apr 19 4 mins.

The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Dagga X Manao. Two of the hottest names of the Electro spectrum teamed up to deliver their first LP together on the now defunct label No Service. The release also includes 2 remixes from the prolific Belarusian Viikatory and Raw Takes. Apr 18 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track by MDD. The track comes off 'Resist', a hard techno and industrial compilation in support of Ukraine, out now on NY's Regression Records.

The release features artists from across the globe who have come together in support of the wrongful invasion of Ukraine. All proceeds from this release will be donated to Ukranian aid support groups. Today we present the EP's title track "Trust", a heavy techno cut with slamming kick drums, rattling snares and glitchy synth textures. Out April 29th. Apr 17 7 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Saint Velez. The following track combines the finest sounds of modern acid techno with emotional vocals.

Out April 18th. Apr 15 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere another track from Odesa based punk Re:Drum. Due to war in Ukraine - all money from this EP will go to Ukrainian defenders. Out today in digital formats! Get yours on Bandcamp and stand with Ukraine! Apr 15 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from OCD. In addition, all proceeds from this release will go directly to Angels of Kyiv - a non-profit organisation bringing humanitarian aid to the liberated villages around Kyiv.

Apr 14 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Daniella da Silva. Today we are thrilled to bring you da Silva's high intensity track. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Vendex.

As expected, Vendex comes forth with a massive track, certain to shred all dance floors. Apr 14 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from End In Tears. The track delivers melodic, emotional and melancholic moods with groovy kicks, sexy vocals and acid elements. Out April 15th in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Ly Sas. The result is 5 tracks of menacing and hard hitting techno strains that are perfect for decimating dance floors. Today we bring you this infectious, menacing work from Georgian artist Ly Sas!

Today we are thrilled to kick things off with MOIA's crushing sound. Apr 14 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Kimshies. Curses' imprint Ombra International returns with another great V. Kimshies collective burn the floor with an electro swamp stomper, French Live duo, H.

Out April 15th on Bandcamp. Apr 14 59 mins. The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from ROT. The Budapest-based artist originally comes from a death metal background but has been releasing great material on his Pure Hate imprint as well as tearing up dance floors across the capital and beyond with his harsh, cold and metallic sound that instantly resonated with us.

Today the haunting, raw power sound is in full effect with this set. Crystal Geometry - Night Falls. Apr 13 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere three tracks off the forthcoming full length album from Crystal Geometry. The prolific French artists returns with "I Stare into Darkness", a 13 track release on his own imprint which also reveals strains of a new sonic vision. Leaning more towards guitars and at a slightly faster pace than his previous records, the thirteen tracks range from trap influenced bangers to black metal rave songs and industrial broken beats.

The full metal engraved USBs will also contain bonus material such as instrumental versions of some songs, a digital booklet with lyrics and the thirteen tracks in both compressed and lossless file formats. Crystal Geometry - Ensnare. Apr 13 4 mins. Crystal Geometry - Transcendance.

Apr 13 6 mins. Apr 11 7 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Ghent based producer Ram Godt. The artist proposes a very uplifting track, with an emotional vocal and a powerful sound, he is really inspired by the roots of Belgium in electronic music.

Out April 12th in vinyl and digital formats. Apr 11 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Victor Santana. The Spanish artist's debut full length is an album dedicated to some of humanity's most important space missions. Today we present the driving cosmic techno sound of ''.

Out April 21st on Bandcamp. Apr 11 69 mins. The Brvtlaist is proud to present a new mix from Kalte Liebe. The Berlin-based duo has emerged as one of our favorite projects across EBM, techno and more with their genre shattering productions and sets. Authentically recorded in a 12 square meter room Kalte Liebe started out as an experiment combining diverse influences and have since put out killer material on on labels like Records, Vitus Curse and BFT.

The Brvtalist also recently premiered their single "Dopamin" which remains one of our favorite tracks at the moment. With lots of unreleased in the pipeline we're excited for what's next. Apr 08 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Pierre Berge Cia. The following track delivers dark, industrial and distorted sounds, with deep bass line and emotional vocals. Out from now on in digital formats. Apr 07 7 mins. The following track delivers dark, industrial and distorted sounds.

Out April 8th in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from dBL. The following track is a great combination of acid and groovy sounds. Out April 8 in digital formats. Get yours on Beatport: theaudiobloc. Apr 07 5 mins. Out April 8th in vinyl and digital formats. Apr 07 8 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from W. Today we present 'Orca', a powerful warehouse-ready bomb with pounding kick drums and an enigmatic atmosphere. Apr 07 4 mins.

