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Games Workshop: Warhammer World · Blood Bowl · Forge World · Necromunda Kill Team: [email protected]; Warhammer Quest: [email protected] Kuldotha Forgemaster. 1. Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient Volcanic Torrent. 1. Wheel of Misfortune Possibility Storm. 1. Quest for Renewal. Anax, Hardened in the Forge Art Series: Torrent Sculptor MTG Back/MTG Reversed Back Misprint Round Corner Filler Card. DOBRE PROGRAMY UTORRENT MAC Audio chipsets from logs to confirm in motherboards from automatically converted to. Collectives on Stack. By contrast, Vector to the MySQL for one or to choose E-mail. Acronis True Image learn more about the classic view your machine and that check for.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Level 2. Forge Forge is an implementation of Magic the Gathering that lets you play against opponents using most of the rules of a real game.

You can construct decks for you, your friends, and the computer to play with. Currently and counting cards are available. We now include over schemes, vanguards and planes. You can also play in a draft, sealed deck format or in a gauntlet against opponents. One to host and one to join and play. For remote over the Internet play you will need to ensure that the port used by default is forwarded to the hosting machine. Last edited by PattyFatty , Mar 24, Reactions: x GBAtemp Patron.

Level Very cool. When you say it has "most of the rules" what do you mean? What is altered? Click to expand Taleweaver Storywriter Member. Kazuma77 Well-Known Member Member. Level 6. Thanks for this. I can't wait to check it out. As for Norton giving a false positive, not surprising. Taleweaver said:. I'm not too familiar with forge, but I assume this goes about the open-ended nature of magic: the gathering.

While it has basic rules, there are so many cards out there that alter parts of it that it's nearly impossible to predict how certain cards will affect certain other cards. There are rules for conflicts as well, but it can get pretty technical if you really want to I've seen manuals of over a hundred pages Last edited by Kazuma77 , Mar 28, Check for new posts.

Post reply. Please be patient. Deck generation is now strictly conforming the colors chosen. You won't get any Boros Reckoner in a RG deck, that could be added before the change because its manacost could be paid with red mana. Avacyn's Piligrim won't be added in a deck that has green but doesn't have white, though it does not consume, but produces white mana. As well there won't be added any creatures whose activated abilities require colors not choosen for a given deck.

That is to say that now color identity is used for deck generation, that allows a better filtering of cards. On declare attackers step you have to click the entiry you are about to attack and then click on the creatures that should attack it.

Clicking on a planeswalker or player visually highlights it, so that you will see whos attackers are assigned at the moment. By default your first opponent is pre-selected. Booster slots are now way more customizable. This change allows us to implement DGM boosters correctly. Note that custom cube. They require a booster description instead of Num Rarity N lines.

Find example records in files describing SkieraCube and Juzamjedi cude coming with Forge. Singleton parameter is obsolette, since all cards within a booster slot are unique. Ignore rarity is also deprecated, for Booster options allow you to pick cards regardless of rarity with 'any' word standing for ignored rarity. We have received reports that the quest challenge start in play cards are not appearing on the battlefield for people who were playing the classic mode rather than the fantasy mode.

This should now be fixed. We are taking baby steps toward Commander but there are some hurdles left before we get there. We need to implement the replacement effect that moves the commander back to your command zone; the cost-changing depending on how many times you've cast your commander; generating colorless mana if you try to generate mana outside your commanders color identity and AI for all the above. Customize your Sealed Deck games with fantasy blocks:.

We have an informative topic at CCGH which explains how you can create "fantasy blocks" and the greatly increased flexibility you have when you are building your own blocks. You can create and save your cube as a constructed deck. Place the. This file format is outdated.

Instead there should be a line describing a booster. Booster: 1 Rare, 11 Common, 3 Uncommon. Booster: 5 Common, 5 Uncommon, 5 Rare, 1 Mythic. This problem should be fixed. This problem has now been fixed. Mana Vortex required 2 lands, Emrakul gave 2 extra turns, Empty the Warrens creatures two Storm triggers instead of one.

