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Thefilmopenswitha bandof brigands led by Raf Baldassarre ambushing Hercules at the Monte Gelato waterfalls, while beach exteriors when Telemachus is almost torn apart by wild horses were lensed at Tor Caldara. Hades was filmed in the Grotte Di Castellana the Grottoes of Castellana and the toxic menace of Hell seeps across the screen.

When the heroes arrive in Hades, a beautiful woman, naked and chained, attempts to waylay them, but she is an apparition, who laughs mockingly as she bursts into flames. Hercules has been told by Arethusa, Queen of the Hesperides Marisa Belli , 'Do not believe in what you think you see'. Hercules and Theseus hack through a dense tangle of vines, which scream as they are cut, the branches dripping blood. The melancholic, haunting music by Armando Trovajoli deploys grating gypsy violins as spellbound Deianara rises from her tomb and an eerie clarinet bodes ill.

For the macabre finale, as the stone tombs of Lico's corpse army creak open, Hercules rushes through Lico's dank cave lair to save Deianara. He is attacked by translucent-shrouded ghouls, which emerge from cobweb draped coffins and fly, swooping and clawing through the mist. At Lico's mountain-top sacrificial altar, amid a ring of monoliths, Hercules kills Lico and fights the spectres. As the sun emerges, Lico's corpse burns. The US release by Woolner Brothers, as Hercules in the Haunted World, features livelier title music and an animated title sequence designed by Filmation, its hypnotic swirls and flying ghouls resembling a schlocky drive-in poster.

Maciste Gordon Scott returns to his village to find it has been razed by pirates led by slave trader Amahl Van Aikens. Maciste's mother Emma Baron has been slain and his lover Giulia Leonora Ruffo sold into slavery in the faraway Arabian city of Salmanak. Astra who is in league with Kobrak takes Giulia hostage: Ko brak wants to use Maciste as the model for his race of zombies.

Maciste leads the Blue Men in an attack on Kobrak's lair, but the Blue Men are no match for the massed ranks of Kobrak's zombie army. Salmanak with its minarets, palace and bazaar was filmed at De Laurentiis Studios and the Kingdom of the Blue Men's azure grotto is typically Bavaesque. Kobrak's club-wielding zombies are 'slaves without a human soul', their skeletal faces a blank mask. Maciste survives sonic torture from a huge clanging bell by stuffing wax in his ears.

The sacking of Maciste's coastal village, as the pirates slaughter and pillage, was filmed at Tor Caldara. Maciste's numerous acrobatic brawls with the Salmanak guard feature an imaginative set piece in Salmanak's bustling town square. Scott's athleticism and acting are way above average for the genre he'd played Tarzan in four screen adventures. Italian poster for Maciste against the Vampire , which was also released as Goliath and the Vampires. Poster courtesy Ian Caunce Collection.

Argolese liberates a kingdom from the Dragon of the Mountains which he achieves via stock footage from Hercules and then travels to the city of Demios, deep inside a mountain, to save his lover Telca Spela Rozin and her people, enslaved by Queen Ella Carla Calo and henchman Kabal Ken Clark.

Virtually non-stop, noisy action ensues in this preposterous yarn which deploys stock footage from Mole Men against the Son of Hercules and sets from Ursus in the Land of Fire. Usurper Melissa Maria Fiore murders Ella and plans to drink Telca's blood, until Argolese lets fly, destroying the underground city as the creeping lava bubbles in. The warriors of Demios are flesh-eating cannibals, and tortured Argolese is chained between four elephants.

The city is accessed by a stone drawbridge, which spans a chasm of lava. Argolese uses an uprooted tree as an improvised bridge, then for extra thrills he wrestles a bear whilst gingerly crossing the log. Centurion Gaius Quintilius Ettore Manni is sent to Salmatia, a haunted land cloaked in tales of human sacrifice, torture and voodoo witchcraft, to track down a missing treasure.

Suspicion falls on Praetor Lutetius Mino Dora but the culprit is Aderbal John Drew Barrymore , the sorcerer high priest to the Goddess of Gold, a cult who worship the Daughter of Osiris, a golden cyclops statue which fires a blinding laser beam from its eye.

