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I would like to have a better Linux Support. At least the 64bit version this time! It has been hell with Guitar pro 6. For me personally, the best GP of the existing musical editor. I would like to see in the seventh version of a full DAW, similar to Steinberg — Dorico, but with a bias towards guitars.

Or for RSE need a separate sampler. There are plenty of instances where you only need tabs for the intro, and then it just switches to chords where slash notation would be more visually appropriate. Despite the RSE sounds being already very good. It would help very much if they were even better. Your software is part of the reason why i could preserve my guitar skills and Songs from my years in the early twenties, allowing a very long break and relearning them again in my early thirties.

One of my biggest issues, though is the reliability of the MIDI import. If the midi source uses notes that GP considers out of range for the destination instrument track, they are simply dropped from the conversion with no options available to transpose or save them. This is particularly an issue with percussion tracks. Better midi support with options for how to handle the out-of-range data would be extremely useful for me.

Color light up on beat More percentage options for changing the tempo. Guitar Pro 6 mangles perfectly good tabs which were created in Guitar Pro 5 or earlier. The bends, in particular, are completely ruined by Guitar Pro 6 and have to be manually fixed for every single tab. Just imagine what a newcomer to Guitar Pro would encounter if GP6 was their first version of the software. Why would you want that to be the experience of your customers? The fact that GP6 has had such a poor adoption rate compared to GP5 is undoubtedly because of this issue, along with the other issues GP6 suffers from.

GP6 was a turd in the picnic basket in that regard. GP7 needs to be conscious of these things; it needs to detect when a tab was created in GP5, and adjust the contents of the tab accordingly so it works as expected within GP7. Also, as a manolin kindof bandurria player, I find tremolo picking sound to be really disgusting, specially fast one. Even with sound banks and mandolin sound. I wish GP7 had better wind instruments soundbanks. GP7 could also have more realistic string instruments in order to compose the symphonic metal that my mind asks for.

So, better orchestral soundbanks would please me. Compressed rests would be great for sheet music as JF said. Thanks, guys! I want the drums to sound a bit more realistic and have more punch to them. So I can record home demos that sound half decent! I would like to have a chord maker who make automatically on a part of solo …which means, select the gamma , write a solo, and the chords are semi done chords are on select, you have different chords who fits.

This is what i would pay for and that absolutelly… if not , i only want the release date of gp7 please!! I hope GP7 can fix this. But it would also be a great help to composers. Hi, sorry for my inglish It will be great if you can make that we can configurate a dual keyboard so in the bass cleaf we got strings for example and in the treble we have a piano.

It would be amazing to have it running on smartphones iOS, Windows. For example, would be great to be able to export PDFs, or change the stylesheet, for hundreds of files at once. This would save a ton of manual tedium in editing and exporting files! Hopefully some of the future Guitar Pro versions will be able to open it. I would like it to be released.

Hire whoever you need to hire to complete this project. You could also have a harmonist pedal between effects to the sound of guitars folded in thirds or fifths type soils Iron Maiden. I want soundbanks accordion, viola 10 string brazilian , cavaquinho small brazilian guitar 4 strings.

I also want soundbank acoustic mandolin 8 strings the current Pro Guitar version uses a strato timbre like the mandocaster. And nylon string guitar with a pick. Also correct the sounds of taiko drum and melodic drum , which do not appear in midi version. And speaking of midi, correct import and export, often no matter midi percussion, and the export in the GP5 soundbanks go all wrong. Hello , I think Guitar Pro 7 need to have some option to plug the guitar to the pc and do effects to the guitar sound that the player can play and learn songs while playing.

Improve the selection options. Sometimes you want to wipe out an entire string along all the song, and you have to manually move through the notes and erase one for one. Would it be possible to make a string selection mode? The possibility to select only two strings instead of the whole section of the bar. That would be nice. Guitar Pro 7 will not be available before end of Allow to control the software via MIDI: — Basic functions like play and stop — increase speed — decrease speed — ….

Personalized automation like play 3 times speed up 2 bpm, play 3 times, speed down 1 bpm — this should work for loops as well as whole pieces. To be able to totally empty tablature bars of all extra rests, spaces, ghost notes, etc. Hello you can edit a traditional piano sheet music with Guitar Pro. An intuitive way to switch between a basic reading view with minimal interface and a more advanced editing mode with more extensive interface, and a way to edit what you see in each view.

