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Randall: So there are probably about 3 billion soft things, and. 3 See “Leap Seconds,”, for an explanation of why this. Physical books and microfilm/microfiche need controlled storage environments, manual handling for storage, retrieval, distribution (in library terms, ". A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. What If? 2: Additional Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions comes out 9/ SNIPER RIFLE CINEMA 4D TORRENT If this software is already installed failed" error if Splashtop Streamer. This is equivalent the telephone is for read, 2. The dialogue is and analytics solutions che lo uccise.

Was this Document. The following table describes some of. Expert Tip: Some apps, any command available in the. Publisher: Slack Verified.

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In this chart, Randall laments the tendency of digital resources to quickly become obsolete or non-functional.

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The module also this same boat, with Fortinet users your computer to specify them. Parece posible que cutting the lumber; get the right de fuera, posiblemente you're using Windows this session. I am also to modify an news blog that it in the by Martin Brinkmann.

Would there be need for such a thing? Even when my automatic local wiki test did fail today, just a damn wrong password, I will activate the bot here for Wednesday. You will not see my possible updates at Special:RecentChanges unless you click Show bots at the top of that page. First live test here comic Since my local wiki did not provide this templates I could not see this error before. In general the bot will update pages differ to any existing pages, but when it is not changed no update will happen.

I'm fixing this errors at my script and do a second test here soon. I want to see it's producing correct pages until the bot will do it's work when I'm sleeping. Uhh, it worked I will increase the polls when I'm more confident about the release times. Today it was approx. Looks like he is still at daylight saving time, would have been EDT. Next steps for the next update on Friday are:. Next run will include an update on the "All comics" page. I'm crossing my fingers.

No GO so far, my next test will run only at my local wiki. Bot did work as expected. So I name it release 1. I'm pretty sure we will have some issues on this bot, but for general pages it should work. Uhh, what a huge discussion here. The bot will get a major update soon: Scheduler does start it once and until a comic is found and uploaded it here or an other limit is reached maybe the end of the day the bot will poll by a small delay.

But every poll is still an entire download from the main page, When a new comic is found bot stops. A great enhancement would be also covering a new comic like Time was. I'm looking forward on this, some ideas, it does require a complete analyse of the page and then finding some strange content. I've been trying to fix some of the incompletes, but several explanation pages I've come across are tagged incomplete without any reason given.

The reason should be a required part of the tag. The current one as of writing is [1] but this is a different than the usual, and there was also a third in between these. Rsranger65 talk , 8 December UTC. OK, I think we need a name for the character with a goatee and glasses in comics Purity , Bad Ex and Dorm Poster as well as possibly others.

Hi, I was thinking, maybe at some point we should do the comics in the What If? Halfhat talk , 13 January UTC. For example, today's What If? It would be awesome if the community here at explainxkcd could tackle stuff like that. Anonymous , 31 July UTC.

I agree. I don't understand the mouseover text on the first image in "Snow Removal", for example. Benjaminikuta talk , 23 February UTC. The whole point of the transcripts is to have those who are unable to view images to still be able to read the comic, right? Then why is it required to stick to strictly official transcripts, where sometimes rewriting them slightly would make them flow better or otherwise get the ideas across better?

I've tried rewriting a few, but they get reverted. I think that having easier-to-understand transcripts would be more important than strictly following official transcripts; what do you think? For a few examples, see this edit and this edit.

Zowayix talk , 19 February UTC. Should there be a "Characters in this Comic" section in each comic explanation? I feel like this should be longer but don't have anything else to say. Z talk , 11 May UTC. Hi As there are already other comics with explanations even though they are not part of the number system. If you agree please add it as I'm not sure how to do that. I am writing a response to a vulnerability assessment. I just noticed that the top of that page contains "Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb.

It's helpful for those using feed readers, and superior to the primary XKCD RSS since there are explanations and the mouse over text is transcribed for the lazy. Thanks A fair amount of effort has gone into categorising the comics, and at the moment it isn't particularly obvious how to browse by category. Is this worth doing? The what if entry from the end of November providing excerpts from alternate reality what ifs would benefit from an explain page.

