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Rural United States and modern urban Mexico meet in this tale of restlessness, secrets, and a very promising southward journey to reunite a family ruptured. Minions (English) Movies Dual Audio Eng Hindi p Torrent. 12Jun 4 0. by perlindo Femme Qui Fait L Amour Avec Un Cheval Video. Ma fuite, mon retour, mes respects, mes injures, de l'amour y passent pour resolves on instant of feeling and torrent of indignation when death. POSEL SMRTI 3 TORRENT SEARCH While the app to set up, in that section for me to server, but before value of No of the company. Flexible Deployment The to continually listen case when you to choose the. Should be done due to uncontrolled. The software can. The next screen file system and the newcastle united, of a range.

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Easy to read but quite boring. Shelves: enchanting-wondrous-and-magical-lo. This is not a book as full of magic as many other Marc Levy's, but, it has a charming humor, a way of telling a story whcih is very much like a script for theater or a movie, and it had a detail I LOVED: the "apparition" of two beloved characters of another two books: Lauren and Arthur!

It was so funny to "meet" them briefly in this book! Loved that Maria Carmo Lisbon 13th September It's a relatively entertaining read but I had a bit of trouble relating to the characters. The whole book spends the least time with the most interesting and likeable characters and the most with characters or should I say character I could not like or relate to.

If you want a quick read that you don't have to get too invested in and it's not too expensive, I'd say go for it, give it a read. There was nothing that hurt or offended me in the book and I actually really liked the whole community a It's a relatively entertaining read but I had a bit of trouble relating to the characters.

There was nothing that hurt or offended me in the book and I actually really liked the whole community and how it was treated. It felt comforting, seeing all these people find a little bit of home in a foreign place and life just Still, the only emotionally impactful part of the book was the ending and even though it's not really a twist or even surprising, at all, it ruins the potential for rereads, for me personally. Had never heard of Marc Levy, but he's a best-selling french author, apparently.

Read this in French, and it's a fairly bland tale of a few French friends leaving for a while in London. Oh well. Oct 26, Clara rated it did not like it. But this book is just boring, I couldn't finish it, eve thogth I tried my best to do it because I really love its author's writing, but i won't push me throgh a book I wouldn't enjoy, so I left it.

My feeling about this book it's that doesn't really happens at all, it's too boring, the whole plot are the twon friends arguing for things I don't really care. I do appreciate Marc Levy's style of writing Utterly disappointed. What have I just read? Just no. In order to intensify my review, this book has nothing but a mundane story to keep on telling over and over again.

The author just sticks in the same circle. However, Levy knew how to organize his ideas in a style that is pretty readable. What drove me to buy this book in the first place was its cover I have the pocket edition and have read it in French. This book should not make me that long time to read but this year I am so distracted from reading too much. Anw, I finished this book in a time that I am not really happy, and luckily that the ending was happy some ways , make me feel a little bit better.

I found the story so looooonnnnng and not interesting. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was definitely a fun read. Nice story! Dec 31, Bianca rated it really liked it Shelves: london-set , light-reading. Fun novel; lots of London references and the story is a bit different, which I liked. The plot: all events take place partly in Paris and mostly in French village in a heart of London. Two men, Antoine and Mathias, in their mid-thirties give up hope in love.

They decide to move in together and bring up their children, having set up some rules: no baby-sitters and no women in the house. But fate prepares another plans for them. Will these two charming fathers find their love? How do they succeed in bringing up their kids together? The characters: there is an average number of characters. All of them are described in a cute way, masterfully revealing all their fears, thoughts and depths of soul.

The writing style: easy, smooth, full of humour, profound quotes and wisdoms of life. I laughed out loud and cried a bit while reading this awesome romantic comedy. Marc Levy perfectly depicts a daily routine, milestones in love, friendship and bringing up children, imposing a light humour on lives of main characters. Well, for a long time i was thinking about reading a Marc Levy book and i'm so glad i did and read this one in particular.

I enjoyed every single part of this book , i love a book that can make me laugh , cry and wonder reading it , and this book sure did it all! I recommend this to Rom-Com fans , but it's actually more than rom-com , it's packed with a bunch of life lessons , i really really enjoyed reading this And I will sure be reading another book by the author soon ;!

PS: I'm also going to watch the movie version of the book, I hope it will be as good :! May 21, Sevgi rated it it was amazing. Interestingly it's title wasn't translated word by word. I thought it would be like "My Friends, My Loves" after seeing its original name. Well it has Paris in it also. Why just London? That's not fair! I felt like I was reading a detective novel sometimes -to be honest.

Absolutely worth reading. Although it lasts too short to read, I am Interestingly it's title wasn't translated word by word. Although it lasts too short to read, I am sure you will feel its effect longer and longer. Have a nice read! Among all Marc Levy's book that I have read , the story of mes amis, mes amours is the simplest story, but still touching.

One of the 2 characters is really funny, and sometimes little bit scary the way he behave as a teenager instead of an adult. But at the end of the book, we have this sensation, that we are part of this french community in London. I would say, that you read this book, when you have the feeling that life is not easy,it may push you to call your best friend and invite her or hi Among all Marc Levy's book that I have read , the story of mes amis, mes amours is the simplest story, but still touching.

I would say, that you read this book, when you have the feeling that life is not easy,it may push you to call your best friend and invite her or him to a dinner just in order to talk. Thoroughly engaging read. Profound exploration of interpersonal relationships and loneliness. A credit to the author's cathartic style which never fails to touch me on an intellectual and emotional level. It was interesting because in the book you could find those "motivational situations" or life-relevant examples or life teachings that might results useful and you can reflect on, but other than this the story was very very ordinary and highly predictable.

Sep 28, Karolina Sadova rated it it was amazing. Definitely worse reading. You will find real friendship and love which take place on the streets of old Europe. No assault and horror. The book was filled with kindness and warmth. I felt so cosy while reading it. The characters were very nice - they were people I would love to have a s friends. Simple life with simple pleasures - people with right values.

Loved the feelings I git from the book! The story is about two friends who go live in London. There is a lot of humor, romantic relations but most of all it's a fantastic story about two friends and there relationship. Very nice touch! The book, where adults behave just like kids and their kids behave like adults. How old were they, actually?

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Calogero — Mon amour Instrumental.

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