Aderbal plans to mobilise a reanimated army of zombie Roman soldiers. Roman Consul Lucilius leads his legions against Aderbal's forces, but the zombie hordes are indestructible. Gaius confronts Aderbal and Tullia in the sorcerer's lair, stabbing the statue's eye with his sword, which blinds Aderbal, causing the zombies to disperse. Aberbal's torch-lit cavern lair, a mist-swathed underground set filmed at CSC Studios , is dominated by the Goddess of the Night Star's statue.

Roberto Nicolosi's score adds to the unsettling atmosphere. Barrymore father of actress Drew Barrymore was a hellraiser off-screen and his performance as Aderbal, the zealot with a hypnotic stare, is histrionic. Aderbal's minions are knobbly faced mutants, who roam the misty battlefields by night, looting the dead, stealing treasure and carting off corpses.

When Aderbal drinks human blood, translucent corpses rise from their tombs, accompanied by dissonant choral chanting on the soundtrack. The film is undermined by sluggish scenes of court intrigue as Roman senator Andrea Checchi discusses foreign policy and by the liberal use of stock footage from Hannibal and Constantine and the Cross. When Aderbal conjures up wind and snow to slow down the invading legions, we're actually. The confrontation between Rome living and Rome dead is Hannibal's Battle of Cannae, with the ghostly zombie cavalry galloping in slow motion.

In a vaguely medieval setting, evil Prince Zara Furio Meniconi and his Kirghiz tribe covet the land of Hercules' neighbouring Chircassian tribe. Hercules is in love with the Kirghiz princess, Amiko Mireille Granelli , and they enjoy trysts in the Grotto of the Falcon. The countryside is being terrorised by a caped fiend.

Zara accuses Hercules of the attacks and then sacks Maliba, Hercules' village, blaming the monster. Amiko is a witch who turns men into the monster with her potion. At various points Hercules, his brother Ilo Ettore Manni and tribesman Fredo Claudio Ruffini are transformed into the beast without knowing it. The monster, with its scarred face, hairy torso, muscly arms and a black cape, runs madly through the woods, squawking like a parrot.

The film has a good, nocturnal atmosphere filmed in Italian woodland undergrowth and torch-lit grottos backed by Franco Trinacria's dramatic score. In the finale, Hercules transformed into the monster carries Katia to the top of a cliff, intending to throw her to her death. Ilo killsamiko, breaking the spell, and Hercules now himself extinguishes a forest fire by bursting a dam. Forest explains that 'Maciste' means 'I was born from the rock'. Just as Samson smote the Philistines, his son Maciste pummels the Persians, the oppressive regime who are enslaving the Egyptians in the eleventh century BC.

The pharaoh's son Kenamun Angelo Zanolli , bewitched by the Necklace of Forgetfulness, marries Smedes - until Maciste arrives and provokes a slave revolt. The exquisite costumes and lavish sets appear to have been left over from a more expensive production. Alonso makes her evil role count and Smedes commits suicide by throwing herself into a crocodile pit.

Whatever her shortcomings as an actress, she was a terrific dancer, which she demonstrated with a hip-notic, sensual showstopper in each of her pepla. Egyptian musical accompaniment was provided by Carlo Innocenzi and Maciste's feats include boulder hurling, lion and croc wrestling, ladder carrying and a bit of bar-bending and chain breaking. He escapes from the Cell of Death as the walls close in , destroys a bridge as the Persian cavalry cross it and helps slaves erect a giant stone obelisk.

The film also features some surprisingly gory action: in an arena a group of blindfolded slaves including women and old men are scythed down by a chariot with rotating knives on the wheels. Only in the final battle, shot in Yugoslavia, with extras poking each other with axes, pitchforks and spears, does the film falter.

Maciste Kirk Morris is recruited to stop this barbarity - save the sacrificial victims, save the world. Joseph Nathanson created the matte shots of Memphis, Innocenzi provided a Chinese-sounding score, and Bodin played Teniphus as a sexy, low-rent Cleopatra. Maciste enters the Mountain of Fire and battles a lion, the burning gates of the inferno, a rockslide and a giant caveman - all stock footage from Morris' Maciste in Hell.

