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Adamantane derivatives as potential inhibitors of p37 major envelope protein and poxvirus reproduction. Design, synthesis and antiviral activity. Shiryaev VA Klimochkin YN. Knudson CJ Sigal LJ. War of conscience: antivaccination and the battle for medical freedom during World War I. McPherson S. The Vaccination Cold War. Moreno JD Schmidt U. Infectious thinking: the pathophysiology of 19th-century pedagogy.

Franklin J. Decker MD Gordon DM. Zhang YM Niu YH. Sars-Cov-2 virus and vaccination; biological and statistical framework. Arslan F Ankarali H. Erez N Breman JG. Research with variola virus after smallpox eradication: Development of a mouse model for variola virus infection. Moss B Medical illustration in China: The Golden Mirror, an 18th-century imperial court medical text. Yang MJS.

Teaching a new mouse old tricks: Humanized mice as an infection model for Variola virus. Hutson CL Olson VA. A great inspiration for today's vaccination efforts: Biographical sketch of Francisco Xavier Balmis Andrade GE.

O'Dell FJ Smallpox in art: considerations on some of its medical and social aspects. Galassi FM Varotto E. Lim H Yeo SG. Optimization of translation enhancing element use to increase protein expression in a vaccinia virus system. Richard HB Wellensiek BP. Senkevich TG Johnson RF Arai AE. Single-cell analysis reveals divergent responses of human dendritic cells to the MVA vaccine. Doring M Manel N. Wilson N Baker MG. Bhattacharya S Mehta K.

Stanfield BA Gershburg E. Garcia-Arriaza J Lopez D. Bari N. Osteomyelitis variolosa, an issue inherited from the past: case report and systematic review. Tang J Zuo J. Turan RD Ovali E. Stalpers LJA Kaplan EL. Shchelkunov SN Karpenko LI. Pharmacognostic screening, physico-chemical and cytotoxic potential of Sesuvium sesuvioides Fenzyl Verdc.

Sajid-Ur-Rehman M Bauer R. Vanegas E. New methylene blue derivatives suggest novel anti-orthopoxviral strategies. Priyamvada L Satheshkumar PS. Nasir M Kumar M. Di Liscia MS. Anticancer, anti-proliferative activity of Avicennia marina plant extracts.

Albinhassan TH Al-Ghazzawi AM. Vaccine Development Throughout History. Saleh A Kashyap R. Controversies and lessons from the history of smallpox: the case of massive vaccination in British Corfu Tsiamis C Tsakris A. Whitehouse ER Reynolds MG. Sokolova AS Salakhutdinov NF. Perry MJ Egan CT. Vaccinia virus-based vector against infectious diseases and tumors. Genomic history of human monkey pox infections in the Central African Republic between and Berthet N Nakoune E. Pandemics and education: A historical review.

Spielman AI Sunavala-Dossabhoy G. Protection against severe infectious disease in the past. Mercer A. Bogdanov G Tsankov N. Volkmann A Fassina A Barzon L. Why do poxviruses still matter? Yang Z Winter L. Novel bioactive compound from the bark of Putranjiva roxburghii Wall.

Mishra S Shanker K. Guzman BB Sykes C. The history of the antibody as a tool. Packer D. Voltaire and the politicization of medicine and science. Margo CE Harman LE. Smallpox vaccination in the 19th century. Levine JM. Ledermann-Dehnhardt W. Nguyen PY MacIntyre CR. Town population size and structuring into villages and households drive infectious disease risks in pre-healthcare Finland.

Ketola T Lummaa V. The history of light therapy in hospital physiotherapy and medicine with emphasis on Australia: Evolution into novel areas of practice. Liebert A Kiat H. Lin LCW Tscharke DC. Kanduc D. Crummett D. Rethinking disease eradication: putting countries first. Gebre T. An overview of tecovirimat for smallpox treatment and expanded anti-orthopoxvirus applications.

Russo AT Hruby DE. Construction of a bivalent vaccine against anthrax and smallpox using the attenuated vaccinia virus KVAC Park DB Rhie GE. Modelling of optimal vaccination strategies in response to a bioterrorism associated smallpox outbreak. Costantino V Smallpox scars in a 19th-century portrait at the Turku Art Museum. Kluger N. Lerman Y Sinclair D. Tournier JN Kononchik J. Sergeev AA. Pyankov SA. Jose da Silva Domingos I Sharma NK Patil S.

Skinhoj P Bygbjerg IC. Vasina TA. Oshiro N Yasumoto T. Friedelin exhibits antidiabetic effect in diabetic rats via modulation of glucose metabolism in liver and muscle. Sunil C Ignacimuthu S. Direct and indirect effects of heatwaves on a coral reef fishery. Brown CJ Stuart-Smith RD. Mandra AM Rao AK. A class of viral inducer of degradation of the necroptosis adaptor RIPK3 regulates virus-induced inflammation.

Liu Z Chan FK. Linneman ZM Satin DJ. A critical assessment of proposed outbreaks of plague and other epidemic diseases in Ancient Egypt. Ruhli F. Correction for Hutson et al. COVID, varying genetic resistance to viral disease and immune tolerance checkpoints. Goodnow CC. Choi IJ Choi SO.

Epicutaneous immunization with modified vaccinia Ankara viral vectors generates superior T cell immunity against a respiratory viral challenge. Pan Y Kupper TS. Hou J Shao Y. Dai R Yang Y. Rajeh A Ahn TH. Bezbaruah R Abu-Romman S. The nucleoside antiviral prodrug remdesivir in treating COVID and beyond with interspecies significance. Yan D Yan B. Patterson GE Rushton J. Lugelo A Lankester F. Anno Which antivirals for the coming decade? Groaz E Herdewijn P.