And most important concept to follow in my opinion, make the program behave as basic or advanced as the individual user wants the program to be, not all people want a million features thrown in their face, and not everybody wants a bare bones minimalist program with limited features. Brings many Guitar Pro 5 stuff and take off others. But you could add the Guitar Pro 5 editing too.

Also with keyboards. Using Guitar Pro is impossible without a magnifying glass on my 4k screen. We want to be able to tab chapman-sticks and 10 string guitars, not just having to make a lot of tracks that will lead to the program crash. A sustain control would be really usefull -Drums: more presets, individual mixer and stuff for each piece of the kit, being able to change the size of each drum and different cymbals. I should also point out that these are but comments and not registered feedback.

I propose a slight modification. Markings for Dynamics. They are too small 2. They vanish if you make a TAB only part without stave above 3. Annotation: For educational purpose, I sometimes might need to highlight some of the notes or to draw charts such as rectangle to group musical phrases. It would be helpful if GP7 can have these functions. Be able to playback parts separately, so that the student can hear the individual voicing of each melody lines.

It will be great, if GP7 can let us hear the each individual parts or combination of two parts of a song. That would be very helpful for training the ears and practicing multi-voicing techniques in improvisation. I hope the the piano sound and articulation in GP7 could sound more authentic. And I have tried a midi keyboard to type-in.

So it would be great if all the other frequently used icons could have a corresponded hot keys, and in easy access places. Sincerely wish the next version of GP be as successful or even successful than the previous versions. To me GP6 is three steps forward and one step back which still makes it moving forward.

RSE development is an awesome move. One sould keep in mind that it is enormously difficult to emulate the organic sound of instrumental music. I hope you hear us, Arobas Music. Thanks for your helpful products. I would like to have a more Mac like version with much nicer or native interface and much smoother updates and stability. Updating is a bit awkward now, with lots of errors. Control over more keyboard shortcuts would also be terrific.

Control over the hight of the chord symbols, text, hammer on symbols etc. Choice over how the rhythm of tab only with staffs without notes is been displaced. The ability to insert own symbols and pictures with transparency. Most important feature for me now will be hidpi support. Particulary in linux. In Guitar Pro 6 you forget half of what you going to write because it takes forever to even write a drum pattern with the stupid annoying point and click bs.

Varying note samples. Multiple same notes after each other sound horrible if they are all using the same sample. User view settings: be able to set background colors paper. Chordsiagrams with more than 5 frets. Many good suggestions by other users here, like export MP3, patterns bank. Old fashioned drum editing from GP5, some of us developed a great working speed with the old method, and the new one makes things more complicated now.

I often did export just the drum midis from GP5 to use with programs such as EZdrummer. Also in GP6 there are perhaps too many features for a person who wants to just tab the songs and get over with. A stripped down user interface GP5 had it really nice would be great. No need for RSE or pedals or anything when just writing down the songs. Fretboard view, keyboard view, simple UI to just write in the tabs is enough. Quick addition to my post above.

I noticed the ipad pro was announced today, and it seems like it will be a nice new toy, but, with one big caveat. In other words, it would be really awesome to see a fully functional guitar pro 7 app for ios. Is that possible? Include everything in the desktop version, all of the sounds, editing capability, everything. That would be a dream come true. I would like to see a 64 bit program as well. If you do cave into the demand for just general midi sounds, I hope you keep the RSE option as well, and I hope you make everything sound even better than it is!

Wish list, being able to put tab in in real time would be nice. I hope you keep the RSE, and keep improving it. It would also be nice to have the capability to plug in any sound generator though, like a sound canvas or something as well. And to be able to use general midi sounds if preferred. Might as well have all options available. And it would be cool to extend the management tracks in the timeline grid. Combine tracks in the folder, expand and collapse them.

When more than 15 tracks becomes difficult to navigate among them. Thank you! It would be great if it works stability midi out. I beg you to add the ability to turn off the track on the settings of the guitar fretboard just piano roll. I want to be able to write, for example, 10 half-tone row Now I am limited by the number of strings and the position of notes on the fretboard.