Added support for AI vs AI matches. There is a checkbox which allows you to view the AI vs AI match. This is a work in progress and is not finished. While it appears to work OK there is still a need for a few UI changes. These AI vs AI matches will not be a good way to test out various deck types against one another as the AI does not understand card combos and the AI is still limited at this time.

Constructed mode Human vs Human Hotseat matches:. Hotseat matches are now possible. This mode has some known bugs to fix. At this time both players must use the same computer. Human vs Human matches via the internet is planned and should become available sometime in the future. Using predetermined decks in quest mode Challenges:. Added the capability to play Challenges vs predetermined decks along with a few other related options to disallow specific quest mode things.

They seemed to be the best duel deck compatibility for the AI. Targeting arrows will now be shown for equipments equipping permanents currently under opponent's control for those rare cases when e. The AI evaluated the basic lands higher than anything else. For example the best pick in a card set would become the 75th best pick, the 20th best pick would become the 95th and so on.

Divided this factor by 3 so the first pick would become the 25th pick. Please test whether this has improved the draft experience. This version of Forge includes basic support for AI opponents making use of the planar die in Planechase game mode. The AI will be able to use the "Roll the planar die" ability for most of the planes currently supported by Forge.

Please note that this AI is currently in its infant stage, so don't expect it to utilize the planar die in a very smart fashion. These deck files can be loaded into a basic text editor. You can view the contents of the deck files this way. There is a metadata line for the deck's difficulty setting. Normal decks do not contain this metadata line for the deck's difficulty setting.

Starting with Forge version 1. You can add a line for the deck's difficulty setting using a text editor and then saving the deck file. Currently, Forge will recognize the following settings:. At the start of a new quest you will only face opponent decks that have an easy difficulty setting. After you have won a number of matches you will then face the opponent decks that have a medium difficulty setting.

After you have won an additional number of matches you will then face the opponent decks that have a hard difficulty setting. Opponent decks that have a very hard difficulty setting may occassionally appear as a possible opponent instead of a opponent deck that has a hard difficulty setting.

We were not able to release version 1. You can now right-click on a color filter button to show only cards of that color, filtering out all other colors. Similar with card type filter buttons. Can double click row for deck to open it in addition to clicking edit icon. The selected tab on each draggable pane will now be remembered between sessions.

Fixed bug where hover effect didn't work the first time hovering over a row that had just been deselected. Fixed bug where middle and right clicking buttons did the same behavior as left clicking, and fixed bug where clicking multiple buttons quickly such as filters while moving the mouse around would result in clicks not registering sometimes.

Fixed so cards are "selected" on mouse up instead of mouse down, allowing things like drag drop and zoom to work if the card is currently actionable. Fixed so, after dragging a pane tab to a new location, the pane it was in before selects its most recent remaining tab instead of being blank.

Now you can gaze at your HQ images in all their glory with just a flick of the mousewheel, holding the middle mouse button down, or holding the left and right mouse buttons down at the same time. This feature will also increase the size of low quality pics up to the size used for high quality pics, but the image will not be very clear.

All reset buttons now appear under Troubleshooting section. Increased visibility of Troubleshooting section by moving to the top of the preferences screen. Added confirmation dialogs to all reset buttons. Converted Skins list to themed combo and added to new Visual Themes section.

New Visual Themes setting to hide or show background image on match screen. Default show. These new themed combo boxes when used with a theme which uses white colored text will cause readability problems for people using Mac OS X. Remembers whether the window was maximized or un-maximized. The first time you launch Forge after this update, the window will be maximized on default monitor, with x centered being used if you un-maximize.

This matches how it worked before. Remembers last un-maximized size even if the window is currently maximized such that, if you un-maximize the window, it will restore to that size at the center of the current monitor. Window will be made accessible even if monitor setup or screen resolution is different between sessions. If a card is a flip- or double-sided card then you can easily view the alternate image using The standard flip graphic the two rotated arrows is displayed if the card can be flipped or transformed.

The menu on the Home Screen is now scrollable using either a mouse wheel or arrow buttons that will appear at the top or bottom if scrolling can occur in that direction. The Deck Editor and Exit Forge buttons are now laid out vertically to make it easier to add launch buttons for new screens coming down the pipeline hint, hint The menu on the Home Screen has been made narrower and the logo size increased to decrease whitespace and increase the width of the main panel.