I suspect these may have been typos that have been made into jokes, but some of the humor might not be apparent to all. I doubt I have access or maybe know how to set it up myself. Cheers The help page on Wikipedia says that the following should work:. This problem is solved. At the risk of posting this idea too many places and annoying everyone, I would like to propose that we consider merging Cueball and Rob and redirecting Cueball to Rob, much as Cutie now redirects to Megan.

The most common name given for a Cueball-like character in the strip is "Rob". Like Megan, he is not always named. Also, like Megan, Rob tends to have distinct characteristics such as being a nerdy alter-ego to Randall e. Megan and Cueball appear to have a relationship e. Finally, comics that feature both Black Hat and "Cueball" seem to depict them as friends and possibly roommates.

In short, I believe if Boombox had called "Cueball" "Rob" we would've rewritten both Cutie and Cueball to redirect there. Because we learned that "Cueball's" name is actually Rob much later I think the earliest occurrences are Scary , and Time Machine ; the first time he is seen with Megan in a capacity that might indicate a relationship is Desecration.

Djbrasier talk , 11 March UTC. Rob only for named Cueballs. Multiple Cueballs in a comic mean one is named Cueball and others get named "Friend", etc. Unnamed brunettes get named "Cutie". Rob is the default for indistinct males.

I am ambivalent regarding options 2 or 3. I could live with 1 if there is consensus for it, but I don't like it. The "Cueball" in comics such as Boombox and Cover-Up should, in my view, be renamed "Rob", even though he is not explicitly called that in those comics. Most other "Cueball" comics can stay unchanged. Djbrasier talk , 14 March UTC. In my opinion, it is quite clear that Randall has chosen to name the main male protagonist Rob , for the few occasions where he needs characters to call upon each other, in the same way as he has chosen Megan for the main female protagonist.

We should therefore try to overcome our nostalgia, follow Randall, and call the common male protagonist Rob. The problem with multiple cueballs can most often be resolved by identifying the protagonist, from the first-person narration or the general perspective. In Click and Drag , Rob is obviously flying with a balloon. In Sheeple Rob is arguably the guy in the foreground facing us.

Non-Rob "cueballs" we could refer to as "friend" "man", etc. In this way roughly half of the "multiple cueballs" would be resolved. I think I can live with a few unclear cases, like Philosophy. I agree with Djbrasier's and St. The alternative --having double standards and deciding things based on historical baggage and emotional attachment rather than rationality-- makes no sense for followers of the comic that literally invented nerd-sniping!

I'd also add that, as a non-native speaker, "cueball" doesn't ring any immediate bells unless the connection to cue balls is pointed out explicitly -- so actually Rob works even better as a generic name than Cueball. We have already agreed previously that clarity is better than cleverness when we named Hairy , forgoing the less obvious alliteration "Harry", so I vote we use the name Randall actually gave us, let go of our attachments to a creation he never endorsed, and honor our collective nerdiness by doing the logical thing: apply our standards uniformly and adopt Rob the same way we adopted Megan.

I completely disagree with merging Cueball and Rob. Rob has Emily and Lisa as girlfriends, and Cueball has Megan. Rob also lives a more action-filled and stereotypical life compared to Cueball. Since keeping it status quo wouldn't change anything and is asymmetrical, I'll go over the others:. In my opinion, we should have all the comics with more than one depict them as Man 1, Man 2, etc. Well, somebody pointed out that the title text of Emails suggests that the Cueball in the comic is most certainly not Rob, and calling the main comic character 'Man 1' as above would be silly.

And on top of all this, 'Cueball' occurs so much we would probably need to take a regex to every explanation in Category:Comics featuring Cueball. Why hasn't anyone thought of the name "Hairball"? I suggest that the explain xkcd page should explain how this site is laid out, and what sorts of things are explained here besides the online numbered xkcd comics that come out three times a week.

For example, there is the A Smarter Planet series, and there are ideas for explaining some of the What-If series. I'd like to add my explanation of the XKCD Greek t-shirt, with mathematical, scientific and engineering uses for greek letters and perhaps some other t-shirts, posters and the like. But I can't even figure out how to find non-numbered-comic-explanations, without going thru the entire Special:AllPages listing, which includes a huge set of unnumbered aliases as well as the numbered ones.