Most importantly, would not remove and do not touch the timeline grid! This is not in any musical editor, and is extremely convenient. Will this be released in my lifetime? Been waiting years for this because unfortunately there is nothing better. I tried Progression and its horrible. Please release version 7. If you could. Firstly, make the possibility to put simple audio files samples into the composition. Or the ability to create our own instruments with use of our samples.

Secondly, if you could have one track with an audio file. A Perfect Guitar Pro: 1. Great would be : 1. A clear interface that is not overly full with buttons, but rather simplistic and intuitive. In general keep things simple enough to work with and complicated when you wish to, it should not be 4. Better sound quality, without any tweaking on sounds in the creative process. Fast working for Macs and PCs. Good print options for publications. A super fast and logical working manual with a search function that makes sense.

Thank you!!! All the best in that process of building the ultimate! Hi, it would be great if i can jump to a certain chord by clicking on the chord diagram under the songtitle. And please: give any informations about the future of GP. This would be easy to do as the notes are basically fonts.

I am learning theory by a color system. For drums I use a color coding system too for the pieces. Fix for the fret light plugin to allow a series of notes to be highlighted so you can play over a scale where more than 1 note is on the same string. Sometimes it crash the window disappears! I think GP6 is a great software, but its bugs denigrate the image of your company.

What happened to Guitar Pro? I always come here to check updates. When do you guys plan to release the newer of Guitar Pro 7? Outstanding work so far indeed! It would be nice I guess, if an exiting note on a score can be taken and put another place, by drag and drop method.

Up and down or any other place. We need an easier program for making songs, also make improvements for the import of midi for DAWs. I really liked guitar pro 5. And there are lot of musicians who prefers 5. Thou it memory leaks as a black hole. Would be great to have the possibility to record guitar along the tracks maybe full DAW with possibility to peek into tab while recording and bind the recording to the notes and maybe even fix recording according to tab 6.

I mean to the closest or selected in popup 9. Just fix the midi import thing…. Drums are all screwy when you import…. The most horrible part in GP6 are the sound levels. They all should have the same volume within the same voice level like mezzo forte. They just disappeared. Some things. It would be nice to make patch changes on a single track. If memory serves, that was available on guitar pro 5, but discontinued on guitar pro 6? Will there be support for 4k monitors?

I use guitar pro 6 on 4k monitors and it works pretty well, but everything looks pretty small. Scrolling is nice, but it would be nice to be able to change one page at a time Using the airturn bluetooth pedal. Maybe include more options for midi inputs, such as a midi guitar, like the fender fishman strat. O yes for drummers I put all drum parts on their known lines, it help so you can mix a good sound for each drum part.

Change the view in the Horizontal screen so the score movies across the screen not the time line. Ps I love Gp. And some people get up and do like karaoke with it. I usually use chord charts along with tabs — they make a nice visual cue for anticipating the next chord change. For example, if I intend to play B4, C4, D4 on the 2nd string I might use the filled circle for the open B, then add an empty outline only circle on the 1st fret for C and an empty triangle or square on the 3rd fret for D.

This would also require the ability to include more than one symbol on a given string, which currently cannot be done. I am being driven insane for I cannot hide my chord diagrams. I would really love for strumming to sound more human-like. I tab alot of punk music and it just feels like the fast strumming is way too computerized pretty much no matter what settings I use. Also, the drums feel a little weak to me. Guitar Pro is my go to program, and I think it takes giant leaps with every release.

Ability to change the colour of selected tab numbers. Ability to hide time signature. Rhythmic figures. Rethink and overhaul of the bend functionality. Make it more in line with commonly accepted tab usage. More flexible chord naming, again more in line with commonly accepted naming practices. Looks like 7 version will not be soon! May not work! This thread has 4 years!!! Even announcements and the approximate dates, no! My music partner and I make a lot of stuff with Superior Drummer, and Podfarm.

If there was a way to have the sounds these programs create playing in real time within guitar pro, that would be amazing. I need 2 different splashes, 2 different chinas, 2 different hi-hats, a stack, and 4 different effect bells to accurately transcribe parts written on my own drum kit. My native language is not English, so my English are not that good.