Release notes added to Games Settings section. There's a new user preference that lets you choose whether a 0-cost block should prompt you to pay or to pay it automatically. This only affects blocking situations where you would have to actually pay 0, e. By default you'll be prompted for payment, allowing you to, for instance, prevent forced blocks by activating War Cadence for 0 then not paying the block cost. The changes that you make are saved to files that are named "editor.

Sometimes people will decide that they do not like the changes that they made and wish to go back to the original layout. You will find at this location two buttons that will reset the match layout and the deck editor layouts.

The feature is half-complete now. Forge can read subfolders in constructed deck, you may start game with such deck, but cannot yet edit decks in subfolders nor manipulate subfolders. Click console to toggle visibility. The Commander gaming mode has been added and is located in the Variant view. This is a work in progress and is not finished at this time. You are invited to play test this variant. Added new card id overlay. Overlays are now always displayed regardless of card image size if switched on.

Forge now includes most of the new Theros cards. It may take a few days before these new card pictures become available for downloading via the "Download LQ Card Pictures" button. The LQ set pictures tend to take a few more weeks to process before they become available for downloading via the "Download LQ Set Pictures" button.

A number of people have reported this bug and we now feel that it may have been fixed in this version. Please play test this version and let us know. Titlebar is now skinned instead of displaying using standard OS window titlebar. Maximizing window now displays full-screen. Draft Deck Editor will now automatically open after finishing and naming a draft.

Fixed bug where switching away from a Draft and back would lose your picks. Fixed bug where Draft tab remained open after finishing a draft and would crash if clicked at that point or another draft started. Prevented canceling naming a draft, which would cause a crash. Standardized appearance of combo boxes. Removed separation between text and drop down glyph. Fixed combo boxes on Constructed home screen to update properly when skin switched. Forge now display navigation tabs in the titlebar and supports switching screens without closing them.

By default, Home and Deck Editor are available as tabs, with another closable tab added for any game you start. X button in upper right can now exit Forge rather than closing the current screen and going back to Home screen, depending on user preference. To concede the current game, you can use the X button in the Game tab itself, and you will now be prompted for confirmation.

Deck Editor and Exit Forge buttons have been removed from the Home screen since they're both accessible on the titlebar. The first time you click the X button in the upper right, you'll be given the choice between the old behavior of closing the current screen and returning to the Home screen which matches what the X button on each navigation tab does or exiting Forge if already on the Home screen, or the alternative behavior of exiting Forge regardless of the current screen.

Your choice will be remembered so you won't be prompted again, though you can change this setting at any time in preferences. This way, whether you like the old behavior or expect that X button to exit the application, you'll be able to have it work that way. Also keep in mind that even if you choose to have that X button work like before, the tabs will remain available for switching screens without closing them.

Full Screen is now toggled using F11 and has its own button on the title bar. Maximize will no longer pretend to be Full Screen by covering up the taskbar. When in Full Screen mode, the titlebar will be hidden unless you move the mouse to the top of the screen.

The title bar will appear on top of other components if not locked rather than pushing anything down. The title bar will remain visible while accessing the Forge menu. Message and Input dialogs now appear properly centered and on top of main Forge window. The Forge button on the left side of the titlebar will drop down the same menu of options.

The Alt and Menu keys will also open this menu even if the titlebar is hidden , with full keyboard navigation of the menus then possible. The titlebar, minimize, maximize, and close buttons have all been increased in height to make room for the Forge button. Menu items have been increased in height to make them more touch screen friendly.

They also now enforce a minimum px width. F1 has been changed to launch the Forge wiki since it no longer needs to toggle menu bar visibility. Please update your Java runtime environment. At this point Forge versions 1. At this time Forge now requires Java 7 and will no longer run under Java 6. We hope to find and to use a different Mac OS X builder in order to continue releasing a Mac OS bundled application like we have in the past.

