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fusionfall comic pdf torrent

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This precise, step-by-step tutorial shares how to produce this highly polished, low poly game character with detailed texturing for real-time rendering. The tutorial will begin by creating and applying materials for the various parts of the car, such as glass, chrome and tyres, as well as texturing some simple geometry that will make up a scene. It will then move onto lighting where the focus will be on setting up a lighting rig and the various parameters connected to this.

Finally the series will culminate with a section on rendering, where the aim will be to finish with a polished image. The tutorial begins by creating and applying materials for the various parts of the car, such as glass, chrome and tires, as well as texturing some simple geometry that will make up a scene. It then moves onto lighting where the focus will be on setting up a lighting rig and the various parameters connected to this. Finally the series culminates with a section on rendering, where the aim will be to finish with a polished image.

This series begins with the key principles and techniques used to model the environment before moving on to a chapter dedicated to creating a gargoyle in ZBrush — the focal point in the scene. Here the author starts by creating a rough body using ZSpheres and move through the numerous sculpting phases, modeling the details for each part of the character and highlighting the various brushes and tools used throughout. The final chapters cover texturing, lighting and rendering the scene, along with post-production in Photoshop and culminate in a stylish 3D version of the original concept.

We will look in-depth at each setting — how it works, what repercussions it has — and we will also take a peek at some of the special features that V-Ray has to offer. Each chapter covers a step-by-step guide to setting up lights, aimed at portraying the scene in a specific manner.

The various chapters are tailored to specific software packages, and each aims to show a comprehensive and effective way of lighting the interior of a ship that includes both natural and artificial light. These include a sunny afternoon, sunset, moonlight, electric light, candlelight and finally a submerged submarine light. The tutorial covers everything from concept sketches through to building the 3D scene, mapping and unwrapping, texturing and eventually to lighting and rendering, culminating in a final render.

The emphasis over the course of the series is on the texturing, which is covered in two of the six installments, and principally the aging and wear of materials. Please Note: Chapters 1 - 3 are non software specific and instead deal with techniques and principles common to designing and building an environment. The author has used 3ds Max to build the scene and therefore Chapter 2 references the Max interface, however the methods are equally applicable to all packages. As well as giving expert tuition, some of the artists have also supplied their brushes and these can be downloaded at the beginning and end of the tutorials, where available.

This tutorial eBook is aimed at artists that are unfamiliar with creating custom brushes. Castro, to show us the techniques that they use to produce custom brushes. Spread over 48 pages and split into 6 chapters, we cover topics such as fabrics and lace, leaves and trees, and rock, metal and stone.

Our artists cover subjects ranging from the importance of finding good reference images to base your brushes on, to knowing your subject matter. To accompany this eBook we are supplying 85 brushes that have been created by the artists for free. As well as giving expert tuition Nykolai Aleksander has also supplied nine of her own brushes to accompany this eBook. Each of the chapters will use the same base scene as a starting point, and will show a step by step guide to finding a lighting and rendering solution that best reflects the desired lighting situation.

The tutorials will explain the type of lights used and how to set up the parameters along with talking about the different methods of tackling the subject. The manipulation of textures may also be covered in order to turn a daylight scene into night scene for example. The artists will also look at some useful post production techniques in Photoshop in order to enhance a final still.

This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a female character from scratch and covers modeling, texturing, mapping and finally, adding bones. Industry professional Tiberius Viris takes an interesting photograph and creates an easy-to-follow set of tutorials about how to add varying conditions to this — or any other — scene. This tutorial is aimed at beginners, as well as those who already have some experience with matte painting — advanced knowledge of Photoshop is required in both cases.

If you are not familiar with adjustment layers, layer masks or channels RGB , you should read about these topics prior to starting this tutorial. The base image used within this tutorial can be found in the download file with the eBook. As such, the design of the model will be tailored towards the eventual aim of functioning within a game engine and viewed in real-time. The eBook covers all of the key stages of the 3D pipeline from sculpting the initial mesh in ZBrush and optimizing it in the principal 3D packages, through to texturing and applying next gen shaders.

The ZBrush sections of this eBook will address the methods of sculpting both a low-poly mesh, as well as a highly detailed version used to generate a normal map, and accompany the remaining software specific chapters that will detail topics that cover mapping, materials, lighting and rendering. Rather than using actual geometry, this tutorial covers how you can combine and fuse numerous images into unique templates, which can then be used to describe a variety of materials, creating the illusion of detail and volume.