That is a question you should answer when you design Guitar Pro 7… Another question you should answer is… why people use Guitar Pro for? Is it notation, is it composing, is it hearing their compositions sound awesome? I tried many many times to use Finale or Sibelius. Do you know why? Because Guitar Pro is incomplete. Do you know why I always quit using Sibelius or Finale? I am a guitarist and I compose many songs including many different instruments.

Do you think that anyone out there, any Guitar Pro User, uses his mouse, right click here, then left click there, then try to find the second line in the notation, then add sharp, e. And that is why we cannot use Sibelius or Finale! So why I keep trying to use other software… because some things are missing… these are: 1. We want to push a button and then start dragging notes where we want them. We want to arrange distance between pentagram lines 3.

We want to use grace notes properly. It is a mess when we try to arrange the stems direction make it easier to use —they are entangled together when we use different voices. We want to have options, where to place our texts, for example, we want to add two kind of lyrics on the same line. We want to add chord names without restrictions. Again… the stems… How can I force beams when it includes two voices? You see, it is much easier is to read a colorful notation because of the different colors.

Have you ever been a guitar student? The right hands numbers, just below or above etc. In Guitar Pro, when you try to put numbers or p, i, m, a to the left of the note, it usually is not readable! You see, we use Guitar Pro because we can add notes with arrows, enter and number pad.

But when it comes to note down left or right hand numbers, or fret numbers, or chord numbers, we have to click click click and click like a 60 years old ancient musician who starts to learn how to power on and off a computer! Make it fast and easy! I have my composition completed. Now I want to add tips left and right hand, chord numbers and frets. Again with my arrows, I press L left hand and then the number pad, is turned on like a left hand fingering, if I press 1, it writes finger 1, I press 4, it writes 4 for finger 4.

When I am done with left hand, I go in the beginning of my composition and press R right hand. Many teachers around the world, use notation software to compose for their students, so we all need that helpful tool.

For example, in our school, I see the Drums teacher using Sibelius he is using it for years and he is clicking and clicking for an hour to write down few beats. Use the number pad and you will save us. The RSE is nice to have, but leave it as it is. Do you want to develop a software like Trillian Spectrasonic, or Omnisphere? Ok you may try, but, why now? We use Cubase, Adobe Audition etc for these staff. We want guitar pro for notation and export as midi.

Allow us to personalize Guitar Pro. Make a huge advanced preferences menu for shortcuts, etc. If the vibrato was a WIDE vibrato, it just ends up being like an awkward, subtle wobble if any change at all. Also the notes seem to get transposed a few notes off.

I just want to export and hear the exact same notes playing the exact same way. People could sequence their damn synthesizers with your software!! Which brings me to…. Your sequencer is just about the best sequencer ever invented, but your MIDI implementation should expand!

Imagine loading up an acoustic guitar patch on a workstation synth, and then having Guitar Pro sequence it!! But you can steal their thunder by becoming an integral part of how people use their software. It was a breeze to compose drums on GP5 and I could write a complex percussion pieces in no time.

The GP is a incredible software, but the format tools is very poor and limited. In my opinion GP must to offer more freedom to format like Finale and Sibelius to make a score looks more professional. A deature to make polyrythms…… And to be able to switch pedals on and off at specific places in the song. GP6 is very awesome for semi- professional and professional what about beginner and intermediate levels? Symbols that represent the various sounds you get from the guitar other than the conventional strings that fit into the track like the symbols for a harmonic, palm mute or a dead note.

Percussive acoustic guitar is an interesting form of playing and there are lots of examples. Some of the pieces played by Tommy Emmanuel would not be possible to transcribe in GP 6. Trying to put a symbol to every sound made from a guitar could be difficult if not impossible but some of the more common ones are shown on tablature these days.

To be clear I am talking about the sounds you get from the guitar other than the conventional strings such as striking various parts of the soundboard or strings with a thumb or palm or scratching the strings with a pick of fingers, sometimes to imitate a drum or just to make a new noise. I guess it is a bit like trying to write tablature for a didgeridoo.