Superspreaders: A Lurking Danger in the Community. Mohindra R Lakshmi PVM. Patel MH Luber AJ. Epidemiological and clinical features of Spanish flu in the city of Ferrara and in Italy. Containment rules and health measures adopted in the past to fight the pandemic. Contini C Vicentini CB. Diplazium esculentum Retz.

Semwal P Cho WC. Adenoviral vector-based platforms for developing effective vaccines to combat respiratory viral infections. Elkashif A Mittal SK. Cancer Vaccines, Adjuvants, and Delivery Systems. Paston SJ Durrant LG. Kulkarni R Chang W. Konishi T. How history of mathematics can help to face a crisis situation: the case of the polemic between Bernoulli and d'Alembert about the smallpox epidemic.

Gosztonyi K. Sypabekova M Vangelista L. Bioassay-guided Isolation of Flavonoids from Caesalpinia bonduc L. Pournaghi N Hajiaghaee R. Countering the potential re-emergence of a deadly infectious disease-Information warfare, identifying strategic threats, launching countermeasures.

Ali RN Sarkar S. McEntire CRS Mateen FJ. Abegaz SB. Interleukin 35 Regulatory B Cells. Choi JK Egwuagu CE. Vandeborne L Bouche G. Narkhede YB Palermo G. Orthopoxvirus K3 orthologs show virus- and host-specific inhibition of the antiviral protein kinase PKR. Park C Rothenburg S. Subversion of Programed Cell Death by Poxviruses.

Koehler HS Jacobs BL. Su JR Cano MV. Future threat from the past. El-Sayed A Kamel M. Tewogbola P Aung N. Davis R. James Phipps, first to be vaccinated against smallpox by Edward Jenner. Ellis H. Asakura H. Future perspectives on swine viral vaccines: where are we headed? Opriessnig T Halbur PG. Arnold Theiler and colleagues: a -successful cooperation between -Switzerland and South Africa.

Pospischil A. Evolution of human respiratory virus epidemics. Rochman N V Koonin E. Nagasawa H Oshiro N. A novel and sensitive real-time PCR system for universal detection of poxviruses. Luciani L Priet S. Kim C. Response to Brinkmann et al. Duggan AT Poinar HN. Modelling the impact of a smallpox attack in India and influence of disease control measures. Mohanty B From inoculation to vaccination: the fight against smallpox in Siena in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Orsini D Martini M. Mazurkov OY Selivanov BA. A multi-pronged scoping review approach to understanding the evolving implementation of the Smallpox and Polio eradication programs: what can other Global Health initiatives learn? Schleiff M Alonge O.

Re-assembly of nineteenth-century smallpox vaccine genomes reveals the contemporaneous use of horsepox and horsepox-related viruses in the USA. Brinkmann A Patterns of smallpox mortality in London, England, over three centuries. Krylova O Eslinger M Busby JW. COVID vaccines: ethical framework concerning human challenge studies.

Calina D Tsatsakis A. Jimenez AJ Ramos V. Kelly BD. Precise protein conjugation technology for the construction of homogenous glycovaccines. Kitowski A Bernardes GJL. Jin Q. Silva NIO Drumond BP. Hellerstein M. Alakunle E Okeke MI. Identification of protective T-cell antigens for smallpox vaccines.

Ando J Rooney CM. Siegrist CM Santarpia JL. Janik E Bijak M. Zeng Y History through the eyes of a pandemic. Graversen VK Murray TG. Nosik DN Ananko GG. Paez-Martinez A Usme-Ciro JA. Variola virus genome sequenced from an eighteenth-century museum specimen supports the recent origin of smallpox. Ferrari G Schuenemann VJ. Evolution of Human Respiratory Virus Epidemics. Rochman ND Koonin EV. Lvov DK Gulyukin AM. Neurochemical and Neurobiological Weapons.

Sejvar JJ. Poxvirus-encoded TNF receptor homolog dampens inflammation and protects from uncontrolled lung pathology during respiratory infection. Al Rumaih Z Books: Angel of Death. Rowlands S. New chemical agents based on adamantane-monoterpene conjugates against orthopoxvirus infections. Suslov EV Sayedahmed EE Sultan MAS Khorram-Manesh A. Duchene S Poinar H. Skin lesions caused by Orthopoxvirus in children.

Mazur-Melewska K Figlerowicz M. Shelly A Majumdar T. Flamm H. Prospective safety surveillance study of ACAM smallpox vaccine in deploying military personnel. Faix DJ Decker MD. Taranov OS. An Accidental Nutritionist.

Sommer A. Alam MA Ahad M. Zylberman P. Hasselgren PO. De curandis hominum morbis: An 18th century medical prescription for measles and smallpox in the Nuevo Reino de Granada Lozano A Briceno I. Smallpox Vaccination-Associated Myopericarditis.

Fan J Ali H. Publisher : Springer Dordrecht. Hardcover ISBN : Softcover ISBN : Series ISSN : Edition Number : 1. Skip to main content. Search SpringerLink Search. A comprehensive overview of dating methods for flows and floods on fans and cones Provides a detailed practical checklist for field analysis Includes assessment of the benefits, limitations and costs of various methods Illustrates the importance of historical data on past events for hazards and risk assessment.

Buying options eBook EUR Softcover Book EUR Hardcover Book EUR Learn about institutional subscriptions. Table of contents 30 chapters Search within book Search. Page 1 Navigate to page number of 2. Front Matter Pages i-xxxii. Staley, Thad A. Wasklewicz Pages Pierson Pages

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