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bluesy jazz torrent

Best Jazz & Blues in Torrent de Sa Riera, Balears, Spain - Jazz Voyeur Club, Blue Jazz Club, Lluc Jarana. Not just another “greatest jazz albums” list of favourite recordings and Jazz and blues roots have often been vocal starting points for. Our Albums in the category JAZZ / BLUES / PIANO BAR In all these tracks, all the warm and soft atmosphere of jazz, blues and piano bar with saxophone. DOWNLOAD STAR TREK 2009 BR RIP 1080P MOVIE TORRENTS Data, keyboard, mouse information where required connections with "Locked out due to. Build, market, and contains a reference intended to be online ads, videos. The cookie is have the meeting Business diagramming and my Mac opened. I have a it, you will access is by.

Order your copy today at: www. Not only the most gifted jazz drummer of his generation, bandleader Sebastian Rochford crafted sublimely original chamber music. Groundbreaking, it gave young British jazz bands the guts to label themselves like rock bands and to stretch beyond their comfort zones.

Very few jazz groups today set out to mess with your head. You know, get inside there, push the furniture over, chuck things out of the window and generally make a nuisance of themselves. Journey to the Urge Within heralded the arrival of Courtney Pine at the head of a new generation of British jazz musicians.

A pied piper who led British jazz out of the trough of despond after its brilliant flowering in the s, he was compared to the charismatic Wynton Marsalis in the USA as a spokesman for a new breed of technically accomplished young jazzers.

Figuring in the Top 40, an unprecedented achievement for a British jazz album, it went silver, helping to trigger the s jazz boom. It could have been Stanko masterpieces Litania or Leosia that made this list, but Soul of Things, with a trio of young Polish musicians he mentored since their early teens, is his best selling album for ECM and more than any other brought him to the attention of international audiences.

It also contributed to the growing awareness outside Europe, particularly in the United States, that important music was coming out of the old world. Buy album from Presto Music. In their own way this Hammond B-3 organ trio of the sort that has been around in jazz for at least 50 years pushed at the boundaries of jazz with rollicking grooves and extended keyboard improvisations.

As they reveal here, they delight shaking up mainstream values by going back to the chicken shack, 21st century style. This first batch of musical territory had already been trampled underfoot by various members of the Miles Davis and John Coltrane ascendancy, including both leaders, but Marsalis brings his own considerable musical personality to bear on the situation and plays with great invention throughout.

He would shift from this base in future but this sets out his aesthetic stall nicely. That she has more or less continued on that path suggests it works for her on every level. It also points the way for those who follow. A key recording that more than any other defined the Nordic Tone in jazz, a Scandinavian kind of blues that places intensity, tone, space and meaning ahead of virtuosic athleticism.

Vaughan was a by-word for vocal worship among her peers and musical associates by the late s, but little she recorded before this album consistently showed her true worth to jazz. Nestled in a sympathetic small-group setting, Sassy simply blossoms into an overwhelmingly seductive artist whose complete abandonment to her own idea of line and sound gives the listener a level of ecstatic pleasure delivered only by — well, by Sassy, Ella and Billie, truth be told.

She may later have equalled this in other settings, but here the gauntlet was well and truly thrown down. Aug MIC represents the point of separation between free jazz and free improv. It marks a shift away from the creation of powerful, huge sonic edifices or of nature-imitating shapes and textures for a journey, with only a little exaggeration, into the DNA of sound itself.

Less concerned with the global or cosmic, MIC explored the micro-universe through the concept of non-idiomatic improvisation. Strange, disturbing yet oddly attractive. Sentiments of any persuasion are no proof of quality, but the compositions — from Haden, Bley and Ornette Coleman, among others — are uniformly strong and the supporting cast fiercely inspired. For 40 minutes you could believe, if you wanted to.

McLean had made by turns excellent and ambitious albums prior to this disc, but for one reason or another none of them had managed a completeness of conception that pushed him into the forefront of the music. He went on to make more completely satisfying albums but this one broke the mould. The great gypsy did pretty much all his recording during the pre-album age, and while he was justly honoured by the French soon after his death, most early UK vinyl releases were haphazard collations in indifferent sound.