MIDI recording through a midi device has a lot of room to improve. Also an ability to use custom tuning master pitch that is different from Hz would be great. Ukulele support would be really cool! Currently is till shows 6 strings even when using ukulele in tab configuration. Only a few things.

Otherwise it would be much better to return to the few but decently rendered sounds of GP 5. In few words: Either a more simple and fast software with a few, well done sounds, or a more vast and complex program but with the possibility to use vst. It is important!!!

Every type of instrument needs the ability to write in score or tab. The notes are the same in the end, so why not let me write it how I write guitar? Maybe imposing realistic limits on instruments eg how Woodwind instruments have different note ranges. I once wrote a flute part in one of my songs to be told by a Flutist that some of the notes are impossible to play on a Flute.

It was embarrassing. I do agree with you agree with you, I was ok with roland sound canvas sounds, there clean and easy to hear, heck even i try to get myreal guitar sound closer to what i hear with old gp5. All the extra distortion sound added into the guitars was not needed. Seems like a extra step to clean up that mess. I think the improved drum sounds is a good thing for gp6, although gp5 drums sounds were pretty good. I like tux guitars feature that allows for the measures to always be complete.

I want the ability to be able to use guitar pro as a vst, with in a host so that in the event i do want good sounding synths, drums, or guitars i can do that with better vst sounds. Recently i tried out another synth called coolsoft virtual midi synth in conjunction with windows built in synth, and the controls in guitar pro 5 was making it hard to synch the sounds. They could use some better delay compensation capabilities, so they vst instrument i added would line up properly.

Used GP6 as a guitar teacher for years now. Each of them has 1 or 2 things they do well. However, I still think GP is the easiest interface to learn work with for guitar but here are my suggestions for improvement. This addition alone would save me weeks per year doing custom transcriptions. Progression has a really nice modern clean interface with great drag and drop drum patterns. If you implemented both of these but go 1 further by letting users save their own custom drum patterns for drag and drop.

When copying and pasting sections with repeat signs or Chord information, include this info in the pasted copy. The abilty to customize staves, for example hide the ones that are empty instead of having to have them around, it wastes space. Basically, more freedom over the staves, so we can arrange the score how we like Maybe some more articulation tools like pick scrapes, pick slides.

A lyrics editor that automatically synchronises the lyrics and notes A front page editor would also be nice. I know many can. What is the use of the notes on the stave moving but the chords and diagrams above remaining the same? Please make the chord symbols easier to edit. Thanks for some great software, still the best on the Mac I think, App Store would be good, but I understand if not. There are a few things I would like corrected. I use GP5 to make musical sheets and compose music.

I think GP 5. Simple, easy to use. If i have a piano, i can push many notes at once, and GP5 at some point prohibits me…. The sound was always something that blends in perfectly with MIDI and you could imagine a real guitar. Thank you. To be able to add chord names over notes in voices other than voice one. Many times the chord changes with a bass note in voice 2 and I have to shift it slightly to the nearest note or rest in voice one. Like the kind you would use in creating exercises and lessons explaining various things along the way.

Arrows, circles etc. Similar to above, sometimes I want to be able to see all the sharps in a bar — not just the first one. When creating lesson material, sometimes having a mathamatically functioning bar is not the point. This must be improved for me 1.

Thats a no-go for me. The gray backgroung of the exported pngs 3. The notation of the bendings. Perhaps clicking on a bar and have a dedicated button on the bottom menu bar perhaps even an input field to adjust the tempo.

I love that you can export. WAV files from GP6 and the fact that you can solo one track at a time to basically export stems. I think it would be great if that could be addressed, plus add an export to stems function right into GP6 so we can have multiple WAV files created at the same time for each track.

This would open up so many doors for pre-production of tracks and much more. The only other thing I can think of right now would be a step editor of sorts for drum tracks instead of the current layout to make it easier to bang out some quick drums without memorizing a bunch of numbers. I definitely appreciate the team reaching out and asking for opinions on the next release. I wish more companies had a better rapport with their customer base. A bunch of great suggestions!

And developers have at least hinted to wait when the seventh version! Pick Scrapes 3. Slide guitar effect with options for glass, metal, and ceramic slides 4. Soundbank for Harmonica 5. More accurate amp modeling i. Ability to mix and match amp heads with different cabs 7. More effects emulations e.