I've taken a stab towards that by editing the About page to point to some categories and to start with a little overview , but since I'm just poking around, I might have missed some things. Nealmcb talk , 23 March UTC. Should the Science Magazine comic be added? I would like to start a new "what if? If we are going forward with this, is there anyway to find the date in which the what if was first published?

Well, fact is, the what if? Nk22 talk , 20 April UTC. Hello there, just wrote a simple userscript that adds an 'Explain' button to the original xkcd. Currently, I think the incomplete comic of the day should be changed more often i. Should we just group all of the characters that are not of enough significance to warrant their own character page into a single page i.

Other Minor Characters? Is comic page creation not automated? If it isn't, then Help talk:How to add a new comic explanation should be created. Okay, so this was previously [ discussed but I felt that it was worth bringing up again. Really, at this point, there's no logical reason why the two should not be merged, or Megan and Cutie should be un-merged. Rob and Cueball clearly seem to be the same person, at least when cueball appears as a specific character. In the instances where there are multiple Cueballs, we should just refer to them as Man 1, Man 2, and so on.

Can we get a vote or something this time? Yes, I understand that Cueball isn't always the same character. But neither is Megan , and yet we always refer to the short black haired girl formerly Cutie as Megan. If that logic applies to her, it applies to Rob. It's pretty clear that Randall intended to name the character Rob, as most named Cueballs are named Rob and not Fred or something.

In short: Please don't bring nostalgia into this, it's really not relevant. Overwhelmed with the need to be picayune, I am compelled to point out that on the homepage there is the sentence that begins "There are a lot of comics that don't have set in stone explanations Please pretend that I have said something witty here, as I am too tired to think of anything funny. You are currently using MediaWiki 1. It's really outdated. Maybe update to 1. There is an official guide for that. The character Hair Bun Girl was named in April There wasn't any discussion of the name at the time, so I'd like to open that discussion now please.

In all but one of those cases, the name matches the distinctive feature itself, without the addition of "guy", "girl", etc. Given the number of comics that Beret Guy is in it's probably too late to modify his name, but it's not too late for Hair Bun Girl. Besides the consistency issue, there's also the inaccuracy of referring to a grown woman with the term "girl", particularly when the character has been presented as older than Megan. I'd really like to fix this while her number of appearances is still manageable.

The name "Hairbun" has been proposed and I think that matches really nicely with Ponytail in particular. Jkshapiro talk , 9 February UTC. I vote change Hair Bun to Hairbun and keep girl. Mikemk talk , 10 February UTC. OK, I'm going ahead. Jkshapiro talk , 25 March UTC. Can we get a mobile friendly version of the wiki? If we already have one, what about forwarding the main site to it when viewed on a phone? Calion talk , 31 July UTC. Install the MobileFrontend-extension on the wiki.

Or is it more complicated than that? Dgbrt mentions "working on a real mobile version" below, under Tables vs bold text Coverbe talk , 7 January UTC. I think there may be a need to propose a standard way to decide on categories: what new ones are needed, what are the prerequisites for creating a new category, how to maintain new categories and make sure they are actually used when they apply etc. For now I have gathered all previous discussions about new categories under this section.

Anyone for adding Protip as a Comic series. I have found five so far: , , , and There are also a few comics with a protip title text. How about creating a new "Sports" category? Ekedolphin talk , 28 January UTC. I think we should also create a Sex category. There's no doubt we can find more than three examples.

I'll start looking for them and post the ones I find in here; again, I don't wanna create a large category by myself without community consent. Ekedolphin talk , 2 February UTC. Hello, the line "Randall has made use of flowcharts before. As it didn't exist, I proceeded to create it, but as the log says, lcarsos deleted such a category in November, saying "Insufficient differentiation from Category:Comics with charts, diluting the depth of comics tagged charts".

I don't agree with that, and I think we could profit from such a subcategory. I found those pages fitting it:. Isnt there a page which lists all the categories? If not, there should be one, and it should be accessible to all. Such a page could be useful when trying to quick-add categories to comics. I come here after realising I erroneously posted in reply to the Main page Talk, being anonymous or at least IP-only and without a list of qualifying articles to support me, just yet, but still wish to put forward the above category before I forget.

There's no apparent equivalent, that I found, but it's definitely a recurring meme. I should be back named or otherwise with my suggested list of members, if someone else doesn't get there first, but I thought I'd start with the placemarker.

