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Project runway s14e02 torrent

project runway s14e02 torrent

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Project Runway: Season 14, Episode 2: The Hallmark Challenge - Lifetime


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And this was a strong design, but the judges happily ignored the glaring execution problems with that skirt once the Hallmark logo made dollar signs explode out of their eyeballs. I was impressed, but not quite as impressed as the judges. Can you even believe they put Amanda in the bottom instead of this pile of garbage? First of all, once Ashley said this looks like a vagina, I absolutely could not un-see that.

This had a strange, conceptual, quiet brilliance to it that I really appreciated. I loved when the model took the card out of the envelope holding her lapel together, and posed with it like it was a clutch. And she really made this paper look like one unified textile instead of a zillion envelopes glued together.

Pretty impressive, Han. Do you think he added a foot of hair extensions to that ponytail just to hide the awful construction in the back of that skirt? Honestly, if so, kudos to him. He was safe, so it clearly worked. But still, this skirt is a straight-up nightmare.

He attempted the same method of working with the envelopes as Han, but look how much more tortured his garment looks than hers. This was the most wearable look out of the bunch. The clear winner, in my opinion. I have a bit of a crush on Kelly, who I call Michelle Visage in my head.

The old farts on the judging table were clutching their pearls at the idea that someone besides Katy Perry would actually wear this, but I absolutely do not think you need to be a pop star to pull this off. Crop tops are everywhere, and this crop top is straight-up phenomenal.

Congrats to Kelly, my new favorite. This has a quiet, understated elegance to it that is incredibly hard to achieve with this material. I like that she used cards and envelopes in a way that made them look like structured seaming. That elevated this look in a major way. I forgot this one existed. Some construction issues, but nothing disastrous; just too simple a concept to really stand out. The top half is phenomenal; the bottom half is so hideous it actually pains me to look at it.

I adore it. Every designer fits within one of the moulds the producers have created and nobody seems to care how glaringly obvious it is on TV. Swapnil is the Sandhya of this season…. He seems mean. Drama kween alert!! Lindsey seems like a beautiful, interesting personality that has no place here.

I like her gracefulness. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Project Runway: now with more racism!

Photo: Lifetime. Rate this:. Bryce Black. Kahindo Mateene. Kojii Helnwein. Timothy Westbrook. Brittany Oldehoff. Ben Chmura. Monique Darton. Danyelle Vilmenay. Diana Eng. Marla Duran. Alexandra Palmer. Eyen Chorm. Kit 'Pistol' Scarbo. Victorya Hong. Robert Best. Joe Faris. Benjamin Mach. Samantha Plasencia. Olga Kononova. Joanna Coles. Becky Ross. Jesse LeNoir. Nora Caliguri. Peach Carr. Guadalupe Vidal. Marcia Mitchell. Kevin Christiana.

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【ENG SUB】Project Runway Thailand EP.1 [3/6] - 07-05-2022 - JKN18

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project runway s14e02 torrent

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