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Neve 8801 review sound on sound torrent

neve 8801 review sound on sound torrent

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Page 7: Front Panel Controls Issue 7. Input Section On power up, the default input selection will be Line. The Phase button will illuminate to indicate a phase inversion between input and output. When enabled, the compressor section of the unit can be controlled by the sidechain of other linked units. For example, this allows a stereo input across two modules to be compressed by the same amount, maintaining the stereo image. When illuminated, EQ is in circuit.

When not illuminated EQ is bypassed. The Insert send and return can be found on the rear panel. Similarly, if the order of processing is changed on the , these changes will be immediately reflected on this screen. Overload There are many gain stages in the channel strip, and it is possible for any one of these stages to overload.

Overloading is indicated by one of the following buttons illuminating red Input signals can be balanced or unbalanced. Page Dynamics Sidechain Link and Pins 1 and 3 as well as pins 2 and 4 are in parallel. Multiple units can be linked allowing all linked units to be compressed by the same amount. Multiple units can be linked together by forming a daisy chain of the Dynamics Links. Please refer to the manual before operating this unit. Upgrading your software is a simple process with on screens prompts to guide you.

This process may take up to two minutes. Upon completion, the message Firmware Update Successful will be displayed. Page Recall Software Installation Issue 7. Recall can be used for all the units in the 88 range including , , and Click Next, or click Browse and then select another location. Click Next to start the installation. The series outboard modules currently comprise the channel strip, the dual-channel dynamics processor, the summing amp reviewed in SOS August and the partnering channel fader panel.

The latest addition to the fold is the dual-channel equaliser, which was launched last year at NAMM. The is a neat 1U rackmounting unit, which extends roughly mm behind the rack ears. There is also a square B-type USB socket more on that in a moment , an eight-pin DIN socket for the external power supply, a fuse-holder, and a recessed chassis earth-lift switch, providing a ground connection from the mains earth, or via a chassis terminal on the rear panel.

The external power supply is common across the 88 Series range and is a typical switched-mode lump, with IEC input socket accepting V AC, and a flying lead to connect to the case. Internally, a small daughterboard runs vertically behind the front-panel controls, while a large motherboard is mounted at its mid-point and extends all the way to the back of the case.

The input socketry is mounted on a third, smaller circuit board, and various ribbon cables run under the boards connecting them. Almost all components are surface mount, and most of the audio op-amps are the venerable NEs. The front panel is typically Neve, with classic fluted knobs in muted shades of red, blue and grey: red for gain, blue for frequency and grey for Q or bandwidth.

The two channels are identically equipped and start with a global bypass button, which illuminates yellow when the equaliser is active. A pair of LEDs indicate the presence of signal above dBu green and when the signal is within 1dB of clipping red at 25dBu. Turnover frequencies are adjustable between 30 and Hz for the high-pass and between 1.

Both controls have press-switch action to put them in or out of circuit, and red LEDs adjacent to each control illuminate when the controls are active. Pressing the gain controls for either the low or high bands switches their modes between shelving and bell responses, with a yellow LED to show the shelf mode. The low-section frequency control spans Hz, while the high-section frequency range is 1. With a section switched to bell mode, pressing the frequency control knobs changes the bandwidth between a reasonably gentle Q of 0.

However, in shelf mode the switch toggles between normal and resonant turnovers, with a slight boost or dip around the selected turnover point in the resonant mode that makes the effect more obvious. The lower-mid band is a typical parametric affair, with the frequency control spanning Hz to 2kHz and the Q control ranging from a very broad 0. The higher-mid band is equipped similarly, but the frequency range is Hz to 9kHz.

Clearly, there is a very generous overlap between all bands. There are no switch functions in either of the mid bands. Finally, to the far right of the panel is a back-illuminated on-off switch, which shines through Neve's 'N' logo. I mentioned the USB socket earlier. The recall software, with easy-to-read graphics, gives this unit an advantage over most of its hardware competitors. Settings may be stored on Mac or PC. Photo: Mike Cameron. The software currently at version 3.

I loaded it onto my desktop PC without any problems and it found the straight away. The graphics are a little large and clunky — they reminded me of an Early Learning Centre game, although perhaps I shouldn't expand on that!

The data is a simple text file, storing numerical values for each control. When recalling settings, you choose a file, and then a graphic of the machine's front panel appears. Only those controls that differ from the saved settings are shown in current positions, with aiming markers for where they need to be. As you adjust the controls, their current position is updated in real time, and when you match the saved position the control disappears from the graphic.

To the right is a large display of the control currently being adjusted, with the same target position, but I found using this a little confusing, as it changes automatically to the next mis-set control once the previous one has been matched, and if the next one also happens to be the same type Gain, Q or frequency it's not always obvious that you need to move on to another control.

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Neve 8803 Dual Channel Hardware EQ - Expert Review

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