Ferroni cobbled together extensive battle and burning city footage from his own The Trojan War and The Last Glory of Troy, while the women drummers in Moloch's Bavaesque lair were from The Bacchantes In fact, there's more stock than new footage. Antonio Leonviola's Mole Men against the Son of Hercules cast Mark Forest as Maciste here pronounced 'Machestus' , first seen on a beach reeling in a harpooned whale. He's attacked by the Mole Men - an anaemic subterranean-dwelling race dressed in white robes, masks, horned headdresses and grass skirts - who die when caught in sunlight.

Despite a second-rate plot and Armando Trovajoli's recycled score from The Giant of Metropolis , Mole Men features some impressive sets. Location footage was shot at Tor Caldara and the spectacular Umbrian Marmore Falls here wreathed in a rainbow , with interiors at Cinecitta.

The Mole Men's caverns are filled with mining paraphernalia: water jets, conveyors, chutes, pulleys and a heavy stone crusher, as the slave drivers whip hundreds of labourers toiling at the Great Wheel. Torture and suffering are commonplace: as punishment, one lax Mole Man guard is chained in the sunshine and reduced to a skeleton, and Maciste is placed in a cage with an ape man.

As the slave uprising is stalled by the Mole Men's accurate archery, Maciste uses the Great Wheel to demolish the. The film has added cult value for the early performance by future Euro-star Gianni Garko as villainous Katan the Mole Man. It opens on the Island of the Cyclops, the lair of the last descendant of Polyphemus. Queen Capys Chela Alonso of Sadok is doomed with a curse which can be lifted only when the last heirs of Ulysses are dead. Capys' soldiers attack the village of King Agrisandro Germano Longo , killing him and capturing his wife Penope Vira Silenti , but their baby son Ulysses' heir survives.

Efros Massimo Righi takes the boy to Maciste Mitchell - despite the title, Atlas is nowhere to be found, even in the English language dub. Maciste hides the boy on Mount Ramak and rides to Sadok. Location scenes were shot on Tor Caldara beach. For a chase between two galleys towards the Cyclops' island, Maciste rows a galley by himself The film remains a cult favourite for its towering title villain played by Aldo Padinotti , whom Maciste blinds with a sword and buries in rubble.

With blind shepherdess Doreide Maria Luisa Merlo , Ursus heads across the desert Tor Caldara, Lazio and then travels to the tropical island, where he battles its evil queen. A good 'mystery peplum', Ursus was shot on location in Italy and Spain including on leftover sets from King of Kings [] and has a score by Roman Vlad. The incredible arena finale had Doreide regain her sight and Ursus or rather Fury's stuntman convincingly tossed and trampled by an unleashed wild bull.

In Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia's Ursus in the Valley of the Lions , Ursus Fury , the infant son of a dethroned king, is abandoned in the desert and raised by a family of lions. Anya is lowered into a pool of quicksand by evil Lothar, who gets his comeuppance when he falls into an animal pit and dies abruptly of hyenas. Fury makes a great doomed hero, an unfaltering force to be reckoned with. The scene when Ursus returns to his desert grotto, only to find his beloved lion family slaughtered, deliberately killed by Lothar with poisoned.

Shepherd Ursus Fury and his people are oppressed by a warlike tribe from the Mountain of Fire, who covet the shepherds' land. Hamilar, with his lover Mila Claudia Mori and henchman Lero Pietro Ceccarelli , massacres the shepherds' village and leaves Ursus buried in a rockslide. Ursus in the Land of Fire is successful through its arresting combination of sets and violence. The region's volcanic atmosphere is evoked through Italian landscapes swathed in smoke, intercut with eruption stock footage.

The cavernous sets were decorated with giant gargoyle effigies of the Fire God Ayat and other grotesqueries, and Carlo Savina provided the lush score. Ursus takes part in Hamilar's grand tournament in a conspicuous disguise: a finned helmet and an outfit with leopardskin trim. He takes on all comers in the quarry arena during a muscle-twisting Trial of the Chariots and battles Lero and five highly trained wrestlers including stuntmen Nello Pazzafini and Giuseppe Mattei near a spiked pit, before being put to work driving the city's millstones.