The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Xul Rether. The Solidarity VA is composed of twelve tracks produced by artists from all over the world. Curated by Xul Rether, the release showcases the sounds of 12 different artists,. Currently situated on the frontlines of Donetsk and Luhansk, Voices for Children continue their mission to help every child affected by the war in Ukraine.

The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from San Lopez. He delivers the EP 'Love Story' on his imprint Valhalla, presenting 4 monstrous tracks of atmospheric Industrial Techno with unrelenting energy. Out April 22nd on Bandcamp. Apr 06 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Bodro. The goal of the album is to raise money to support the Ukrainian army to fight against russian aggression.

Out April 7th in digital formats. Apr 06 8 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Kotra. It is a shamanic ritual for the sorcerers of concrete and asphalt, an ecstatic hymn for the philosopher warriors debating the power over life and death. Out April 7 in CD and digital formats. Apr 06 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Frust. Apr 05 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Anti Reality Technology. Apr 04 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new music video from SDH.

Records with another outstanding EP. Formed by Sergi Algiz and Andrea P. Latorre, there is a strong sense of duality deeply rooted in the soul of their oeuvre - while Sergi is behind the machines crafting infectious beats that range from techno and body music to synthpop and electro, Andrea offsets the night club vibe of the pounding drums with her feverish, romantic vocals. Apr 01 7 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from DLV.

Formerly of Vienna and now based in Berlin, DLV is in top form on this release, delivering ruthless and driving forces, perfect for any time. Out April 22nd on Vinyl and Digital. Support the label, buy it here: www. Rufmord Dolor Anarchic Revenge Deimos Follow DLV here: dlv www. Mar 31 5 mins. We stand for these values which cannot be afflicted or denied by nobody.

Due to the extreme emergency is very important to collect money in the faster way possible; people there urgently need funds to keep defending their country and have a chance to save their lives. All funds raised will be donated to: Save Life UA - savelife. Mar 30 3 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from New Dawn Fades. The following VA is an experimental compilation, which combines most different sounds, from trap to gabber. Mar 30 5 mins. The third track "Faith Healer" sets the mood straight up with a blaze of deep kicks and spiked drumming, which has the effect of nudging the listener into a false sense of familiarity.

His creativity becomes more apparent with an intriguing synth line built over liquid matter, which elevates the track to a new height that it effortlessly manages to maintain throughout. Out March 31st in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Swarm Intelligence. Following on from a series of successful releases on labels such as 47, Voitax and Instruments of Disci-pline, Swarm Intelligence takes the next step in his journey with the launch of his own self-titled imprint.

Aimed solely at releasing his own material, this label gives the intrepid sonic explorer full control of his artistic vision. The first EP brilliantly showcases this sound and pushes Swarm Intelligence into ever evolving uncharted waters of crushing techno, industrial and beyond. Mar 29 7 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Injunction.

The following track represents the dark and ravy modern techno with brutal kick and dramatic bass line. Out March 30th. Mar 29 4 mins. The young Argentinian artist, who has been a standout on Buenos Aires underground scene, returns to Of Dolls and murder with a killer EP featuring 6 tracks of scorching body music.

The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Huma. The album seeks balance between randomness and certainty, between abrasion and delicacy. The result is a mesmerizing work of electronic mutations and powerful mediations.

Mar 28 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lebanon based producer S. The following track is groovy, loopy and hypnotic, with nostalgic vibes to the classic techno music of the s. Today we host this killer track from Brvtalist S. Mar 25 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Germany based Tanznanfall. The following track represents the quality industrial sound with deep and melodic bass line and sexy vocals. Mar 24 5 mins. The track combines euphoric melodies and vocals, which with harder kicks makes it an absolute banger.

Out March 25th in vinyl and digital formats. Mar 24 7 mins. Made by processing and editing various recordings of metal plates, hardware working tools, and other iron objects, each cut takes us deep into sophisticated percussive mechanisms. Alloy-infused rhythms and textures unfold in deliciously subtle industrial breakbeat steppers.

Agile acousmatic techno swings that bear the sonic imprint of the metallic bodies recorded and explored by the artist. Out March 25th in digital formats. The following track represents the finest qualities of groovy and loopy techno with a melodic development. Mar 24 6 mins. Free download!

Mar 24 60 mins. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, she has quickly become of the most exciting new voices in techno - from playing some of New York's best clubs and parties to delivering great mixes across the world. She recently launched RNR Rumble in the Ramble , a new party series which had a door busting launch event.