Double click on the "forge. This should be a temporary inconvenience. If hide tabs setting on, still show tabs for panes with multiple tabs. Add setting for Compact Prompt, which hides prompt header and reduces font size to allow the prompt to be smaller in your custom layout. Instead of displaying a dialog to select abilities, you'll now get a context menu when left or right clicking cards with multiple ability choices.

Each ability will have a keyboard shortcut of based on order. Unplayable activated abilities will still appear disabled so shortcuts are constant regardless of game state. Same for ability context menu described above and Game Prompt pane. Reminder text now appears in italics, with a preference that can be set to hide it. Added a new Quest Item, Charm of Vigor. Let's you play best of 5 games rather than best of 3.

This means it will try to use mana in your pool before mana sources in play, using colorless mana to pay the colorless part of the cost if any is available. You will no longer be prompted when using a "Add one of any color" ability to pay a colorless cost.

You can now press Escape to Cancel the current prompt even if the OK button has focus. Cards will now return to the same position in your hand if you cancel while paying their mana cost or choosing targets. You'll no longer be prompted for attackers if you have no creatures that can attack. You'll no longer be prompted for blockers if you have no creatures that can block any attacking creature. Multi-color cards containing a filtered color will no longer show up in catalogs.

Hybrid cards, split cards, and phyrexian cards will now show up so long as the card can be cast using only selected colors. To improve usability, right-clicking a color filter button will now also select the multicolor button so hybrids and split cards appear by default, and so 2 color cards show up if you then left click a second color filter button. Many message and confirmation dialogs now use skinned look with rounded border dialog on top of overlay.

You can now mark a card as a favorite in the Catalog by clicking the star icon in the first column. This will default the card to sort ahead of non-favorite cards if you sort on that first column which is now the Forge default. Filters are now available on Current Deck pane, replacing the need for the static stat labels. Color and Type filter buttons no longer wrap, instead growing or shrinking as needed along with the font the count string is too long.

Color and Type filter buttons can now be hidden, as well as be added from the Filters menu formally "Add filter". The caption is "Catalog" for the Catalog pane, and the deck name for the "Current Deck" pane. Checkboxes are now available for each filter type, allowing that filter to be disabled and re-enabled without losing the configuration of that filter such as chosen sets. Adding a filter for formats, sets, and quest worlds now merges into existing filters of that type if possible to apply OR logic, rather than both appearing as separate filters with AND logic applied, likely resulting in no results.

Cards added to deck are now selected, even if multiple are added at once. The performance of adding and removing multiple cards at once has also been improved. When some but not all copies of a selected card are removed from the deck, that card now remains selected in the case of multiple cards being selected. Fixed an easily reproducible crash that would cause the game to become unplayable if you accidentally tried to cast a card or play a land that you couldn't play at that time.

Fixed a crash that would occur at times when moving your mouse over the tables in deck editors. Components are no longer cached in memory for skinning purposes, which used to prevent some components from ever being cleared from memory.

Card images are now cleared from memory cache when switching screens and between games. Card display panels are now disposed during game play when its card leaves a zone. Support resetting and hiding filters. Support adding X copies of card at a time, where X is chosen using dialog. You'll now be prevented adding more than 4 copies of non-basic land cards in Constructed decks by default, with that number being configurable.

Full catalog now available for sideboarding in Deck Editor. Title field and buttons now available on Current Deck pane when on other sections, with the current section name displaying above the table. Most remaining dialogs are now skinned, including all message, confirmation, input, and list choice dialogs. Reveal-style list dialogs now focus OK button by default and support Escape and Close button without showing a Cancel button. Increased transparency of backdrop behind dialogs and make it appear over navigation bar instead of disabling navigation bar.

The initial implementation of the new Constructed mode lobby screen is now available. It is a work in progress, so you should expect some rough edges and missing functionality, but the lobby screen is functional enough so it's possible to choose decks and player types and start the match normally. Multiple variants can be applied to the same match now!

Planechase and Vanguard matches should now be started from the constructed match lobby by ticking the appropriate variant's checkbox in the variants panel at the top. It is not necessary to select only one variant anymore. Archenemy and Commander will hopefully also be implemented this way in the next beta release, but for now must be launched as before from the main variants menu.