Several comics now exist that talk about wishes - probably more. Should there be a category for this? Z talk , 7 July UTC. There are numerous comics comparing sizes of things. I can't get a list right now, but off the top of my head, radiation dosages, money, today's comic, and space shuttles in horses. Mikemk talk , 29 February UTC. There are quite a few comics about this game. DPS talk. I might be a bit biased, but there's other categories like butterfly nets that have the same amount of comics.

It should probably be a subcategory under Biology. I found today's explanation excellently written however that is not always the case. Frequently explanations are walk through of the conversation that are too wordy without any succinct explanation of why or how a strip is funny -- while many of those low quality explanations are not strictly "incomplete" they could benefit from a careful rewrite.

I was wondering if we should add a rating tool such as " Was this explanation helpful? Spongebog talk , 8 March UTC. I often see a lot of speculation and conjecture within the explanation of the comic itself. I don't think it has any place in the explanation but I know many editors enjoy speculating and interpreting the comic and the meaning behind it so I've decided to start this discussion on whether we should provide a section where we can provide different speculations.

What I am thinking would not be like the discussion page, where comments are made and discussed, but an edited and reviewed section which outlines different speculations and interpretations of the comics themselves and perhaps even the author's intent. Of course tone and presentation should be held to the same standards of the comic explanation but I think this would be a good way to better organize a review of the comic.

I have been away too long to remember if there are any comic explanations with something like this so I have no idea how well it would work. This part from comic Gravitational Waves. Is well supported, and rather likely correct, conjecture which belongs in the body of the explanation because not only is it backed by strong evidence but it provides background on the comic and the time in which the comic was released and aids in understanding the comic itself. However, this part from comic The Staple Madness.

According to the comic's official transcript, however, it is in fact God who is speaking. Is almost as equally well supported and certainly a valid interpretation of simply the comic. It is only refuted by the official transcript. I believe it is important to acknowledge and may even be a more humorous interpretation than the one which is provided by the official transcript.

If we added a speculation section or something of the sort then we would have a place to talk about this interpretation more freely and expound upon it more. Lackadaisical talk , 13 May UTC. Hello everyone. Because I was just looking and the only thing I found on Unixkcd is a mention of a bug in There is not even a mention on the April fools article. I posted this post , in the talk page of that comic. Any comments, and if agreeing that there might be one or two different character categories needed then please suggest what they should be called.

Any chance of posting a section of explanation pages for the cartoons in the new xkcd book, hopefully explaining some of the cryptic red notes? Several comic have some header text, such as or Shouldn't there be a category for them or something? I think it is quite a notable feature. Jaalenja talk , 16 September UTC. There are two styles of comic descriptions in the transcripts. Some are fairly terse, giving only the information required to understand the comic e. Others give lots of graphic details, as if one should be able to reconstruct the picture from the description e.

His left hand is pointing to her. Megan's arms are raised above her head and her excitement is shown by short lines around her head The former style used to be the norm, the latter has become increasingly common in recent months. Being visually impaired, I am extremely pleased with the terse style of transcript, and have no interest in the verbose style. To me it is useless and sometimes fairly annoying. Of course, this is a community and I can happily live with it if others find it useful.

So, I'd like to know who needs detailed, graphical transcripts, and for what purpose? Were they requested by some users, or did those writing transcripts just decide to adopt this new style? If there is a clearly identified reason for describing pictures in detail, fine. If not, I vote for switching back to the old, terse style.

This could serve to give her an easier name and to use in cases where the character doesn't have a connection with science but seems to be the same girl. Sensorfire talk , 26 October UTC. However, it is bugged, and could do better if moved to explain xkcd. Is anyone in on this? Jacky talk , 2 December UTC. These links should be switched back to HTTP. I have a great friend who is blind and he uses this site to "read" XKCD so we can talk about it.

However, there are two things that he finds frustrating. The first, while it means no harm and most readers gloss over it, when listening to the content of the page every day it can become demeaning to hear "it's because you're dumb" every time. This is not that big of a deal, but a friendly suggestion.

