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Mike torrent ethnicity meaning

mike torrent ethnicity meaning

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The problem with this is that cultures vary widely, so the result of ethnocentrism is that a person thinks their culture is better than other people's cultures. Ethnocentrism leads to a person or a group of people thinking their way of life is natural and correct--and that cultures that don't share the same practices and values are dangerous, backwards, and uncivilized. Like racism, ethnocentrism leads to discriminatory practices. For example, take this story about students being asked to remove their hijabs at one Virginia school.

A hijab is an important part of some Muslim women's religious practice. The teacher who asked the girl to remove her hijab assumed that her cultural practices and values--in which hijabs aren't required--were superior. In this case, the teacher's actions were based on a false assumption that one ethnicity is somehow superior to all others, and that others should assimilate. The differences between race and ethnicity are confusing at first, but we're here to help you understand the distinctions a little better.

Race and ethnicity aren't the same thing, so you can't use the terms interchangeably. That's because race is defined by a person's physical appearance, whereas ethnicity is defined by a person's culture. Let's take a look at an example using the languages people speak. Hispanics are people whose first language is Spanish. Not every Latino speaks Spanish—people from Brazil speak Portuguese, and tons of people speak only their indigenous language. Additionally, Hispanic people are not all Latino, since people from Spain might speak Spanish as their first language but aren't from Latin America.

The language a person speaks falls into the category of ethnic distinction, since it has nothing to do with a person's physical appearance. Ethnically, you can be Hispanic or Latino and be of many different races, including Black, indigenous, and Caucasian.

For instance, people from Spain can be both Hispanic ethnically and Caucasian racially , while people from the Dominican Republic can be both Latino ethnically and Black racially. The truth is that people have both a race and an ethnicity Additionally, many people identify with multiple races and ethnicity depending on their heritage.

For example, someone who is biracial and lives in Haiti might identify as racially Black and Asian, while considering themselves ethnically South Asian and Latino. Fascinatingly, race and ethnicity exist within the cultural context of a specific national environment. In other words, races and ethnicities differ between countries, and they even differ within countries!

So, for instance, someone with an Algerian background who lives in France occupies a specific ethnic role that depends completely on the history of occupation and colonization between France and Algeria. In France, the ethnic distinction of "Algerian" carries specific connotations.

Once in the U. Now, they fit into American racial and ethnic categories. So while this person might be Algerian in France, they may be categorized as Muslim in the United States. While this person would personally continue to personally identify as ethnically Algerian, they would be perceived and treated as a Saudi or Iraqi might be treated based on American national perceptions of ethnicity. They would perhaps even be called "Middle Eastern," even though they are actually North African.

We've already talked about some examples above, but it's probably helpful to see a race vs ethnicity list, too. In the table below, you'll see a race in the left column, then some associated ethnicities in the next two columns. Keep in mind that this is a very small sample of the different race and ethnic combinations that exist. You can be more than one race and more than one ethnicity! These definitions also differ significantly between countries, too.

Again, these are not all the ethnicities that exist. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ethnicities. And there are even more combinations of ethnicity and race! For instance, you can be ethnically Latinx, but racially black, Asian, or Caucasian. The big takeaway is that race and ethnicity are separate categories, and a person's ethnicity often depends on both cultural and national contexts. While race and ethnicity are a tangled mess that becomes more difficult to understand the harder you try, nationality is fairly simple.

Nationality is defined as the legal citizenship of a nation state , pure and simple. It's pretty straightforward, too: you either are or are not a citizen of a nation state! In the United States, you can attain citizenship either by being born here birthright citizenship or by being granted legal citizenship by the United States government naturalized citizenship.

When you obtain your citizenship, your nationality becomes American. So, that's simple, right? You belong to a nation once you have legal citizenship, and your citizenship defines your nationality. Oh, but hold on! Here's where it gets tricky. Once you are a citizen, do you then automatically receive all the privileges and protections of citizenship? Legally, yes, but culturally While you may be a legal citizen, how you are actually received and the treatment you are afforded can be affected by your race and ethnicity.

This leads us to the phenomenon of nationalism. Nationalism is the belief that one's one nation state is to be prioritized, and the well-being of that collective is more important than, well, anything else really. Nationalism emphasizes the setting aside of individual differences or interests for the good of one's own state.

That sounds okay, right? Well, it can be. There's definitely a positive side to it. Sometimes, nationalism means that people are treated more equally. But nationalism can also mean that one's national identity should come before everything else. This is particularly problematic when a person's culture comes in conflict with national identity. This shows up when questions arise such as whether or not English should be the national language of the United States.

The Nationalist belief would be that once you are an American citizen, you should conform to an American identity--one that happens to be English-speaking. This would require people who speak other languages to speak English, and when they don't, they can be considered to be "less American" and become subject to prejudice. We talked a lot about the ways in which society shapes the definitions of race vs ethnicity vs nationality.

If you think this is interesting, you might enjoy studying political science or sociology. Understanding the differences between these terms is key to succeeding on both the U. Learn more about the U. It might sound strange, but race, ethnicity, and nationality are key concepts in IB Geography, too. These will help you tackle your IB exams like a pro.

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How to Get a Perfect 4. How to Write an Amazing College Essay. A Comprehensive Guide. The other issue is the lack of a uniform way to count race and ethnicity. This data is largely incomplete, though, because the majority of occupants — — did not report their ethnicity. The panel should not base its decisions on ethnicity or race—but it also cannot ignore the influence those factors will have on demand. Muslim refers to religion while Arab is an ethnicity and in fact more than 60 percent of Arab Americans are Christians.

The Southerners had history, ethnicity , culture, slavery, religion, and a quasi-aristocratic honor society to hold them together. Everyone is a target at any moment despite his ethnicity or belief. Working as a busboy in Miami during the s, Rameau often faced racism due to his ethnicity.

When will the FBI finally stop using religion and ethnicity as a reason to investigate Americans? Identity with or membership in a particular racial, national, or cultural group and observance of that group's customs, beliefs, and language.

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