Team selection is also planned for future releases, but at this time multiplayer matches will default to free-for-all. The ongoing discussion of this feature can be found in the following thread:. Forge now fully supports the distinction between cards with different art, which is most apparent with basic lands. It is now possible to specifically add cards with particular art in the deck editor, and cards with different art are now generated for random constructed decks, sealed deck pools, booster draft extra basic land pools, starting quest card pools, and quest card shop pools.

The deck file. In case you would like to avoid generating cards with random art in limited modes sealed deck, booster draft, quest mode in order to make your deck management easier when it comes to basic lands, you can uncheck the "Randomize Card Art in Generated Card Pools" option in the game preferences. When disabled, the generated limited mode card pools will feature one kind of each basic land with the same picture on all cards. A deck may explicitly define the edition and art variant of each card it includes.

If a deck specifies those for no card, Forge uses a special algorithm to determine which card printings were the latest by the moment all of deck's had been printed. These very editions of cards are used when loading deck into memory to reflect the flavour of the season when the deck was built. The "List View" combo box that had no other options has been replaced with two buttons, one for "List View" and one for the new "Image View".

In Image View, each card in the pool or deck has its card image displayed, with multiple copies of the same card each having its own image displayed. Card images support the same hover, selection, right-click and double-click behavior as rows in list view.

Forge will no longer crash when there are decks with unsupported cards. These cards will appear in decks and games player starts as a dummy without cost, types, abilities, but with explanation in card's text. The unsupported cards will be listed in the console window as Forge is loading. Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to pinpoint which decks exactly include these unsupported cards in order to list them. However, depending on your operating system, you should be able to either use your operating system utilities or third party software to make a search inside deck files for the offending card name, locate the problematic decks and either update or remove them.

Toggling off Deck Conformance in Preferences now properly allows adding more than 4 cards to deck in editor. Forge now generates foil cards in booster packs, which will be apparent in sealed deck, booster draft, and quest modes. Also, foil cards are now correctly displayed in the deck editor including the new pile view mode. The display of foil overlay can be disabled in user preferences in case you dislike the visual foil effect. Please note that this option is visual only and does not affect the internal foil generation as such.

Foil support is a work in progress and will be extended over time. The editor. Instead, each CardManager and DeckManager in deck editors, game launch screens, and deck viewer can have its own options configured individually on its View Options panel. This will show a panel containing checkboxes for each column, along with a "Unique Cards Only" checkbox on the Constructed Deck Editor Catalog.

Your choices will be remembered between sessions, as will any column sorting, repositioning, and resizing. You can toggle the View Options button again to hide this panel. All variants can now be applied via the constructed match setup. While moving Commander across, a basic experimental Commander deck generator was implemented. It will select a random two-color identity commander, and use those colors to build a two-color singleton deck. It is at least a starting point if someone doesn't have any Commander decks and doesn't want to or doesn't have time to build one.

Two quest mode pets have had their power reduced to reflect their strength relative to the rest of the other pets. The white Wolf Pet now has Lifelink instead of Vigilance, and the blue Bird Pet now scries for 1 instead of loots for 1 on combat damage.

This change is immediate, so make sure to download Quest Images to get the new pictures. Stack now supports vertical scrolling if there are enough items on it. Text for stack descriptions now displays with skin font. Fixed issue where field would disappear on match screen. Fixed issue where hand pane for player's you've MindSlaved wouldn't be removed after the effect ended.

Current Storm Count is now shown in the Card Detail pane for all storm cards. The token images are now specific to each set where possible. It is recommended that users delete the contents of their token image folder and download them again using the game's content downloaders. The default locations by operating system are:. Forge now includes all of the new Journey into Nyx cards. The Forge devs are not involved in maintaining the servers that house these pictures. You can now optionally have identical creatures stack as everything else does.

Credits are now awarded for life total differences, making more deck archetypes more rewarding. Win streaks now award cards at certain thresholds. New bazaar item allows for a greater bonus booster pack selection If you find yourself challenging only certain opponents in quest mode, try giving this button a click. It pairs you up with a random opponent to keep you on your toes.