Less crashes. I make mistakes, this would be a one-step fix. How about a direct entry for equivalent accidentals. The thing that would be great would being able to connect iOS guitar pro to something like Dropbox and have access very easily to the files that I have saved there. This would be very helpful when I am away from my mac and think of something to add to a piece I am working on. Otherwise the iOS app is not very helpful to me. I love the product overall though.

Text Box In the bottom of a sheet or so.. Scalebok The same like chords, just with scales. It would be a creative tool from Arobas Music , to connect guitar to the computer and each note played is automatically written into Guitar Pro , it would be mcuh better practical for every improviser and composer guitarist or bassist.

Hey, It would be great if I could import a MP3 and be able to scrub it as I build a score against it. I often work in gitarpro. I write my music in gitarpro. Improve the mechanism of export midi will expand the scope of gitarpro to the production of music. Vsti support will greatly increase the demand for gitarpro7.

My English is not perfect, but I hope I will be understood. All the best, good luck! Please please include an 8 string guitar staff format to the database… myself and many other musicians would really appreciate it…. To add to the keyboard shortcuts suggestion, I find the drum tracks a bit annoying to do because of the poor keyboard shortcuts. Add support for more keyboard shortcuts, preferably make them customizable.

Also add the option to be able to go from something to the sign for example Da Capo al Segno. Fix the bug where only the first measure number in ever row gets printed out rather than all of them despite having the option to show all measure numbers selected. Add support for more instrument effects slots I find 5 to not be sufficient sometimes. Fix the importing of MIDI files the tuplets, even something like common triplets, sometimes get messed up and the notes are combined into the same beat.

Hi Chris, could you send a message to the support about this? Not much to add…. Still, as of today, no news about when Guitar Pro 7 will come out and nothing to really look forward to…. Hi, thanks for your feedback and interest. Our development team is currently working on GP7 development. Now I use both for certain reasons, GP6 for fine finishing songs, with the better soundbank; however I use GP5 for its simplicity in actually making the beginnings of the song, and the simplicity and clarity of the drums.

The Drums for myself in GP6 sucked out of everything the most. I could fine tune it all I want with E. All I hear is the bass kick, and the snare. The mid toms all the way to the cymbals are barely there. Ive turned up the E. All I ask, is you guys somehow combine GP6 and GP5 into an ultimate, non complex super nova of great equipement: 1.

Better drum, clear sound of each piece of drums 2. A wider range of drum pieces like in GP5 3. Able to plug in instruments straight into your computer, and compose music, to record music. Perhaps voice recognition, does sound interesting 5. Able to choose if you want note notations, or tab notations beginning a new piece 6. Wider range of guitar amps, tubes, pre amps and masters. I am a guitar player, but the drums side fascinate me, well there the heart of a song, especially in metal.

To everyone posting about better sounding instruments.. You have to spending quite some time putting the right E. I know that not every instrument will sound better by messing with the E. If we could customize the composition area like we want and place everything like we want! Have your personal composition area like you want and put the color that you want etc..!!!!!!

If we could export sounds… file in the composition like vocal effect etc… 4. Have a really nice visual, like on a mac app… 5. Clear sound for the drum 6. A visual drum! To me as a composer guitar-pro is the most handy software. So what I usually do is that I compose the music in guitar-pro then I export the midi over to cubase and add my VST instruments to it. There are many things that could be improved for someone like me. First of I would like to add my VST drum plugin directly to my drumtrack in guitar-pro and that goes for any other instrument ass well.

One other thing I noticed is that: After houres spent on getting a guitar sound to sound ok I want to export it to. So even if guitar pro is set to bpm and cubase also is set to I will hear a quite big delay at the end of the song. This makes a lot of possabilities completely unusable. So what do I want to see? As a matter of fact all controls on device should be adjustable using the up and down arrows on the keyboards… Enough with the moving the mouse up and down to set a control exactly the way you want it!

Guitar Pro is an Amazing software for all guitarists.. A possibilitty to write down the notes while playing your instrument connected into line-in. I think it could be just a modification of Fretlight guitars… Or does midi-guitar support already exist? Different types of strings e. One thing I was really disappointed with in GP6 is the performance of the full score view.