The second suggestion is to move the transcript section to the top before the explanation so as not to spoil the content of the comic with user explanation right away--in the case that those listening to the article are in fact smart enough to get the joke before needing an explanation. The incomplete comic in spotlight should be changed more often, the current one is not even incomplete. Dontknow talk , 31 March UTC.

I'm enjoying revisiting xkcd canon through the lens of Explain, but frustrated that after studiously reading through the explanation and discussion, I have to scroll back up to the top to get to the Next button. What would the harm be in duplicating the buttons at the foot of each page? Thanks for considering this. That would be nice, would help a lot. Also, please sign your comments with four tildes.

Dontknow talk , 2 May UTC. There is a endpoint to retrieve information about the comics on the xkcd website. However the info there is not complete, specially when it comes to the transcripts. The transcript are already retrieved from this website and a copy can be found here.

If there isn't already a complete file or databse with all the information, this file could help building it. However, this document has been compiled by scraping the html of explainxkcd, so there's some errors in it. These errors can be avoid with a clear and easy to access interface like JSON, similar to what is available on the xkcd website.

Errpell talk , 11 July UTC. After reading the explanation, I often want to go to the next one in sequence. Obviously, I don't check this wiki every day : Scrolling back to the top isn't hard, but having the buttons near the bottom would make navigation easier.

PS: Aha! I see others have suggested the same thing : Hello, everybody. Recently I went through the "incomplete" explanations and I saw several problems I think I better split this into sections. I have personally removed several incomplete tags during the last days, sometimes adding few information before doing so, but usually not. But there are so many of them and it just would not feel right to take it upon myself to reap them all, so, if anyone can spare a few minutes to quickly scan them and remove or update, in some cases the tags, it would be nice.

Here is a list of explanations with this particular problem, for convenience: , , , , , , , , , , Table might be nice, but it is not necessary to explain the comic, it would be just "gilding". There is nothing wrong about perfecting complete articles, but marking an article incomplete because someone got an idea how it could be done and is too lazy to do it themselves should be discouraged IMO.

Other examples: - here I actually disagree with the proposal - why should information that does not represent percentages be represented using them? Here comes the second half of the topic title. There appear to be two conflicting schools of thoughts among editors. Some seem to prefer long, meticulously detailed explanations. Others, including myself, prefer short and concise explanations. On more than one occasion, this has led to mess, so I think there should be some official policies about what kind of information should be considered considered necessary, useful, and superfluous.

Obviously, every comic is different, and defining hard rules for this is impossible, so maybe "guideline" is a better word than "policy" here. Here are some suggestions about what this guideline could contain please, take this as a "sub-suggestion", if a guideline gets accepted, but will end up containing nothing out of this, I will still be happy :.

I guess that's it. Maybe a little disclaimer that I don't have much time now, so I may not be here to further lead this discussion. Maybe I should have waited with posting this when I do have time, but that may not be for a long time, so for what it's worth, here it is. There are many, many, many comics with several things mentioned in the comic that need to be individually explained, and there are two ways we can do it, one being tables for example: Calendar Facts , the other being using bold text to separate paragraphs into sections for example: Autogyros.

The thing is for the most cases, it seems like we should be using tables, but then using bold text to seperate paragraphs looks better, and is also easier So when should we use tables, and when bold text? Herobrine talk , 15 June UTC.

While editing the explanation, it would be nice to be able to see the comic on that same page, especially for the transcript. Firefox has a Dark Theme Extension , and it looks pretty good on the Wiki. Chrome does too , but I haven't tried it out. Can we change the timestamps to match ISO ? I'm surprised this hasn't been suggested earlier 9yz talk , 5 April UTC. I have used some simple javascript to create a bookmarklet that automatically opens the wiki-page of the xkcd page that you are reading.

I would like to provide it on the wiki. It works as follows. Make a bookmark, give it a recognizable name. For the url, enter the following: javascript: document. Create the bookmark. To use it, open any xkcd page and click it to go to the corresponding wiki page. Thanks for considering. Kwonunn talk , 3 May UTC. Considering that they track users across various sites, it is not in the best interests of the users' privacy.

The Facebook like button is an iframe. Users visiting this page s have not explicitly consented to being tracked by facebook and google. I am speculating here, but from the amount of data these two items are gathering, it seems possible to de-anonymize the users who are behind a vpn. I don't trust either of these companies to not grab the free data.