Fury is a fine hero, especially during the fight scenes and when he wanders, dazed, into the razed shepherds' village. Epitomising his indestructibility, colossal, lumbering Ursus, with his quiff, sheepskin jerkin and boots, emerges dusty but unscathed from beneath the rubble of a volcanic eruption. Vengeance ofursus headlined another muscleman contender as the hero - Canadian wrestler Samson Burke. The film benefits from plenty of action: a bandit attack on a barge, Darius menaced by a hungry ocelot, a tavern brawl and the final storming of the city by Zagro's army filmed at De Paolis Studios.

Pugnacious, brokennosed Burke for once looked like a man who wrestled lions, fought elephants and brawled with soldiers. In Arabia Ursus is pitted against an Ursus impostor Mimmo. The real Ursus is blinded by acid for many of the combat sequences and his companions have to direct his movements.

Ursus also duels with Semur Nello Pazzafini , the axe-wielding leader of the desert-dwelling Tanusi. With location footage lensed in Yugoslavia and the Sulam dancing girls played by the Ballet of the Zagreb Opera, Samson thrusts its muscleman hero into a familiar tale of court intrigue and civil war. What hoists Samson above standard fare is director Gianfranco Parolini's brisk staging of the two-fisted action.

Samson wrestles Igor, a well-oiled Ural mountainman, and fights Millstone blindfolded. Warkalla flees on a raft but, weighed down by treasure, drowns and is eaten by sharks. Mais non Plus' , with his rodent-like features and creepy sadism - a peplum nosferatu. Hercules Harris returns to Arkad to find Queen Canidia on the throne and the city rife with rebellion. The film is a remake of Samson and Steel appears as villain Janek, who with his four Neanderthal brothers challenges Hercules.

Hit and Myth: Peplum Send-ups As pepla gained popularity in Italy and abroad, overt self-parody crept into the formula. All males who land on the Amazons' island are used for one night of passion and then put to work in a stone quarry guarded by bears.

Shot in Italy and accompanied by a comic musical score that includes ragtime jazz and mambo, this intended romantic farce is an incoherent mess. Ignazio Leone appears as comic relief Egyptian Sofo who invents the boomerang. The two heroes find themselves shipwrecked and captured by the Bird Queen Dominique Boschero in a feathered outfit, which resembles an ostrich.

Ulysses hides in the caverns of King La go Gianni Santuccio , the head of a troglodyte army, and Heracles agrees to join King Icano, Lago's enemy, if he can marry the king's daughter Helen Alessandra Panaro , an agreement that doesn't please her lover Adrastes Raf Baldassarre. The film is self-parodic in its approach to the genre and its most memorable feature is the queen and her bird army a flock of extras in feathery loincloths and beaks who live in a tropical paradise.

They prepare to sacrifice the heroes to their god, the Mighty Vulture. During the ritual the feathery fiends perform a frenzied sacrificial dance, which resembles synchronised aerobics. The film ends with an impressive dust-swathed desert battle scene between King Icano's forces and Lago's trog minions.

The finest parody peplum was Duccio Tessari's directorial debut Sons of Thunder , which starred former stuntman Giuliano Gemma as Crios, the youngest and smartest of the Titans. King Cadmus of Crete Pedro Armendariz kills his wife and declares himself a god.

With Queen Hermione Antonella Lualdi he makes himself immortal and will remain so until the day Cadmus' daughter Antiope Jacqueline Sassard falls in love. The gods release Crios from Hades with instructions to kidnap Cadmus and drag him to the Avernus, the entrance to Hades.

Sons of Thunder was bankrolled by Franco Cristaldi for his Vides production company. It was shot in Italy and Spain on sets decked with palm trees from King of Kings. Carlo Rustichelli provided the score, which is as playful with peplum convention as Tessari is with the form. Gemma his hair dyed blond is brimming with confidence as the acrobatic lead, a trickster immortal posing as a country boy. Gemma's poetic love scenes with Sassard are the finest romantic interludes in pepla - 'All you need is love: he tells her in the fadeout, having sent Cadmus back to Hell with a thunderbolt.