We shall gain an insight into the thought processes of each of our industry professionals and the ways in which they develop an idea from concept sketches through to a finished work. In particular we will be shown some of the considerations that are necessary to designing both imaginative and fantastic creatures that still remain plausible and abide by anatomical and evolutionary laws observed in nature. Each tutorial will focus on a specific environment as its theme and therefore result in a varied collection of monster designs, providing a well rounded look into the world of the digital artist and the numerous tips and techniques used by proven individuals.

The tutorial focuses on the key techniques and stages involved in building the chassis, as well as details such as the windows, lights, vents, petrol caps, engine parts and so on. It then moves on to creating the wheels, including tires and hubcaps, before going on to building and incorporating an interior, namely the dashboard and seating.

The series continues with a section on creating and applying materials for the numerous parts of the car, such as the paint work, chrome, rubber and glass, before concluding with a section devoted to setting the scene for a finished render. The final part covers the importance of a good lighting rig and light parameters, as well as the importance of a camera and the integral part that the rendering settings play in showcasing the model for a portfolio.

This series aims to show a comprehensive guide to creating a finished car for people new to this type of exercise, but is not suitable for beginners who are not familiar with using 3D software. The tutorials do not detail every single step of adding individual edge loops and vertices, but does endeavor to outline each important stage and explain the crucial techniques to following the exercise.

Each of the ten chapters focuses on a different character topic ranging from mythical creatures such as the Minotaur and Cyclops, to pirates and monsters. With over seven hours of video footage and covering ninety seven pages this eBook provides an insight into the working methods of eleven professional artists.

Each individual showcases their particular approach to the subject and treats us to an exhibition of both the artistic and technical skills that form the backbone of their creative process. The artists explain the key stages involved in transforming a base mesh into a final design and detail the principal brushes used to sculpt and refine the mesh, as well as the principal tools used to pose the characters.

By encompassing a variety of proven contributors, this eBook offers a comprehensive set of tutorials valuable to both aspiring ZBrush artists and those already familiar with the package. The notion behind the series assumes the task of genetically splicing a human being with a different animal class and sculpting the resultant character.

Each of the tutorials adopts a different animal class as its theme and walks through the stages of developing a concept, sculpting the overall proportions through to the individual features and particular anatomical mutations. The types of brushes used to form the main muscle groups alongside those used to create the finer details are covered, with each author offering their unique approach to the process. Texturing techniques and material set ups are included in the series with all the associated tips and tricks that help towards producing a final render.

This eBook also contains a base mesh, matcaps and movie files. The six chapters within this eBook will give help and advice to novices and experts who are looking to build on their rigging skills or approach rigging for the first time. The series gives a detailed step by step guide as to how to approach rigging but also shows us how to tackle common problems and issues that regularly occur even in a professional environment. The artists will be reflecting on working in the industry as well as talking us through their individual approaches to creating the best rigs possible.

This eBook has been written by some of the biggest and best names in the gaming industry, who will guide us through the way they would tackle the three main areas where concept work is required: environments, characters and accessories. Each artist will provide you with a tried and tested technique for developing your ideas and turning them into polished concept art. This series will not simply explain how a specific part of a game is designed.

It will go further and provide you with techniques for tackling games briefs and will demonstrate how those techniques are put into practice. If you are interested in working in the games industry, or in understanding how the games industry works this is the eBook for you. However they are not always well executed. The art of finding a balance between exaggeration and design has caused artists problems for a long time.

In this eBook Jose Alves da Silva will be showing us how to address this balance and master it to create stunning stylized cartoons. The entire process is explained from beginning to end, starting with gathering references and creating the concept through to modelling, sculpting texturing, lighting and post-production for both an Animal and Human character. If this is the kind of CG work you are into this is a must have eBook.

They form the backdrop of countless films and videogames and give artists an opportunity to explore the boundaries of their imagination. This is more than just a design based eBook though as each tutorial is filled with advice and tips that could help any artist develop and grow.

This tutorial series made up of six chapters, each tackled by a different artist, will be exploring the ways to design and paint cities of the future. Each artist will draw upon years of experience to demonstrate techniques and methods for creating original designs in a step by step way that can help any digital artist regardless of whether they are experienced or a novice. Each chapter of this eBook contains a different subject matter.

From a futuristic slum to a wealthy town environment this series covers a diverse range of themes and settings that all fit the bill as a futuristic city environment. They regularly feature in first person shooter games and even on the covers of books and comics. In this tutorial series our artists will be showing us how to create an original futuristic soldier that could live and thrive in some of the different environments they may face.