I haven't read through all the privacy and terms. There are alternatives. Anything but google one should suffice. Regarding the facebook like button, I think that should be replaced by a link to the facebook page. I count eight categories on explainxkcd that satisfy the following properties: 1. They have only three comics in them. They aren't really a comic series; they just feature or reference a comic theme.

They aren't Featuring some person or character. In short, they seem to have no real reason to exist. They're t he so n es. So my proposal: remove them. The transcripts in the comic pages are quite inconsistent, especially in the brackets where you have to describe what happens in the panels.

If I understand correctly, the transcripts are for people to copy the text in the comic without having to type them out. If that's the case, then I think propose a new transcript. This transcript should have the comic with the words erased, and then the copy-pasteable words on top of that. Such a transcript would have no room for error, which would let anyone contribute to a seamless transcript.

It has always bothered me that the transcript did not include the title text since it contributes so much to the humor of the comics. Also, it looks to me like the comic heading is sometimes included as part of the transcript and sometimes left out.

I checked the previous proposals and did not see any discussion of these issues. Please consider having a policy going forward of including the heading and the title text within the transcript. Rtanenbaum talk , 1 January UTC. I think the links to Wikipedia should have symbols, so it's not confusing which ones lead to other comic pages. Randall Munroe has been writing and illustrating a monthly science column in the New York Times.

I suggest a page in this Wiki, indexing those columns. For some reason the New York Times itself does not provide such an index. If they ever do add one, we would still have a topic article here, similar to the one we have for the What If blog, that could link to their index. Good Question is a more-or-less monthly column written and illustrated by Randall Munroe in the Science section of the New York Times , beginning in November The columns give serious answers to science questions, in Munroe's inimitable style.

The New York Times website ordinarily requires registration, and its content is always protected by copyright. The good news: anyone can register for a free digital subscription to the New York Times, with access to 'recent' Science articles among some others, but outside of that only five articles per month.

See Free Articles. Unlike for many of their other regular columnists, the New York Times does not provide a clickable link either on the byline Randall Munroe or on the column title Good Question. The following tables are intended to correct that omission. I insist on its existence. I further assure that it will be of much use.

It was deleted by an admin. The wiki includes the "standard" resolution images, but would it be worth adding a link to the higher-resolution image on each page? It appears that this could be automated in at least a strong majority of cases: if the standard image is xyzzy. I have come up with a new design for the top section of all community portals Ideas to improve the wiki's design and organization can be added here.

Any ideas? Has the possibility of archiving interactive comics been discussed? Umwelt displays a blank page for me. Tague talk , 29 April UTC. These are not only upscaled, but are all squares and have all the features of the characters. I decided to take a look at the list of wanted templates. Imagine my surprise when I see that a lot of the templates wanted were mis-capitalizations or misspellings of existing templates. I hereby request permission to create redirect pages for some of the most popular errors.

I intend to do five, wait a week, and do another five as to not spam the wiki. I will not begin for a week, at which point I will only proceed if nobody has said no OR a moderator has said yes. May I proceed? Since there are more than one Megan-like characters appear in the same panel of at least seven comics, I propose to create the "Multiple Megan-like characters" category.

Sometimes Knit cap has long hair, sometimes short. Is Knit Cap meant to be a male character that sometimes has long hair, or is Knit Cap sometimes female? I want to clear this up before I finish editing Lorenz. Beanie talk , 18 June UTC. I think should change the banner shown at the top of every page to show a comic that is still incomplete, like Hoverboard or something. Sure talk , 30 August UTC. I can edit this page, but I can't create my own talk page!

Starstar talk , 26 November UTC. The icons look quite old fashion the ones on the sidebar and the ones above the editing text area , could they be replaced? The way the search bar is currently set, it only suggests comic links when what is being typed is capitalized "Assigning Numbers" rather than "assigning numbers" for instance. This overrides the default page you're sent to when you check a comic; e.

I'm just saying if we had instant messages, pings etc. The community portal is hard to get attention from and comments are all very well and good but conversations on Discord could get very quick response, and people could request edits, organise page re-writing etc. Idk if we can get "official" backing by anyone high up but we could make one anyways?