Tessari's bravura set pieces include Cadmus' soldiers chasing Crios through the marketplace acrobatic Gemma trampolines on stall awnings , a corrida in a bullring and a manhunt with Rator the prey. There were 12 Titans in Greek myth and the youngest was called Kronos - here they are 10, who apart from Crios are bearded strongmen. The fantasy elements feature special effects by.

In Hades, Sisyphus rolls a stone uphill, Prometheus has his liver pecked out by a vulture and starving Tantalus is tantalised by fruit he'll never reach. Crios bribes a giant Hades' guard with a ring in order to enter the Underworld and steal Hades' helm, which endows invisibility. He rescues Antiope from her island prison by outwitting a snake-haired Gorgon sorceress, and to attack Cadmus he buys a quiver of lightning bolts from a Cyclops.

In the white caverns below the city, the Titans face Cadmus' indestructible soldiers, but Crios breaks the spell by breaching a dam with a thunderbolt. Sons of Thunder is a masterpiece of Italian cult cinema, its vitality and imagination making it one of the top pepla. The Hero! Smarter than a Fox! Braver than a Lion! Cuter than a Pussy Cat! Jupiter Furio Meniconi decides to punish them, but Mars and Venus flee to earth where they enlist the help of Thracian general Milos to build a tower up to Olympus to obtain power.

Vulcan foils their plan, falling for earthly Etna Bella Cortez in the process. Directed by Emimmo Salvi, Vulcan has some of the wildest footage in the genre. Vulcan is discovered by a group of sea nymphs on Tor Caldara beach. They are imprisoned by Lizard Men, with scaly backs and tails and vampire teeth, and saved by Neptune's Tritons, undersea fish-men.

Gordon Mitchell had a supporting role as Pluto, the God of Darkness, and Salvatore Furnari appeared as Vulcan's midget sidekick, Jaho, who infiltrates the Thracian camp disguised as a bush. Vulcan, the Blacksmith of the Gods, tends his workshop shot in Grotte Di Salone where he forges on a giant anvil.

Unfortunately, Browne and bombshell Gorassini's bland love scenes backed by Marcello Giombini's smoochy sax lack chemistry: Vulcan's anvil generates more sparks. When Mars falls for mortal Daphne Jocelyn Lane , his request to renounce his immortality is granted by Jupiter - 'Let it be done In probably the worst dubbing job of all time, Lewis delivers his dialogue with a condescending halfsmile. For the English language version, Maciste's name is changed to Maxus.

Set in prehistoric times, Fire Monsters tells of the peaceful valley-dwelling Tribe of Dorak who worship the sun and their war with the cave-dwelling Droods who worship the moon , led by the evil Fuan Andrea Aureli. The Droods kidnap Dorak's women, so Maxus, a freelance do-gooder with a ginger quiff, rescues them. Maxus falls for Moa Margaret Lee but when they are buried up to their necks by Fuan to be eaten by worms, a handy volcanic eruption splits the earth, freeing them.

The Droods team up with the cannibalistic Ulma led by Nello Pazzafini, wielding a rubber club who wear headbands with two cow's horns attached. After they've been out clubbing, the Dorak enjoy watching dancing girls twisting in hairy outfits which resemble a carwash, and romance isn't depicted very well in the film.

Maxus and Moa enjoy romantic walks beside a swamp accompanied by Mantovani strings and during a wedding ceremony the groom is told that if his wife doesn't obey him, 'Then you have the right to put her to death'. The Fire Monsters of the title - a dragon in a lake, an underwater hydra and a monitor lizard that surprises Maxus and Moa in a cave - are puppet beasts, which Maxus easily dispatches.

Colossus and the Headhunters deployed the volcanic eruption from Fire Monsters as its opening apocalypse, when Maciste Kirk Morris helps a tribe flee their island home. Escaping on a raft, the refugees drift to the land of Urya - a lush, forested country looking very much like Yugoslavia which has been taken over by Kermes Frank Leroy in league with a cruel tribe of headhunters led by Goona Nello Pazzafini.