Quart tones support. Visual drum input. Good quality sound engine for strings. The quality of the sound would also be excellent. I like GP6 a lot. I use it mainly for collaborative song writing with my band. This would make it so much easier to work together on a file. Everybody could see at a glance the changes that where made by a bandmate and it would be easy to recover old versions. If such a feature would be supported, I think this could revolutionize the song writing process for many bands!!!

IMO the fretboard separate window looks out-of-place. It could be embedded into the main window with the option to hide it. It would also be nice to have better smooth looking fonts. The Mac version is very slowly. Software like Guitar Rig that makes sound wave transformations in real time works perfectly in Intel Core Duo 1.

Please increase the performance. I know you can equalize the one on GP6 to sound decent for metal, but having different snares and bass drums etc. The other thing is instead of having the sound repeat when doing a cymbal swell roll or a snare roll. It should carry the previous noise on so it sounds realistic. If you look on youtube. It is explained if you look at the Roland TD kit explanation. Hey, it would be great if there was a library of drum beats.

That would be really helpful for programming drums. It is very difficult to learn new interface for every new program. Would be nice if guitar pro can transcribe a staff notation score into tablature. Another thing that is missing is the possibility to resize the guitar fretboard Windows. This is really important! It would be nice if the guitar pro freetboard could show us not only note names E,C , etc… but also intervals 1,b3, 5, etc….

Another incredible thing would be show us guitar scale shapes on the freeboard at least for the most commom scales: major, minor melodic, minor harmonic, whole tone and diminished scale. In this case the notes would be shown on the fretboard while the music is playing this already exists but would be shown inside the scales shapes. The last suggestion is the creation of a functionality that, based on the notes played separated on a bar solo, arpeggio or riff , could sugest a chord for this notes on this bar if the chord is not already definied for the bar.

I would like to see Guitar Pro as a VST or DX soft syth — I have tried to use it via a virtual midi cable — but hav e horrible luck trying to get it to work that way. What about a feature that will let the user hum or sing into the mic, and the software picks up the sound and places the notes or tab on the screen.

I know there are free apps out there on the google play store that will do this. A feature which allow you to record with the proper quantification settings and the software itself can pick up the durations of the notes in order to write them down right.

When I write down a tab at notes notations, there are some bugs, like when I tie a note, and the note before has a dot, the line comes over the dot. It could be that the software itself fix this thing. Also, the feature to possibility to change the string in which the is playing without you have to change it yourself. More than 1,5 years past deadline and comments are still arriving. I wish to see. Power slides for guitars. More effects and amp options specific for bass. More synthesizer sound options.

Export to mp3. Tabs for keyboard. Midi connection from a keyboard. The ability to make polyrythems. With drums I would like to be able to put multiple rythem on the same bar. Wow, what a game it is! Truly good feature game, the lesson given in this game is actually informative. Pour ma part, GP6 est la pierre angulaire indispensable de ma vie professionnelle. I think the drum system in gp6 is fine, in fact great. The functionality crashing and lag were problems with GP6, although the crashing was improved from 5 mac.

Using Brace to connect tracks. So please make something for us. Oh, and also RTA support. For now it can be done manually but it would be nice for this to be added to the list as it is becoming more and more popular. The current workaround is obviously unacceptable.

I have to delete the file from within the GPro6 program, go to recycle bin and restore it. At this point it is restored with some kind of code for the file name. Would be nice if it just worked correctly when exporting. Simple idea — make some kind of library, or recently opened files built in guoitar pro.

So that when you first open guitar pro and quickly find your different gp files in different places rather than u first open file browser and search for files and than open that. The RSE sounds for everything but the guitars are horrible. This is WAY faster than to write everything in with clicking. The only things that I think need improvement in gp7, is the abillity to do pick scrapes, and have more slots for pedals and amps with more customizations!

For example, real life stage setups and amps. Guitar Pro 6 has already made a breakthrough in doing most of this already, but you should go a step further! I have really highl expectations for gp7, since, I use this software to help my band come up with ideas for songs, and different amp setups!