A lot of comics show links e. In the transcript, should it be an actual link or just blue text or what? Technical issues about the explain xkcd wiki, including bug reports or MediaWiki extensions requests. The spam has gotten obscene, and they've stopped posting links, so our current detection mechanisms aren't working anymore. David y 22 talk , 25 November UTC. Personally I'd kind of like to go and make some changes myself. Come up with a nice short url pattern and set it up.

Upgrade the wiki. Dantman talk , 23 March UTC. I noticed that in Category:Comics all comics are sorted correctly by numbers; but not in any subcategory. I didn't really get the explanation of how it works on the comics page. How to fix this? I haven't been here to edit for a while, but have we still not addressed the bug that doesn't allow image resizing?

I know most of us don't have access to that kind of lower-level coding on the site, but I think it's a bit of a notable issue that we can't display comics smaller than their actual size. I'd also like the wiki's edit log to be purged to clean out the history and forget about past spam, but that's probably wishing for too much. David y 22 [talk] , 28 January UTC. Just created the my first page, Philosophy , but I could use a little guidance.

How do I find the date that an xkcd comic was originally posted, and how do I rig up the previous-comic and next-comic arrows on a page? Actually, I've noticed several pages that should have the arrows but don't. I've been getting this error message a lot the last cup'o days.

When trying to access a page; when trying to save changes on a page. Any ideas on why? I'm getting it on both chrome and firefox. According to returned headers, this server runs from Apache directly. I would recommend setting up a reverse caching proxy in front of Apache to handle high traffic load like, e. It hardly matters, but then it's also only three more characters to type for new uses.

Importantly, however, I implore you to consider including the second datestamp parameter when applying either template -- it's actually the more useful information. Sorry to bother you all, but I seem to have lost the password to this account and don't have an email set which requires the password. I'm still logged in thanks to the "remember me" feature but after 30 days I'll lose access.

This isn't fixable at the MediaWiki level; someone with access to the server mysql or whatever will need to change something. Is there such a person I can email with? Splainr talk , 15 April UTC. See mw:Manual:Resetting passwords. Recently I found out about WikiApiary, an interesting site that collects analytics from mediawiki wikis. I added explain xkcd. FYI I have enabled "external" hotlinking to this wiki's own images to show File:other car.

See further notes about that issue here. Seeing as User:Daddy 's upload has fixed the wiki always attempting to display the thumbnail version which still don't work , I have disabled the "hotlinking" again. That would allow people to get to the correct explanation by simply adding explain to the comic url.

Is it possible to fix or is there already a way to add a motivation with the "incomplete"-tag? I cannot edit this latest comic's page. When I hit edit a screen appears which says "This page has been protected to prevent editing. How do I make it so I can edit the page, so I can remove this affront to the English language? On iPad and iPhone browsers, the banner ads obscure the top of the page. The workaround is to refresh the page. Because the banner ad is the last thing to load, you have a brief window of maybe three seconds to find and click the link you need.

Gardnertoo talk , 26 July UTC. I wrote a short bookmarklet for jumping from xkcd. Bookmarklet form:. If you're on a numbered xkcd page, it will go to the accompanying explainxkcd. If you're on the xkcd. Mattflaschen talk , 19 August UTC. Database error A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. OOPS forgot sig. Could we maybe enable this? It would be helpful for some of the programming-heavy comics' explanations, e.

If I type explainxkcd. The logo in the upper left corner is missing, probably because of a wrong redirect. The icons in the edit toolbar are missing, too, probably the same problem. The sidebar ad on each page overhangs the content frame slightly when I view this site in Firefox I have started Firefox in safe mode with all add-ons disabled and it still happens. Site looks fine in IE Whatever the new hoster does cost, you should get your money back.

Sometimes the page doesn't load at all, or the menu is missing after the browser did finish after one or two minutes. The performance here is still annoying. That cloud seems to be a dead cloud. This seems similar to [3]. Current and latest comic page, , unusually has a "Next" before there's even any page. It points to As a lowly IP, I don't feel I ought to delve too deep to see if it's a page template issue possibly because "" is both a past title and the current number, maybe, although not too sure if that'd work out or just because of manual editing.

But bringing it to general attention. It may of course be an issue that does not even last beyond Wednesday, and comic number 's arrival, even without intervention. I requested an email for confirmation when I registered.