An entirely new mode has been added to quests Compete in tournaments to win credits and booster packs, then keep the deck and the cards you drafted to use in your regular quest duels and challenges. Tournaments are generated every 5 regular duel wins and disappear every 15 a tournament rotates every 5 turns. If you get a 25 win streak or win first place in a tournament, you're awarded a token to generate a new draft right away. The most common cause of concurrent modification error has been fixed, so you should rarely encounter them anymore.

Even if you do, pressing Continue on the bug report dialog should now allow you to continue your game. Forge now supports playing background music!!! There are 4 tracks for the menu screens and 4 tracks just for the match screen. Tracks shuffle randomly as they finish, as well as when starting a new game or leaving the match screen.

A new "Enable Music" setting allows turning the music off, and toggling this setting can also be used to force a shuffle. The music is paused automatically if you minimize or switch away from Forge, and resumed when it's activated again. In addition, if you attempt to pass priority with mana floating in your pool that could be lost, you'll now receive a warning. You can now group cards by set, with the sets being sorted in reverse chronological order. As part of this, I've also fixed it so the headers for groups with no cards in them will now be hidden instead of appearing with a " 0 " after them.

There's now a button disabled by default that allows you to search for cards by their mana costs. It's a little finicky right now, but improvements will happen for the next version of Forge. You can now filter cards with simple boolean expressions.

Forge automatically detects when you want to use one, so just start typing away in the search box. This is a completely optional feature and will not change the way you use the search function in Forge, unless you specifically intend to use it. You can also use an AND operator to find cards with specific mana costs:. You can then construct large and very specific expressions to find exactly what you need:. More improvements are on their way in the next version of Forge, including removing the need for quotation marks and adding NOT operators.

Pressing "End Turn" now properly skips your attack phase and doesn't get cancelled automatically if a spell or ability is put on the stack. You will still be given a chance to declare blockers if your opponent attacks, but after that the rest of your opponent's turn will now be skipped properly.

To alleviate pressing this accidentally, as long as you're auto-yielding this way, you'll be able to press Escape or the Cancel button to cancel the auto-yield and be given the chance to act again. Added support for auto-yielding abilities on the stack so you don't have to press OK each time. Add column to Load Gauntlet screen to display your deck for the gauntlet. Fix so your deck is saved with a gauntlet when starting a quick gauntlet. Instead of crashing, prompt user to select a deck if attempting to load a gauntlet that doesn't have one saved.

Make it so Last Activity column isn't cut off and is formatted properly. Make it so double-clicking a gauntlet on the Load Gauntlet screen will launch it. Support sorting gauntlets and quests case insensitive.

Boolean expressions no longer require the use of quotation marks around your search terms, making it a far more useful. Boolean expressions been rewritten from the ground up to be faster and better at parsing your search terms. With the new parsing also comes NOT operators!

Place these before things to negate them. For example:. These can be a bit finicky at. This will possibly be implemented in a future update. For now, be sure. Unfortunately I did not have time to implement an order of operations for this release, but rest assured it's on its. You can now set how long you want quest draft tournaments to be available and how often you want them to be generated. Existing draft tournaments will not be affected.

There will no longer be a black rectangle for "Commander effect" in the command zone. The details previously available by hovering over that rectangle will now appear when hovering over the commander itself. The dialog for the commander replacement effect will now display the commander's name. Momir Basic is now available as its own variant option on the Constructed screen. For this format.

This also applies to spells with Replicate and Multikicker to allow picking the Replicate or Multikicker amount prior to paying the final mana cost. When playing spells and abilities with the text "target opponent", if you only have one opponent, you will no longer be asked to choose the opponent to target.

When triggered abilities have only one valid target, that target will now be auto-selected. Some artificial intelligence improvements were made in this version of Forge. The AI will now always attack with creatures that it has temporarily gained control of until end of turn in order not to miss the opportunity and thus waste the gain control spell.

The AI will no longer bounce guild lands back to hand right after playing them, which sometimes caused the AI to lock itself on land drops completely. The AI will now try to predict if it wants to cast a spell in Main 2 and reserve some mana for it instead of aggressively pumping creatures with all available mana. The AI will no longer waste equipment on cards that are useless e.

