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Relient k apathetic ep torrent

relient k apathetic ep torrent

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In July , the album was certified gold. It has been announced that their second record, The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek , also just reached gold. It is awaiting certification by the RIAA. The track "Be My Escape," which can be found on Mmhmm , is the band's most popular mainstream song to date. I know that I didn't talk much about the other EP's but I really liked this last one that they have released. The EP featured three new songs and three acoustic versions of other Relient K songs. Matt Thiessen, their lead singer and primary songwriter, has recently stated that they are now rehearsing songs for their new full-length record, aimed for a release some time in the fall of 1.

Thiessen stated during the bands' performance at the Ichthus Music Festival that they were to start working on their new album starting on Sunday June 18, Also when I saw them in concert June 15, they played for us one of their songs that would be on the new album titled, "Bite My Tongue. I know some of these facts listed below I may have already stated but I am going to restate them because I can, so here are some cool facts about the Apathetic EP:.

There is actually a lot of stuff David and I or posting on the site lately so I hope you guys are able to digest everything that we are throwing at you. On with my Relient K saga. Today is a good day. I came across on the internet a torrent file that has every Relient K and EP's, but what I am ecstatic about the most is that along with this file they have found some Relient K rarities, which are songs that are not on any of the albums and EP's.

I have listened to all fifteen of these rarities and they are AWESOME, but I will warn you that seven of the songs can be found on some of the EP's but there are those eight that have never been released.

So I HIGHLY recommend that if you know how to download a torrent file download this one so that you can get every Relient K album that has been release but most of all these rarities. But Three Do. The album had multiple different covers of different colors, each depicting a car in some kind of wreck.

As pop-culture references became less specific, sound and vocals became far more defined. In , this album reached the Billboard when it hit its peaked position I usually leave some interesting facts about each album that I have been discussing so I have researched and found some more cool things about this album:. Well here is another great album that is defiantly worth going out and getting because its the cool thing to do….. Here are several new cd's that I have listened to on-line recently that I deem at least above average.

Don't let David distract you with his less important indie music but stay focused on what is truly vital information and that is the info on Relient K. Today is day four of my long journey of providing the essential facts about the rising christian punk band Relient K. In , the band released their sophomore album, The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek.

This album launched both Relient K and their sound to a whole new level. Anatomy contained many more softer songs and slightly lighter guitars. They would continue chords through tracks in order to fluidly transition in between songs, a trend that continued on their later albums. There were still plenty of pop-culture references on this album, which was evident in the song "Sadie Hawkins Dance. ALong with many of the other albums this album had a lot of interesting facts that I found that I thought were very cool and interesting and they consist of:.

Well this was kinda of a rushed blog. I do like to add though that this is one of my favorite Relient K album since it is rad. Also, you are in grave danger to be punched in the face by me if you don't have this album. I'm happy to say that I am back. As Ben has mentioned, I have been out of town for the last couple of weeks. I feel like I have been all over the Southeastern part of the U. I see that I have arrived back during the middle of Relient K week. However, that won't stop me from talking about the new Sonic Youth album.

The band Sonic Youth is an icon in and of itself in the indie rock world. They are still chugging along, now on their third decade as a band, and still making great music. It is hard to find much fault with their last three albums. I have listened to the album and I must say that it is very good.

They still sound very much like themselves and yet this may be their most radio friendly album in years. However, I doubt you will hear them on the radio so check them out on-line. In case you didn't know, you can now stream music for free on Napster up to 5 times per song. It is a great way to preview new cd's before you commit to buying them. Aside from my rant about Relient K which is the blog under this one, here is a link to an interesting article about Superman being a Gay icon.

June 20, Posted by B2 Uncategorized 2 Comments. We are now on our third day talking about Relient K. Therefore, since I see people have an interest in knowing more about Relient K I will continue informing you of vital information about them. After their demo that caught the attention of TobyMac from Gotee Records, Relient K headed to the studio to beginning working on their first professional release. The songs on this EP consisted of:. It wasn't until April 25, did Relient K release their first full-length album that was self-titled.

Many of the songs are found on their demo and EP. I thought that this was a very decent first album that contained many songs that were amazing like my favorite "Softer to Me. Like I said yesterday Relient K demonstrated in their demo and this album that they were a bunch of guys who wanted to write songs that were fun but were also genius in the fact that no one else would think about writing the songs that they did. For example, some of their songs contained pop culture references that they poked fun at:.

I haven't talked to David since my phone has ran away from me, but I imagine he his visiting family, which means he has no way of getting to a computer. Therefore, even though David has a lot of input he could bring to the table about Relient K it seems that you will have to deal with my opinion for now, which by far my opinion is the more trusted source.

Yesterday I talked about the solo project that Matt Thiessen has been working on for a couple of years now. I will now transition over and begin talking about the band Relient K , and hopefully provide some information that you were not aware of until now. Relient K is a Christian rock band with broad crossover appeal in the pop punk community that was formed in in Canton, Ohio, named after guitarist Matt Hoopes's Plymouth Reliant K car, which I thought was really rad.

Matt Thiessen has said that back when the band started, he was the only one who sang, but he knew Matt Hoopes could sing as well. Hoopes was reluctant, but Thiessen said he "got it out of him". Hoopes has been the primary back-up vocalist for the band for eight years now. Over the years there have been many members of Relient K that cam and went but the most recent band memebers consists of:. Unlike other bands, Relient K wrote songs that were off the wall and fun but still had a message that was far greater then themselves.