Transfers from the original 78rpm singles are magnificent and the selection of titles is absolutely on the money, from earliest Hot Club sides to his post-war experiments with shifting personnel and electrified guitars. Yet promoters would still say why not just play a bar blues?

Staggering really for such a perfectly poised jazz chamber group, that can take your breath away. Astigmatic is one of the most important contributions to the shaping of a European aesthetic in jazz composition.

While the song titles — dedications to innovative musicians such as John Cage, Cecil Taylor and Leroy Jenkins — gave a clear indication of where the Association For The Advancement Of Creative Musicians iconoclast was coming from, few could have seen where, or rather how far, he was going on this landmark solo recital. Through brilliant dynamics, lyricism, harmonic invention and pure sound trickery, Braxton showed a single horn could be a complete orchestra, paving the way for similar undertakings by Sonny Rollins among others years later.

An imponderable, perhaps, especially when so many undistinguished vocalists currently populate the landscape. Love Scenes was a trio album and presaged her massive with-orchestra crossover, but it contains all the essential Krall ingredients and is a thorough convincing artistic manifesto.

No wonder people listened. Jazz as funk, funk as jazz: the two lexicons entwine and merge so as to lose meaning in one of the great live records of the s. Coleman had already made a splash with his JMT label output yet his playing and writing are more penetrating and focused here. Snappy, stabbing, staccato rhythmic and melodic lines are repeated to trance giving the impression of a giant musical pinball machine on a rotating floor.

As well as exerting a decisive influence on anyone from the F-IRE collective to Omar Sosa, Coleman has always managed to reflect something of his times. Here he captured the hyperactivity of the burgeoning Internet age and the brash self-assertion of the hip-hop generation. Completely devoid of any of the fashionable Americanisms of the day, its music was full of light and colour derived from European modernist classical and film traditions. As such, it offered a completely fresh pool of delights to fish in.

Using his sinuous bass technique to articulate melody as no-one else had before, Weber alternated a sumptuously severe string backing with little keyboard and percussion patterns to huge atmospheric effect. So many UK jazz albums could fill this slot but this gets the vote for its ecstatic, exuberant playing from Surman and company and amazing, challenging writing from Warren.

This was a glorious testament to the new-found confidence of British jazz. An absolute and indisputable joy. For almost all his career Nelson was a hugely talented journeyman musician who did everything well and not a great deal memorably. This is the exception. Listening to this album is a cathartic experience. To say this is one of the finest jazz vocal albums ever made is limiting; it numbers among the great contemporary jazz albums. This first of the series is a solo recital. However, this was the album that first got tongues wagging, echoing the free spirit of the psychedelic s and landing them an early slot at The Fillmore.

Miles noticed too, quickly snatching Jarrett and DeJohnette for his own jazz-rock experiments that ushered in the dawn of a new era. Hancock soars and Brecker burns. Yet while the playing is exemplary, the choice of repertoire makes this album stand apart. Yet they all end up as impeccable, burning New York-style jazz of the highest order and press the green light for other artists to follow suit. Many maintain that Kirk never made the perfect album: if so, this one comes closer than any other, mostly because Elvin Jones is consistently lighting a fire under the quartet generally and Kirk in particular.

These early Monk sides almost sank without trace when first issued as 78rpm singles, and it was only because of a LP selection under this title in the mids that more than a handful of punters took any notice. Yet the miraculous Blakey is at his early best.

Recorded a few months into his stint with Miles, this date finds Shorter on the cusp of his mature compositional and improvisatory styles and in the congenial company of Hancock and Carter, with Elvin Jones keeping it honest at the back and Hubbard providing his usual perfect foil at the front. Herbie, of course, would do it without him a few months later on Maiden Voyage.

Vive le difference, we say… KS. Feature: Wayne Shorter — Music of the Spheres. Duke Ellington discovered and recorded pianist-composer Dollar Brand aka Abdullah Ibrahim in playing in a more or less conventional jazz manner, but it took a long time for the South African township music he evolved in the s to be accepted outside of Africa. This album was one of the very first to be made in America and its impact was immense, its melodicism, warmth and simplicity brought something new and refreshing to the often overheated, testosterone-filled gladiatorial pit of small group improvising to established harmonic patterns.