Mar 23 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Vishscale, remixed by Vendex. New Vishscale EP brings us an industrial atmosphere ready to burst the dance floor. Out March 24th in digital formats. Mar 23 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lee Ann Roberts. After a breakout , she reasserts herself with a big new single on NowNow Records featuring remixes from Frazi.

Today we present Frazi. Industrial textures and late-night paranoia all infuse this most peak-time weapon. Out March 25th on Beatport. The rising French cold wave band is ready for the end of the world with remixes by Traumstadt and the prolific Umwelt. Anti-heroes of the French scene, the Rennes-based duo have been releasing stellar music touching on everything from synth, wave, post-punk and beyond. Today we're thrilled to this electro remix from one of the masters, Umwelt.

Out April 6th on Mega. Mar 22 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Minuit Machine. Today we host this massive "Danger" remix from the one and only Crystal Geometry. Mar 21 5 mins. Today we present "Mauler", a body techno bomb that will make you work up a sweat on the dance floor. Mar 21 51 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to present a new mix from Lesser Of. The London-based artist has been releasing, ruthless, uncompromising tracks which blur the lines between techno and devastating industrial sounds.

Today we are thrilled to bring you this crushing set to our series. Mar 21 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Sylvie Maziarz. With strong, rolling baselines and mesmerizing psy and trance elements, she strikes again with certified dance floor action.

The release is out on digital formats April 11th. Mar 18 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Mython. Mar 18 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Violet Poison. Out March 25th on cassette and digital. Mar 17 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lola Kay. Its mission is to highlight the talents of this generation who, younger than the existence of techno itself, grew up already surrounded by the diversity of its wide spectrum.

Raised in a melting pot of techno, acid, trance, hardstyle, EBM, electro, makina, glitch, breakbeat, gabber or eurodance they spit it back out blurring the lines in a special playful blend of fast-paced neo-rave sound. Out March 18th in digital formats. Mar 17 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Gauthier.

The track presents the finest qualities of rave-ready modern hard techno. Mar 16 3 mins. Out March 17th in vinyl and digital formats. After several years of working as an audio engineer and touring the globe with bands, he has always had a parallel life as a producer with a club affinity. His inspiration reborn after abandoning all boundaries and giving little care to traditional songwriting structures. The result is a striking mix of post-punk, shoegaze and more all with electronic DNA.

The release is out March 18th on cassette and digital. Mar 15 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Portugal based producer Zxzx. Out March 16th in digital formats. Mar 15 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Magnum Opus. The V. Mar 15 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Kevin Wesp.

The artist delivers 10 tracks of crushing hard techno sounds and today we premiere the massive "Sleep Paralysis". Out now on digital format. Mar 14 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to present a new mix from Gina Demarchi. The Buenos Aires-based producer and DJ has been on the rise the past few years, linking herself to ambient, break and hypnotic sounds - standing out with deep pieces and expanding into new grooves on her latest productions. With great releases on Xelima Records as well as upcoming tracks for Diffuse Reality, Illegal Aliens and more, we are thrilled to host this killer mix weaving through hypnotic, deep and groovy moods.

Mar 14 5 mins. Bilbao's label Eclectic Reaction drops the massive V. Out March 18th on Bandcamp. Mar 14 7 mins. The Brazilian artist returns to Berlin's record label Antime with the strong and versatile three-track EP 'LUIS', diving into the darker realms of his inner self, digging down in a raw path between fear and courage.

Mar 10 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Katran. Darko Kolar is an artist with multiple registers and a great commitment to the transgressive music scene. From Serbia, and for years now, he has been pumping out industrial techno all over Europe that was soon embraced by other producers and other platforms.

He did this as a member of Ontal together with Boris Brenecki, and later as Katran and from his record project Jezgro. However, it is not fair to associate Darko's figure only with industrial techno, as his musical spectrum is much broader, as he demonstrates with Jezgro, a label open to very diverse and extreme proposals, on which big names such as Merzbow or KK Null have been released.

Out March 11th in vinyl and digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Olan!. We present today 'The Big Snap', which throws together snarling low-ends, vivacious claps and dub elements over a relentless beat. Out March 11th on Bandcamp. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Amour Noir. Out March 11th in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Furtive. The EP blasts off with explosive energy and today we premiere the thunderous and mesmerizing title track.

Tephra is 4 original and 1 digital bonus out March 17th on Mild Fantasy. Fabio Florido - Luminous [Sxhwarzwild]. Mar 09 8 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Fabio Florido. The legendary Florido and Mark Houle open the series with some excellent tracks including this rave bomb we premiere today. The release contains 12 tracks in total from a way array of artists and sounds for the perfect maiden voyage. Mar 08 8 mins.