Another creative song that the guys wrote for fun was titled "Lion-O," and it was based on the cartoon Thundercats whose main character was named Lion-O. Many of their other songs like "Marilyn Manson ate my girlfriend" and "Charles in Charge" poked fun at pop-culture icons. Since this is the first demo put out by Relient K many people do not know much about it since it was not widely released to the public.

However, after awhile I will begin talking about their more popular albums that you may have heard of before. It is here where you will be educated on movies and music as David and I converse about what artists or actors are better. Home About. Fue fundada en Canton, Ohio en K Car 2. I'm Lion-O 3. Staples 4. Marilyn Manson Ate My Girlfriend 5. Cojack 6.

My Good Friend Charles 7. Register 8. Be Rad 9. William Softer to Me A. Hello McFly 2. My Girlfriend 3. Softer to Me 4. Breakdown Relient K 1. Wake Up Call 4. Benediction 5. When You're Around 6. Softer To Me 7. Charles In Charge 8. Staples 9.

Anchorage Pressing On 2. Those Words Are Not Enough 3. Operation 4. Softer to Me Acoustic 5. Jefferson Aeroplane Demo 6. Kick-Off 2. Pressing On 3. Sadie Hawkins Dance 4. Down In Flames 5. Maybe It's Maybeline 6. Breakdown 7. Those Words Are Not Enough 8. Lion Wilson I'm Lion-O My Way Or The Highway Breakfast At Timpani's Failure To Excommunicate Trademark 2.

In Love With the 80's 3. Wit's All Been Done Before 4. For the Band 6. Mood Rings 3. Falling Out 4. Forward Motion 5. In Love with the 80's 6. College Kids 7. Trademark 8. Hoopes I Did It Again 9. Over Thinking I Am Understood? Getting Into You Kids On The Street Gibberish From End To End Jefferson Aero Plane The Vinyl Countdown 2.

We're Nothing Without You 4. Angels We Have Heard on High 2. Deck the Halls 3. I Celebrate the Day 6. We Wish You a Merry Christmas 7. Santa Clause Is Thumbing to Town 8. Handel's Messiah 9. I Hate Christmas Parties Auld Lang Syne Mmhmm 1. The One I'm Waiting For 2. Be My Escape 3. High of 75 4. I So Hate Consequences 5. My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend 7. More Than Useless 8.

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Stereo, "Apathetic Way to Be" follows after the lead track. Whereas "The Truth" has a bit more meat to it, "Apathetic Way to Be" as you can guess from the title is a bit more fun and witty. With the more upbeat portion of the album finished, the EP moves into three acoustic tracks.

All three are masterfully executed. Thiessen's voice is haunting on the stripped down versions, and it makes you wish they would try the idea more often. Next up is a song actually inspired by C. Possibly, but it is a pleasant song with a cheery Christmas aura to it. Not too fast, but not too slow, it relates the tale of the book to the reality that God is always with us. It consists of nothing more than Thiessen and his piano.

And in typical Earthquake style, the song is an ode to broken love. It clocks in at just over two minutes and feels strangely short. It's a nice song, but just seems the slightest bit out of place, even considering that it complies with the overall mood of the project. It has been a year since mmhmm released, and fans that have worn out that disc now have one more to sink their teeth into. Relient K has yet to do anything that has not exceedingly impressed me, and Apathetic EP is no exception.

With it, they prove they are capable of balancing depth with catchy hooks and happy tunes with acoustic swagger. Fans of the boys from Canton, Ohio cannot go wrong with this latest edition to the Relient K library. JFH Music Review. Relient K - The Best Thing Relient K - Forgiven Relient K - Devestation And Reform Relient K - Bite My Tounge Relient K - Up And Up Relient K - Sleigh Ride Relient K - 12 Days Of Christmas Relient K - Boxing Day Relient K - Auld Lang Syne Relient K - No Reaction Relient K - Beaming Relient K - The Vinyl Countdown Relient K - For The Band Relient K - Nothing Without You Relient K - The Stenographer Demo Relient K - Jefferson Aeroplane Demo Relient K - Candlelight Relient K - Flare Outro Relient K - Part Of It Relient K - Outro Relient K - Therapy Relient K - Over It Relient K - Sahara Relient K - Oasis Intro Relient K - Savannah Relient K - Baby Outro Relient K - Breakdown Live Relient K - Maybe It's Maybeline Relient K - Less Is More Relient K - Operation Relient K - Jefferson Airplane Demo Relient K - Mood Rings Exact Audio Copy V0.

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EAC extraction logfile from May EAC extraction logfile from January EAC extraction logfile from 8. But Three Do. January EAC extraction logfile from 5. Let it Reindeer. January EAC extraction logfile from 2. Hello McFly. My Girlfriend. Wake Up Call. When You're Around. Softer To Me. Charles In Charge. Balloon Ride. Everything Will Be. Nancy Drew. K Car. Breakdown [ ][x][Live]. Softer To Me [ ][x][Acoustic]. Pressing On. Sadie Hawkins Dance. Down In Flames. Maybe It's Maybeline.

Those Words Are Not Enough. Lion Wilson. I'm Lion-O. My Way Or The Highway Breakfast At Timpani's. Failure To Excommunicate.

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