Headhunters is a by-the-numbers peplum, again directed by Malatesta, and Queen Amoa wears the shortest peplum censors would allow. According to mythology, Perseus defeated Medusa the Gorgon, a winged woman-beast with writhing serpents for hair, whose gaze turned her victims to stone. De Martino and his scriptwriters largely rewrite the story, with Perseus Richard Harrison caught between warring kingdoms, the cities of Seriphos and Argos.

Acrisius, the evil king of Argos Arturo Dominici , and his son, whip-lashing Prince Galinor Leo Anchoriz , stop the merchants of Seriphus from using a trade route to the sea, which is guarded by a dragon and Medusa. Perseus, not knowing that he is the rightful ruler of Argos, sides with. A sea battle and Babylon burning are stock footage from Carthage in Flames The all-female Amazon tribe of Greek myth were understandably popular with peplum audiences.

Thor travels to the city of Babylos in the all-female country of Nalia, to free dethroned queen Tamar Susy Andersen. Janine Hendy was the queen of Babylos, which forces its women captives to fight for their freedom in the Triangle of Death arena: the film was originally called Le Gladiatrici [The Gladiatrixes]. Black muscleman Harry Baird appeared as Thor's sidekick Ubaratutu.

Clips from Ursus in the Valley of the Lions and Mole Men against the Son of Hercules crop up in stock footage, and Tamar's flashback to the death of her father is the attack on the Viking village from Erik the Conqueror Thor engages the entire female population of Nalia in an immense tug of war contest for his life, so that 'The authority of men will be restored'. The witch has given Milo a magic dagger, the golden Dagger of Gaea, which when unsheathed conjures up seven indestructible muscleman mercenaries made of gold.

The Seven Sons of Gaea - bald, beefy and sprayed gold - resemble towering Oscars. The witch lives in a mossy, misty cave and watches the action in a magic pool. For the finale, Pasiphae transforms herself into Ate - the only indication that she is an impostor is her orange eyes. For this scene Tolo wore tinted contact lenses. This shot-in-spain production welded Greek mythology to the Old Testament.

It was this film that was chosen for spoof dubbing in the Australian sendup Hercules Returns For the gala opening they show the last film that was screened at the cinema, billed as Hercules but actually Capitani's movie. Too late they discover that their Italian language print is not subtitled, so the trio dub the film themselves.

Hercules Returns was based on the live show 'Double Take meets Hercules', which was performed by Des Mangan and Sally Patience, who provide most of the principle voices here. In their story Hercules 'The dumbest man in the world' saves heroine Labia Elisa Montes from drowning, on his way to the city of Climidia. Muriel, Labia's mother, owns the Pink Parthenon nightclub and won't allow her to marry Testiculi Luciano Marin , the son of a rival beer garden proprietor Livio Lorenzon.

Samson, with a weedy voice and pigtails, is now henpecked by Delilah, Ursus is a tavern brawler with a Glaswegian accent, and Maciste now Machismo has an effeminate voice and a horse named Cyril. The Oracle Helene Chanel , with her smoking skillet, is cleverly redubbed as a crepe chef. It was the unlikely figure of Pier Paolo Pasolini who had the last word on Greek myths in os Italian cinema. Adult Oedipus Franco Citti travels to the Oracle at Delphi and learns that he is fated to murder his father and make love to his mother.

En route to Thebes, where three roads meet, Oedipus murders a rich traveller. But Thebes is scourged with a plague which won't lift until Laius' murderer is found. Oedipus is implicated in the killing and suspects that Jocasta's brother Creon Carmelo Bene is trying to take power. Tiresias the blind prophet Julian Beck identifies Oedipus as the culprit - King Laius and Queen Jocasta had tried to dispose of their newborn baby when they heard the evil prophecy, but fate brought cursed Oedipus back to Thebes.

Jocasta hangs herself and Oedipus pokes out his own eyes with a pin from her dress, wandering into exile as a blind beggar. As one would expect from idiosyncratic Pasolini, this isn't regular peplum fare. The story is bookended by scenes set in modern Italy shot in Bologna ,. Yugoslavia was an attractive location for international coproductions in the os, due to its wide range of majestic, picturesque landscapes from rolling, lush valleys and woodland to mountains and waterfalls and its hoards of cheap extras.