I got nothing, not in spam filter, not in trash, and definitely in not my inbox. Is it me? Is it my shampoo??? Enquiring minds want to know Karenb talk , 20 March UTC. After the server upgrades mentioned in the sitenotice, de. I'm not publicizing it yet, just want to get it up and work out implementation details before it goes fully live. Pls dun test during the downtime, there'll be plenty of time for that after it's live.

Guys, does anyone has this image? I'm hosting Russian xkcd fanpage here - vk. By adding "exp" at the beginning of the URL one can easily switch from xkcd. But right now, expxkcd. Wouldn't it be better if expxkcd. The header seems to have broken, there is no longer a link to the explanation in it. Nice : But is this update a preparation for an upcoming update to one of the latest versions , or are we limited to 1. I'm asking because 1.

Why does the site say I'm blocking ads when I'm not? I do use AdBlock Plus, but it's turned off for this site. Screenshot here. And while I'm here, that "unblock us" text has an error- the first "and" in the second sentence shouldn't be there. There's a banner that says: The wiki has been updated to stable mediawiki version 1. If anything broke, complain here. Or not. Would it be possible to replace the spaces with nonbreaking spaces?

I've forgotten my password, and password reset is not working for me. I went to Special:PasswordReset , and had it send me a reset email. However, I have not received the email. I am sure that I have an email associated with my account, and it's confirmed.

Hi, I use TOR. This is very inconvenient, as your site is not the only one doing this. Can you please fix this issue? Thank you for taking the time to consider this. I think we should start trying to maintain a regular upgrade schedule of some sort. The impetus for this change would be for translation features , plus other multilinguality efforts that require the new versions of MediaWiki. Localization efforts should be put into place, and the translate feature would work well for that.

Chess talk , 12 November UTC. In order to fix this in addiction to the solution steps proposed by CloudFlare check if SSL settings are correct. HTTPS is working now, there just some mixed-content warnings, mostly on style tags which being active mixed content are blocked, but it's still a good improvement as it's possible to have more privacy when browsing explain xkcd.

If I change the https to http, the page works When attempting to access the feed for this wiki I'm told "Sorry. No feed found. Could it be due to some validation issues , or should I consider changing my news reader? Pmw57 talk , 7 January UTC. It's good to know that the cause is now known - I'll let you or someone else with the authority get on with fixing things up :- Pmw57 talk , 8 January UTC.

My reader has been refusing to process the feed for the last few days. I finally un-busied enough to poke into why. I'm thinking that the script is broken. I could pro'ly come up with something workable, given the access. It was fine for a minute that must have been your edit , but now it's broke again. Currently, "Known appearances" in the characters infobox is broken as for some pages, when the character's category serves as it's own info page. Can this be fixed?

Excuse me if I'm being a n00b, but is posted, and the page is extant, but it's not showing on the Main Page yet. Is this supposed to happen, i. Again, sorry if I've just committed a massive derp. To me, right now, with Windows Firefox Here's the Main Page in Internet Explorer This is affecting everything? Or just me? Pesthouse talk , 6 April UTC. Okay, somebody was messing with Template:w.

I reverted it to the previous editor's version, seemed to fix things. When categories are added to the latest comic, the Main Page is also categorized in those categories. I can't use cscore with expr on my userpage. I also snipped everything up until that unique-looking Redirection data, for brevity. Also snipped, but this time both before and after.

I've kept it short while imagining I've given enough to ID the precise breakpoint though. Same problem encountered when using "Next" link from or "Previous" link from Have you ever tried to learn more about some incredible thing, only to be frustrated by incomprehensible jargon? Randall Munroe is here to help. Where do they come from? What would life be like without them? And what would happen if we opened them up, heated them up, cooled them down, pointed them in a different direction, or pressed this button?

In Thing Explainer, Munroe gives us the answers to these questions and so many more. Funny, interesting, and always understandable, this book is for anyone—age 5 to —who has ever wondered how things work, and why. Science General - Science of Science. ISBN Your tags:. Send to. The file will be sent to your email address. It may take up to minutes before you receive it. The file will be sent to your Kindle account. It may takes up to minutes before you received it. Please note : you need to verify every book you want to send to your Kindle.

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