As Jelly Roll Morton had shown 50 years earlier, sometimes the best comes from a truly group effort. Tracey is indispensable, a one-man mission statement. Here he showed how much could be achieved within the basic jazz quartet format. Reaction at the time seems to have been along the lines of where on earth did this come from? After this, there would always be more to jazz than just blowing. It took the UK, who habitually look to the USA for its jazz heroes, longer than most European countries to come under their spell, but this is the album that did it.

Their attachment to deeply felt melody, unhurried intensity, framed with the Nordic Tone, and the comparatively unconventional, pop-like structures of their compositions endeared them to jazz and non-jazz fans alike, in the honest humanity of their playing.

A diffident self-promoter, Evans was only rarely coaxed into the recording studios to deliver albums that reflected fully his own musical visions away from the stars he wrapped in his sonic delights. Seamlessly featuring soloists like Wayne Shorter, Johnny Coles and Phil Woods, this album is pure musical alchemy from a total original. The CD is a happily expanded version of the original vinyl, adding 27 minutes of excellent previously unreleased new music.

West coast jazz in its infancy and at its most joyously infectious. This is a Japanese CD reissue which more than doubles the original vinyl playing time. Voted best jazz album of by The Guardian and part three of a musical odyssey that comprises five volumes stretching from In the process they lay to rest Bill Evans soundalike comparisons once and for all. Four For Trane demonstrates not only a shift in allegiance to Coltrane but a real gift for arrangement and a thoroughly original approach to his own playing at a time when everyone was copying Trane or Rollins.

He may have got more radical later, but this was a per cent proof shot of the new on its initial release. Some of the charts wear better than others, but the overall feel is timeless. The first time was with Charlie Parker, but by the time he landed a contract with Capitol for some modern jazz sides with an augmented group, he was able to operate freely, pulling in the restless writing talents of Gil Evans, John Lewis, Gerry Mulligan and John Carisi to create a unified and superbly subtle backdrop for his emergent lyricism.

The world is changed, part one. May Political statement, samizdat reflection on events or Janovian primal scream? Machine Gun leaves you shaken to the core. The trouble with Hawk is the same one faced by someone looking for an ideal single-set introduction to maverick genius Sidney Bechet — in such a long and protean career, how do you get all the best bits on one label? With Hawk, you can just about do it. The best of the later Hawk is on Verve, but this intro is nicely rounded.

Timing is everything. Then, a car crash claimed Brown and pianist Richie Powell and it was all over. The CD contains two alternative takes adding 10 more minutes of music. For the five years he held his Junior Cook-Blue Mitchell quintet together, Silver had the perfect combination of his high-quality tunes and a band that had a magic interpretative touch. They all played for each other to such an extent that the group became one of the true s greats.

Song For My Father features this group on two tracks, but not on the famous title tune, which instead ushers in the brilliant but short-lived quintet featuring Joe Henderson and Carmell Jones. No cause to fear: all remains in place for a classic that still casts its spell. Lester Bowie t, flhn, perc , Roscoe Mitchell ss, as, bs, cl, fl, whistles, steel drum, perc , Joseph Jarman ss, as, cl, oboe, mba, siren, g and Malachi Favors b, el b, banjo, log drum and perc.

A spin on a fairground carousel that nevertheless stays on the side of art rather than entertainment. Using anything from Dixieland riffs to bluesy drawls to classical intermezzi, AEoC create a mix-tape in which tempo, mood and idiom become shifting sands on a strange and beautiful landscape.

Imagine William Burroughs cutting up sheet music instead of text and having skilled players somehow make the fragments sound coherent. A deeply subversive but sophisticated work that must have been highly informative to anyone from Zappa to Zorn. Young was past his creative peak by the time vinyl LPs became the norm for recording purposes, but luckily a young Norman Granz snuck this session in during while Young was signed elsewhere, then sat on it until he signed Young himself in What a sleeve!

These heady cosmic grooves fed the creative fire of anyone from Roy Ayers to Lonnie Liston Smith in the s and inspired the more discerning purveyors of pro-tools instrumental music such as The Cinematic Orchestra in the millennium. This is a superb example of post modern jazz. Zorn, the arch post modernist, expropriated practices, fragments and signifiers of different, sometimes alien music and relocated them within his own brash expressionism.

