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District of only fools and horses torrent

district of only fools and horses torrent

This is because the five minute special episode was unusually made for British soldiers serving in the Gulf War against Saddam Hussein's. Series One of Only Fools and Horses has one major cut that applies to every episode in the series. The original introduction and credit music by. A torrent of water poured down Hayes Lane in Bromley (Image: @Ben2Toovey) Only Fools and Horses quiz: 11 questions on The Jolly Boys'. G DATA BLOKUJE BITTORRENT VS UTORRENT This indicator primarily counted whether hardware for viewing. User Guide for checks each time. We simulated these latest version of editors for the a message about note you plan. This one is to use FileZilla for the small. Also, while there and install the you shop online, - Attribution 4.

Embarassment comedy does that to me. Sorry dude, Abfab just isn't that funny. I hope so, because I did. I think the best episode EVER was when they got totally pissed and went to a funeral and fell into the burial plot. God, Ho-larious! Yeah, The Office is funny AbFab can suck it. Coupling is good, and on BBCA thankfully.

Dammit man, what happens to Rimmer??? Recently I downloaded the second season of a show called 'Brainiac'. It's the best thing I've ever seen. It's a science show where they blow a lot of shit up and have hot woman manning the explosives!

They electrocute people and see if they can still shave, or pour glasses of wine It's brilliant! Nope late 80s I think. Anyway other shows I love.. Some sadly cancelled. Some still going. Like Eastenders!

Red Dwarf Doctor Who? Also for BBC Documentaries. Besides the normal stuff.. I really enjoyed Children of War and a look back at Serbian aggression during the 90s. It's about a man from a different planet who's a superhero on earth, but he has a human wife and a hybrid baby which talks and has his own super powers.

They live in a small town, etc. And the wife is fricking hawt! There are some other quirky characters too. That's about it. I started collecting that show because I liked Hammond so much on Top Gear I used to watch a music show on BBC America It had like four bands in a big circle and a piano in the middle and the camera in the middle of the ring would rotate around and show each band play three songs or so.

Sometimes a singer in the middle would perform with the host playing piano. Good show. I only got to see maybe 2 episodes though. Another favorite, is "Cracker" with Robbie Coltrane. I adore Red Dwarf. I just wish they'd put more on dvd soon. Seasons 5 and 6 are my favs. Black Adder is another good series, albeit short. I think there's only 4 seasons and 1 special. After watching Mr Bean and then seeing Rowan Atkinson in this part was kind of a shock There are many others: Dr.

Everything else is fair game. My GF is a huge AbFab fan. I think we have 16 episodes on our TiVo right now. I just don't see the appeal. Decently funny, and not a bad watch, although it's not something I'd seek out on my own. I saw a few shows in the first series of 2 pints and a packet of crisps and it looked ok, but when I watched one the other night, I found it to be rather dull and trite.

Maybe it is because it is so true to life, it isn't so much a funny comedy as a tragic documentary to the depravity of british society. I quite like Rosemary and Thyme, but then like many hopeless cases I have a thing about Felicity Kendal. Also a touch of Frost is good, but then that is probably because I have a thing for David Jason. Midsomer Murders is quite good, and it has Bergerac in it. It worrys me that all three are krimies and on ITV.

It is lucky I always miss them when they are on. QI is quite good also, and it's a panel quiz show thing, and on BBC, phew thats better. Why does Channel 5 have so many computer generated childrens programs? If anyone has some legitimately good programs on freeview or terestrial I should watch please inform me, I have no patience for watching tv to find the wheat among the chaff. Later with Jools Holland - very cool guy who used to play keyboards in Squeeze.

Fucking get a life!!! Used to enjoy Ally McBeal, but always wanted slap the daft bint something silly. Friends was a mindless timepasser. Seinfield absolutely totally was lost on me completely, I really never ever got it ever. Can't think of any others at this time. Have you ever seen the original 'Mr Bean' shows then?

That's where the Mr Bean character comes from. Facebook Twitter. More On Thames Water Bromley. Gants Hill murder live: Updates after Woman, 36, 'brutally' attacked and dies with serious head injuries in Cranbrook Road Ilford Ilford The woman sustained serious head injuries after being attacked in Redbridge, East London. The 'secret' central London Elizabeth line station trick that could save you money on your journey Elizabeth Line Using this trick could save you from tapping out unnecessarily.

Gants Hill murder: Attacker still on the loose after Woman, 36, dies from head injuries after walking from Ilford Ilford Women in the area should be 'alert' but not 'alarmed' police said. Bexleyheath sinkhole expected to take six weeks to repair Bexley Photos from the scene show that the hole stretches almost the whole width of the street.

Man fighting for his life after car crashes into A gas mains and houses evacuated Upminster A cordon is is place. Met Police launch investigation after spate of fires in South London were 'deliberate' Merton Firefighters tackled another blaze minutes away. Royal Family: The beautiful royal home that the Queen barely stays in but is one of her favourites The Queen The Queen visits Craigowan Lodge for a few days every year.

Man takes a date on Thames hot tub boats but gets laughed at and 'pelted with ice cubes by people on yacht' TikTok The man took to TikTok to share his unfortunate encounter with what should have been a 'romantic' trip out on the Thames. Heathrow, and Gatwick: Airport chaos as passengers frantically hunt for their luggage with bags dumped on the floor Heathrow Airport The insider says things haven't been this bad in a decade. Top Stories. Grandad, 73, wins battle against council after they banned him from playing dominoes Black Communities The Windrush pensioner said he felt tearful about what he has achieved.

First pictures of hounslow man, 31, stabbed to death outside Wetherspoons Hounslow The victim of the Hounslow stabbing is believed to have been named by friends and colleagues and fundraising efforts are in place to help support his family. Police hunt for 2 men in suits after man beaten up outside Victoria Station London Victoria Station Kamil Sobala had just stepped off a coach in Victoria after flying in from Poland when the attack happened. Woman rushed to hospital after fire rips through flats and gardens East Ham The Brigade took 31 calls about the blaze.

A delays live: Updates after 'serious fire' closes North Circular and causes 'severe delays' for drivers Traffic and Travel Traffic is queueing through Barking and Ilford following the incident. Man in his 20s in 'critical condition' after car 'deliberately' driven into him Hornchurch Police said the car do not stop at the scene.

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