Out March 9th. Mar 08 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Goden. In true WBM fashion, this is a raw, crushing industrialized work and all proceeds to go a good cause. Ideas, art, and creativity - these are the methods of influence for the 21st century and beyond.

In a small way, you can show the world that you support these ideas and all oppressed people across the world. Why this charity? Because no child should have to live through the brutality of war, the insecurities created by the madness of so-called 'adults'. Children should not suffer at the hands of those who foster hatred and instigate tragedy. The money provided will assist with food, medical assistance, family support, and so much more.

Let's rally together to bring some light into their world in these dark times! Mar 07 4 mins. Today we host the A1 track which is a ferocious piece of industrialized rhythms. Mastered by Dadub Studios. Mar 06 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Mike Nylons. Today we present "Fuckit", a sick work of convulsing electronics with a dark and ominous atmosphere. Out March 7th on Bandcamp. Mar 04 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Adam Nadjar a.

The following track is a great combination of dark and industrial sounds with brutal breaks. Out March 5th in digital formats. The following track represents the finest qualities of modern groovy techno. Out today in vinyl and digital formats!

Mar 03 7 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lesser Of ft. The Punished Suicides. Out March 4th in digital formats. Pre-order yours on Bandcamp: revokrecords. Mar 03 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Athens based producer Veslemes. Relics of the subculture of the 70s and the 80s are also evident here through his adoration for sci-fi l, obscure lost films and vaporish dance music.

Out March 4th. The following track is a great example of how rave techno can be combined with groovy sounds to provide the unique dance experience. Mar 03 3 mins. Written in homage to multi-instrumentalist composer Nicola Serras' home country of Sardinia. Watch the music video on YouTube! Mar 03 60 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new mix from Alpha Sect. Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, Alpha Sect is a project of George McCall, which is focused on breaking electro patterns and pumping body music with serious punk influences.

He started his music career as a guitarist in the post-metal band Sleepstream with 2 albums on their track record and he is an active musician with participations in physical theatre performances with his side-project. Today we are thrilled to present this killer mix of his striking sound. Mar 02 6 mins. Out March 3rd in vinyl and digital formats. Mar 01 3 mins. The following track is a great example of the finest sounds of dark synths on mid tempo.

Follow the artist for more info. Feb 28 68 mins. The Netherlands-based duo has been on a tear as of late, releasing high energy and totally fresh techno tracks that have been supported by some of the industry's biggest names. They'v also conjured some huge sets for He. Today we are ecstatic to host this blazing set which put their infectious sound on full display which takes us back to the golden era of techno while also moving us firmly into the future.

Feb 28 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Chemtrailz. Feb 27 5 mins. The track is a great example of modern rave ready techno banger that was made to burn the dance floors. Out February 28th in digital formats. Feb 27 7 mins. The following track is a great example of melodic ravy techno with bouncy and groovy kicks. Feb 25 5 mins. Prepare your ears for a ravy techno banger that is ready to burn the dance floors all over the world!

Feb 25 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Beau Wanzer. Today we are thrilled to host this mutant work of raw, juicy electronics. For the rest of the release, expect a strong and diverse array of sounds from across the subterranean spectrum. Out February 28th. To start the year, the project releases a new EP consisting of 3 tracks which question reality, a very fitting topic. The sound represents the current musical direction of the artist which drives us deep into a hypnotic realm of rhythmic electronics.

Feb 24 5 mins. The following track is a great example of modern EBM with a nostalgic touch to the synths of the s. Out February 25th in digital formats! Out February 25th in digital formats. O, Aureb, Psahtech and oly et les cafards. Feb 23 6 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Arvid Roloff.

Today we present the EP's title track "Redemption", an energetic fresh take on the Detroit Techno with catchy funk samples and a driving rhythm that will make you work up a sweat on the dance floor. Feb 22 4 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Penera. Combined with remixes from two assassins of the polish techno scene - Sept and Kubok - this release is ready to smash all dance floors.

Feb 21 5 mins. The artwork is a painting made by Gaetan Pineau, readjusted by Diane Masseboeuf. Available soon in digital formats. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Onelas. The French artist delivers a scorching hard-hitting techno bomb on Brazil's mighty Under Division imprint. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Cobber.

Feb 19 5 mins. The Brvtalist is pleased to premiere a new track from Lyon based artist Vel. Out February 23rd in digital formats. Feb 18 4 mins. The Moscow-based producer, singer-songwriter and Routine label owner has invited brilliant musical minds from Russia, England and France to remix her summer album and to write the second chapter of her fairy tale.

Out February 18th.

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Arnaud Rebotini - No More Love (No More Hate)

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