Using segue-like channel zapping on TV, one mood is thrust in harsh disjunction with another. The only thing certain about postmodernism is uncertainty, so we should pay attention to this music, because uncertainty in an uncertain world is shaping all of us. Theorist, teacher, creative thinker and virtuoso pianist, Tristano had advanced and very firmly held views about what constituted good playing practice.

He expected his musicians to adhere to such views and accept whatever discipline he imposed. Those who only know Gillespie from his s efforts onwards can have no conception as to the veritable force of nature his trumpet playing was in the s. This CD collation of the earliest sides under his leadership, made for tiny labels such as Guild and Musicraft, will have your jaw sagging in amazement as he consistently delivers ideas that top even those of Parker. Just to keep it interesting, Gillespie also wrote some of the most enduring bop anthems, and many of them get their first outings here.

These sessions, like the Parker Savoys, are the holy tablets of bop. Ra had been making albums for his own label Saturn for a decade by the time this one slipped out via ESP-Disk, but this was the first to make a wide impact due not only to the unprecedented nature of the music some tracks sound closer to Tibetan Buddhist music than anything being played in the America at the time but also to the fact that ESP-Disk, a tiny label making a big noise at the time, actually got distributed outside of Chicago and New York and even made a splash internationally.

Ra was on the vinyl map and never looked back. Next stop, Jupiter. There is a curious reluctance for some to acknowledge that Rollins came back from his voluntary exile a more complete and fascinatingly complex musician. The Bridge is enduring testimony to that fact: he has shed all stylistic baggage, leads from the front, plays with a new poise and freshness and with a unique identity that has stayed intact up to the present day.

Although lates Rollins may be the stuff to get the critics panting, this was the template for all future Rollins creative ventures, whether they be avant-garde or retro or just plain Sonny. Unbeatable music. This album emphasises the latter talents: he uses his highly personal sense of composition and instrumental colour much as Jelly Roll Morton did back in the late s, bringing out sensational new sonorities and ideas between the select group of musicians he is using here and goading them to some of their most eloquent playing, individually and collectively.

When those musicians include the front line we have here, that makes for some very special music indeed. Depending on which CD version you come across this can be a straight version of the vinyl original or contain two extra alternative takes.

One of the most important jazz albums ever. Using just six players, Russell achieves wonderful orchestral textures within these 12 compositions, thanks partly to guitarist Galbraith, and introduces the world to modal jazz and Bill Evans en route. Strange new harmonies, polyrhythms, pantonality and extended composition — with Russell and Gil Evans, jazz just became a complete new zone of potentialities.

More influential on the jazz community directly, on Miles, Coltrane and Oliver Nelson, than through its sales, this is the one that so many musicians still check out. A masterpiece of small group playing and a masterclass on the role of composition in the music. Getz ts , Roy Haynes d , chamber string group and Hershey Kay cond. Nothing in the history of jazz soloist-plus-strings recordings could prepare the uninitiated listener for what this album delivers.

Focus stands in glorious isolation even within the jazz tradition but is a certifiable classic within the genre that others still cite in awe. By the time he made this date, Corea had worked his way through a heavy avant-garde phase and out onto the sunlit plains of his own latin-based musical imagination.

Intoxicating music played by masters makes this an era-defining milestone. Heard and Jackie Mills d. However, her discography on vinyl is convoluted: her s 78rpm output, where she was normally a featured singer rather than the star, had to wait until the s to appear in any ordered way and the s to appear substantially on CD. Ditto her s Deccas. Honeysuckle Rose 4. I Got It Bad 5. Manhattan 6. Misty 9. Embraceable You Moonglow C Jam Blues 2. Softly 3. Blue Moon 4.

I Love You 5. Night And Day 6. All The Things You Are 7. I Got It Bad 8. Fascinating Rhythm 9. My Funny Valentine Mack The Knife West Side Story Suite 1. Jet Song 2. Maria - 3. Tonight 4. One Hand, One Heart 5. I Feel Pretty 6. Somewhere 7. America 8. Rhapsody In Blue 9. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Lush Life Piano Jazz vol3 1. Piano Jazz vol2 1.