The artists will also explore different methods of creating futuristic and organic armour and weaponry. In this eBook Mike Jensen gives us a detailed insight into some of the best features and methods for getting the most out of this versatile programme. Mike takes specific care to talk about some of the newer features that make this programme stand out from the rest including ZSketch, Quick Sketch and Hard Surface Sculpting which all help speed up the sculpting process, and present artists with tools that create new and exciting possibilities.

If you are creating 3D stills using Photoshop is a great way to complete your image and add effects quickly and effectively. In this eBook tutorial series Photoshop Pro Richard Tilbury will be showing how to totally transform an image in Photoshop.

We will start each chapter with a textured 3D model. That model will then be put into Photoshop where Rich will turn it into a polished image. Using Photoshop can be daunting to 3D artists as many see is as a tool for digital painters, but Rich has provided simple step by step techniques and methods that will transform your work flow forever.

In fact ZBrush is starting to dominate the 3D side of the industry. Every day stunning new ZBrush sculpts and textured images are being added in their hundreds to Forums and site galleries. With ZBrush the only limits are with the imagination of its user, which probably explains why most ZBrush users create sculpts where they can really express the extent of their imagination. This eBook will help you as you try to do the same, by showing you how some of the top industry professionals tackle the task of designing and sculpting diverse and unique monsters.

Each chapter of this eBook will walk you through the entire process from concept to post production on a fully textured sculpt. If this is the field that you are interested in, the advice in this eBook is priceless! In this eBook Tamara will walk us through the entire process, from the basic modeling through to texture painting and posing. Most of the steps will be taken in Maya, but there will also be an opportunity to look at the benefits of using other pieces of software in your workflow.

If you are interested in making low-poly games characters this is the eBook for you. A good model can easily be spoiled by an incorrectly modeled feature, such as a hand, or an ear. In this eBook we will be shown how to model some of the tricky features that regularly cause artists problems, and hopefully awkward looking anatomy will be a thing of the past.

You only need to take a brief look in some of the many CG forums and galleries to see how it dominates the minds of many of the most talented artists in the world. It is no surprise that the genre that gives the most room for exploration and imagination is the one that sparks the creativity of so many and had provided a starting point for endless movies and video games over the years.

So much of what we see within this genre is born in fairy tales and folklore. In this eBook our artists will be showing us how to research these creatures and use information to create an original and accurate depiction of some of the most popular and memorable characters in folklore. As in all forms of art painting a Mythological creature can be approached in many different ways, but how do you make a fantasy creature look believable?

In this eBooks our talented artists will be showing us not only how to design fictional creatures, but how to immerse them into a believable scene and environment. When designing creatures how often do you think about practicality, anatomy and the way that creatures environment would have impacted on its appearance? In this eBook you will be shown how to take all of this into consideration and create some stunning images of some of the most famous creatures from Myth and Legend.

This set of tutorials provides an opportunity for anyone trying to get into the business by talking them through the creation of a basic game level, and shows you how to create a portfolio piece that would impress any potential employer. Using the Unreal Development Kit UK based artist Andrew Finch talks us through the entire process of creating a level, from downloading the free software and choosing its settings, to importing and texturing accessories.

This really is a must have for anyone interested in the games industry. Each will be undertaken by a different artist and draw upon a wealth of experience and skills perfected over years of industry practice. The six installments will cover a different environment each chapter based upon the medieval theme and encompass a multitude of professional tips and techniques.

The importance of researching topics through to sketching and exploring ideas will feature alongside methods used to build and refine detail. These will form an integral part of the series and through comparison we shall be afforded a comprehensive insight into the world of the digital artist. The techniques presented in Photoshop for 3D Artists: Volume 1 are intended to show how 2D techniques can be seamlessly blended into the 3D production pipeline, resulting in a high quality image and a versatile and streamlined workflow.

The book offers artists the chance to learn from a variety of top professionals, such as Andrzej Sykut, Fabio M. Ragonha and Zoltan Korcsok, who willingly share the tips and tricks that they have developed over years of working in the 3D industry. The tutorials in Photoshop for 3D Artists: Volume 1 cover a variety of different subjects, from the initial concept stage through to post-production. Pre-viz and concepts are explored, showing the advantages of using Photoshop to plan and visualize projects.

Combining library images in Photoshop to create custom textures is also featured, as well as how Photoshop can be used as an efficient alternative to lengthy render tests by focusing on compositing passes, adding particle effects, improving light and color adjustments. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest.

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