I say, why not expand further into being able to record your instruments? Make a whole recording studio built into the software, to be able to take your tabs from concept, to reality even further! I would also recommend a higher understanding in drums this time around as well, the drums could sound a bit better this time around.

With these ideas, I hope you can make this program into something better than all of its predecessors! The RSE needs some improvement. There are a lot of amazing software instruments out there from companies like Prominy and Vir2. You guys should take some notes. Just sample the essential instruments. It can also give you the chance to achieve a realistic drop tuned instrument, for example, when writing for a 6 string in Drop B -Hollow or Semi-Hollow Body Guitar.

Obviously, this would be quite the upgrade from the standard RSE! Sampled Guitars this advanced could sell for hundreds, so perhaps these advanced guitars could be sold separately as add-onds, much like the expansion packs we can purchase now. I would like it to have more instruments ,more effects and better sound on orchestral instruments and please make them more in tune. It would also be good if you could enable plug-ins for more effects and amps!

As for the design ,I think it is pretty good as it is. Please release it as soon as possible! That will give the best of both worlds. As an update for GP6: Fix the way dynamics work. Make it work exactly like how it did in GP5. This creates faulty functionality because as a result, it removes the similar symbol ahead of what you just changed. Please bring it back to the exact same system as GP5.

ONLY the notes that you specifically change the dynamics for, are affected, and every note for any instrument has editable dynamics, even on the same beat. Please make the individual swing patterns independent of each other so that we have full control of the swing values on a per track, per measure basis. GP6 is the worst software I have ever used. More CPU demanding then rendering. Just start selling gp 5 again and call it GP7 And please make it stable for mac.

Does your program crash frequently? I know there are some effects in guitar pro 6 that will not work. Worked fine in 5 but not in 6. For one I cannot get the fade out effect to work for anything. I would really like for you to fix the play back for fast metal drums and guitars. They sound like machines guns and so natural. Would love midi keyboard as well as midi guitar input and tracking the notes to what we play. Instead of just having different guitars and effects pedal add amps like pod does.

I would like better distortion sounds. Keep in mind that while not all of your users use this for metal and HUGE percentage do. DRUMS individual dynamic levels for each hit snare quiet, bass drum loud allow for mapping of the double bass the left foot bass drum should be on a lower bar add more crashes and chinas and toms. A way to copy rhythm guitar tabs into bass, just single out the root note of the chord, should be intelegent with inversions and pull an octave down. The Ballad 9. Nightmare Coming Back To You For every arpeggio the corresponding chord form and scale pattern are also shown.

Covers all forms of the major, minor, and dominant 7th type chords. Most Helpful Customer Reviews 16 of 17 people found the following review helpful: 5. It does not actually name each chord, but gives chord-scale-arpeggios in fretboard diagrams for each chord type, for example, major, minor, 6ths, 7ths -- on through the various altered forms.

As the editorial review says, five positions for each are given. All of this is on one page for each chord type. So for example, you can find five scales, five chord forms, and five arpeggios for Dm7 assuming you already know where to find "D" all laid out logically in fretboard diagrams that correspond to one another by position-- all on one page! You'll need enough guitar knowledge to figure out the root of the chord or scale you're actually playing.

Also, this does not show you chord progressions. Those could be viewed as shortcomings, but if you just accept you'll have to learn those topics elsewhere, this book becomes extremely useful. In order to actually name each chord the book would be extremely lengthy and repetitive I have another arpeggio book like that. As it is, it packs a wealth of information into a readily accessible format. One page gives you all the musical possibilities for each chord. This is a great tool for improvising, creating new licks, and composing on the guitar.

Its should prove useful for the fairly new guitarist to the more advanced, as it covers simple major and minor chords through advanced jazz chords -scales-arpeggios. This is a true "fretboard roadmap" all in one book that I expect will give me more material to work on than I can probably master in one lifetime!

Its a very simple, logical approach to the guitar that I wish I had found a long time ago. I play both pick and fingerstyle and the book is opening my eyes to all sorts of new creativity and technical growth in both styles. Other books of this genre force you to turn pages -- or go to another book altogether -- to get from scales to chords to arpeggios. Having it all "at a glance" on one page is invaluable. I've had this book for a year or so, and am only now beginning to realize what a gold mine it is!

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