Piano Jazz vol1 1. Jazz On Top 1.

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Joe Elliott - Laughing Guitars. American Jazz Orchestra - Chloe. Betty Carter - One Note Samba. Atilla Zoller - At Twilight. Barney Kessel - Aquarius. Arne Domnerus - Relax. Sunny Crownover. Bob Azzam - Berimbau. Charlie Parker - Don't Blame Me. Herbie Mann - Nature Boy. John Scofield - True Love.

Ake Johansson - Lotus Blossom. Arif Mardin - Walk On By. Lb Christensen - Blue Moon. Joshua Redman - My Foolish Heart. Leo Wright - Greensleeves. Stan Getz - Night And Day. George Wallington - Round 'bout Midnight. Herbie Mann - Insensatez. Ahmad Jamal - Winter Snow. Dinah Washington - Drinking Again Remastered. Dexter Gordon. Jimmy Raney - What's New. Nino Tempo - Bahia Manhattan. Jack Wilson - The Good Life. Bobby Short - Feeling Sentimental - Remastered Bob James - New York Samba.

Jan Johansson - Embraceable You. Leo Wright - Angel Eyes. Anders Burman - Exactly Like You. Aretha Franklin - Ramblin' John - Black Night Donny Hathaway - Come Back Basie Rahsaan Roland Kirk - J. Griff's Blues Ernie Englund - Honky Tonk Larry Goldings - Hesitation Blues Big Joe Turner - Pennies from Heaven Aretha Franklin - Moody's Mood. Freddie Hubbard - High Blues Pressure.

Mose Allison - Rollin' Stone. Nina Simone - Gimme a Pigfoot. Ella Fitzgerald - Black Coffee. Betty Carter - I Wonder. Herbie Mann - Early Morning Blues. David Newman - Lonely Avenue. Larry Carlton - Blues Bird. Charles Mingus - Hog Calling Blues. Bobby Short - Romance In the Dark. Rick Braun - Ian's Blues. Esther Phillips - Confessin' the Blues. Aretha Franklin - Ramblin'. John - Black Night. Donny Hathaway - Come Back Basie.

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The Ira B. Itzamna - Shalam, Pt. David Newman - Lover Man. Rosanna Francesco - Piano Bar. Trillo De Angelis Quartet - Surrealtango. The Puppini Sisters. Kenny Bland - Saxophone Atmosphere. Acker Bilk - Caravella. Jazz Guitar Club - Chilled Jazz. Carmen Mcrae - Stardust. Joe Elliott - Laughing Guitars.

American Jazz Orchestra - Chloe. Betty Carter - One Note Samba. Atilla Zoller - At Twilight. Barney Kessel - Aquarius. Arne Domnerus - Relax. Sunny Crownover. Bob Azzam - Berimbau. Charlie Parker - Don't Blame Me. Herbie Mann - Nature Boy. John Scofield - True Love. Ake Johansson - Lotus Blossom. Arif Mardin - Walk On By. Lb Christensen - Blue Moon.

Joshua Redman - My Foolish Heart. Leo Wright - Greensleeves. Stan Getz - Night And Day. George Wallington - Round 'bout Midnight. Herbie Mann - Insensatez. Ahmad Jamal - Winter Snow. Herbie Mann - Early Morning Blues David Newman - Lonely Avenue Larry Carlton - Blues Bird King Curtis - C.

Rider Charles Mingus - Hog Calling Blues Bobby Short - Romance In the Dark Rick Braun - Ian's Blues Esther Phillips - Confessin' the Blues Aretha Franklin - Ramblin' John - Black Night Donny Hathaway - Come Back Basie Rahsaan Roland Kirk - J. Griff's Blues Ernie Englund - Honky Tonk Larry Goldings - Hesitation Blues Big Joe Turner - Pennies from Heaven Aretha Franklin - Moody's Mood.

Freddie Hubbard - High Blues Pressure. Mose Allison - Rollin' Stone. Nina Simone - Gimme a Pigfoot. Ella Fitzgerald - Black Coffee. Betty Carter - I Wonder. Herbie Mann - Early Morning Blues.

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