The AI can now optionally move equipment from one creature to another. The "Default" profile is set to only move the equipment to other creatures if the currently equipped creatures become useless for the AI, while the "Reckless" AI profile always moves equipment to better creatures when given a chance to if it has mana and if it doesn't need to reserve mana for a future spell in Main 2. Added new achievements for 19 alternate win conditions and 52 Planeswalker ultimates.

Trophies now have slick custom art that can be downloaded separate. We will not be releasing a 1. Beta 1. Quest drafts have been updated to be more valuable to your quest! Bug fixes: Drafts now correctly rotate based on wins and quest preferences.

Booster pack prices are now correctly calculated when presenting awards. Other misc. Now, when you place first or second, you will get to pick a rare in the drafted block's pool to keep. This is in addition to the already existing prizes. Additionally, when you spend draft tokens, you no longer receive a random draft.

Instead, you get to pick which block the new draft will be but you still have to pay for it! Yes, again! They say the third time's the charm, and, well, it is! Boolean expressions have undergone a complete rewrite again with a slightly different method of parsing that works much better. Parenthesis work correctly, order is preserved, and NOT operators are applied in the correct places and also in the correct order. This means that what you expect is what you really get!

There's one big change to note: The operators have been shortened to one character. There's a couple cards with exclamation points in their names, but again, you can escape that character to search for them. A few examples of possible expressions:. These examples should get you started with this powerful-now-that-it's-finished feature.

There may be some residual oddness with other triggers, so please report those if you see them so we can get that worked out. Instead of getting a modal list view when clicking on zone icons like Graveyard or Flashback, you'll now get a modeless floating window with actual cards. This floating window can be moved and resized as desired and can remain open while playing. You can click cards in these windows to activate them the same way you do with cards in your hand, so long as there's an action you can take with them.

If you close the floating window and later reopen it, it should remember its location and size. When hovering over items on the stack, arrows will now be displayed between that item and all of its targets both cards and players. When generating random decks or viewing unique cards only in the deck editor catalog, Forge will no longer pick an edition of the card which you don't have the image for if there's an edition of the card you do have the image for. Players' avatars will no display larger.

Players' life totals will no longer get cut off. The game now correctly calculates whether an attack declaration is legal, based upon the restrictions and requirements present on the possible attacking creatures. AI support is not yet fully implemented, but the AI can always default to a legal attack declaration.

You can now wrap all or part of a search expression in the Deck Editor or other ItemManagers in quotations to prevent matching on anything that doesn't contain all words within the quotes in order. For example, while searching for this expression:. The default phase stops have been reduced from all 24 to just This should optimize the out-of-the-box experience for users and help new users figure out when the optimal time to cast instant-speed effects is.

You can still customize these by clicking on the phase stop indicator, and your customizations will be remembered. Popup windows for zones Hand, Library, Graveyard, Exile, Flashback will now remember their position and size between sessions. Human and AI zones will each be remembered separately. Clicking the zone icon under a player's avatar will now hide the zone window if its currently open.

After the last card is removed from a zone window, that window will now automatically be hidden. An example of this would be casting the last card in the Flashback zone. Default size of zone windows has been slightly reduced. Prevent horizontal scrollbar appearing in zone windows.

Reduce flicker when resizing zone windows. Allow tapping multiple lands in a stack by continuing to tap on the top land of that stack. You can now hold the Shift key when clicking on mana pool icons to use as much of that mana type as possible towards the cost. Forge now supports showing XLHQ extra large high quality card pictures when zooming in on a card if these pictures are available.

XLHQ pictures should have the ". If the XLHQ picture is not available Forge will show you the regular card picture in the zoomed view, as usual. On the Constructed screen, you can now select a new Net Decks category from the drop down. Won't cause startup to be slower since they are loaded on the fly. Fix bug in default preferences causing game to crash.

If you cancel casting a spell after selecting cards to Delve, the selected cards will no longer get exiled. Forge now supports proper images for face-down creatures. In order to correctly.

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