Italian cinema produced many disparate costume adventures, usually inspired by big budget Hollywood productions of the day, including pirate movies set in the Caribbean, swashbuckling cavalier and musketeer films, Napoleonic and Risorgimento epics, desert-set Arabian adventures and tales of rampaging Tartar and Mongol hordes.

Comes a Norseman: Viking Adventures An unexpectedly popular sub-genre of Italian adventure cinema was the Viking saga. Richard Fleischer's The Vikings was the trigger film, with Kirk Douglas' scar-faced Einar one eye plucked out by a falcon and Tony Curtis' slave Eric who has his left hand chopped off fighting over Welsh princess Morgana Curtis' then-wife Janet Leigh.

Mario Nascimbene's fine score and the siege finale proved particularly influential and the film spawned half a dozen Italian derivatives starring Cameron Mitchell, Gordon Mitchell, Giorgio Ardisson or Giuliano Gemma, and also Richard Widmark's Hollywood vehicle The Long Ships , which was shot in Yugoslavia.

Viken, his village, is destroyed and his father murdered by Sveno Edmund Purdom , the king of Norway. Aakon Andrea Aureli, with one eye and a scarred face seizes control of Viken, but Harald kills his usurper. The Vikings construct war machines a battering ram tower and catapults that fire flaming logs to attack Sveno's castle.

Last of the Vikings is the best of the Italian cycle. Instead of the model trireme often deployed in pepla, it has full-sized Viking ships with dragon prows 'Furnished by Nettuno Navy Yard'. It also has a percussion-driven Roberto Nicolosi score and vivid costumes and set design. This is especially apparent in the Vikings' return to Viken a crow-pecked, arrow-riddled misty ruin and in Sveno's labyrinthine stone castle and torture chamber interiors were filmed at Cinecitta and Titanus , where Harold's brother Guntag Giorgio Ardisson is crucified by Sveno on an X-shaped cross.

The bloodletting is frequent, with death by arrow in the eye, hatchet to the head, torch to the face and sword through the chest, complete with blood spurts. Viking formula ingredients include boisterous feasts and funeral pyre send-offs to Valhalla.

Mitchell turns in an effective performance as the dynamic Harald, who in one scene dispatches a bear about to ravage Hilda. This is not to be confused with Giuseppe Vari's Attack of the Normans , with Mitchell as the villain, which was set in the time of the Norman Conquest. In adulthood he becomes Duke of Helford, commander of the British navy, while his brother Eron Cameron Mitchell becomes a Viking chief and leads an expedition against Britain.

Eventually Erik and Eron face each other in a duel. Filmed from August to October , the film's interiors were at Cinecitta and Titanus Studios, including a vast Viking great hall dominated by a gnarly root from Hercules in the Centre of the Earth. The colour-drenched Bava compositions in widescreen Dyaliscope visually enhance the film. Bava staged his sea battles indoors on studio soundstages - to suggest the forward movement of. Bava created a castle atop the bluffs of Tor Caldara by simply cutting an image from the National Geographic and aligning it in the frame.

The final battle, as the Vikings storm Queen Alice's fortress, is a convincing swirl of fire and sword plus stock footage from Last of the Vikings. Lothar is king of the Britons in the English language print, but of Scotland in the Italian version.

The Kesslers were cabaret stars they perform a synchronised dance routine in Erik and later appeared briefly in The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Photographed by Enzo Barboni and scored by Carlo Franci, the film is notable for its tropical greenery, shot in the botanical gardens of Finca country house La Concepcion, north of Malaga.

Bava's Knives of the Avenger is a western in Viking garb. Although his penchant for gore, mist and shadow is more than evident in the film, it was yet another Bava hybrid, coining 'Viking horror'. Aghen Fausto Tozzi is trying to kill them, so Karin and Moki relocate to a hut in the mountains. They are visited by a wandering stranger Cameron Mitchell , an expert crossbowman and knifethrower. He is vengeance-seeking Rurig some sources call him Rurik - Aghen beheaded Rurig's wife and son years before.

The Viking village set is a disguised US cavalry fort and a village tavern is a wild west Mexican cantina set. Viking favourite Mitchell - his hair was red or blond in these adventures, depending on the quality of the print viewed - is dubbed in the English language version by Paul Frees. Rurig is essentially a revenge-seeking stranger in town who's quick on the draw: he can throw three daggers simultaneously.

Marcello Giombini's score even resembles a western, with strident horn 'riding themes' and a harmonica melody. Murad was a rebel who in led the mountain peoples of the Caucuses in the steppes against the tyrannical rule of Tsar Nicholas I Milivoje Zivanovic. Though it deploys great costumes and settings in Yugoslavia , a score by Roberto Nicolosi and photography by Mario Bava, this is a formula Reeves vehicle.

Villainy was supplied by Gerard Herter as Prince Sergei Maria's husband , who captures Murad, submitting Reeves to his obligatory onscreen flogging. Director Riccardo Freda occasionally manages some rousing scenes: the Russian attack on a peasant village; Murad's massed cavalry attack on Fort Tabarasan a stronghold that controls the Black Mountains ; Murad's escape from the Russian HQ when he rides his horse through a packed ballroom ; and the final duel between Murad and traitorous rebel Akmet Khan Rena to Baldini.

For this scene, Reeves was doubled by Alan Steel. Reeves' acting isn't up to much - any emotional turmoil is conveyed by clenched fists, gritted teeth and frowning - but the film was successful in the US in when released by Warner Bros. Emilius Reeves , 'a Goliath', sees his father murdered by the Lombards and swears revenge on culprit Igor Livio Lorenzon. Emilius disguises himself as a growling monster in a lion mask with pointed teeth, a cloak and clawed 'paws' - and attacks the Lombards.

A love story subplot sees Emilius involved with barbarian Landa, played by Chelo Alonso, who performs a snaky dance routine. Stuntmen Pietro Ceccarelli and Nello Pazzafini appeared as barbarians and busy stunt-coordinator Remo DeAngelis can be spotted in three supporting roles as Igor's sidekick, a blond barbarian and a peasant archer.

Much of the woodland footage was filmed indoors. The opening caption called AD 'A time when if you didn't love or fight In the US Carlo Innocenzi's score was replaced by Les Baxter themes and it was a great success when it was released by AlP in , cut from minutes to a barely coherent Set on the banks of the Volga in Russia, the film tells of battles between Vikings, led.

Eventually the Tartars attack the Viking stockade: both Oleg and Burundai are killed and Samya and Erik float away together in a longboat. Shot in collaboration with Dabrava Film, in Zagreb, amid sweeping Yugoslavian landscapes with interiors at Titanus Studios , The Tartars is backed by a flavourful Russian-sounding score by Renzo Rossellini. What sinks the film as credible entertainment are the leads.

With his oil slick hair and Mediterranean complexion, Mature makes an unconvincing Viking. It is a prime example of Mature's talent for reducing historical figures to grinning idiots, and when he's not smiling, he wears a slightly troubled expression, as though something unpleasant is wafting across the Volga. It's wonderful to hear the rich tones of Welles enunciate: 'So the Viking wolf has ventured into the den of the Tartar bear'. Ursus muscled in on the act with Remigio Del Grosso's Ursus and the Tartar Princess , a displaced western set on the Crimean frontier in the seventeenth century.

Tom Felleghi and Andrea Aureli appeared as the Tartar villains. Axe-wielding woodcutter Ursus Joe Robinson is almost an afterthought in his own movie, as the accent is placed on a religious conflict between Christian Poles and Pagan Tartars. Both these films used the hokey Welles-Mature model as their Tartar source.

When Garak attempts to murder the rightful heirs to the throne - Prince Tsai-sung and his sister, Princess Lai-ling Yoko Tani - Samson Gordon Scott intervenes, despite looking completely out of place in his Tarzan loincloth amongst the opulent Far Eastern decor. It was greatly aided by the leftover sets, costumes and a multitude of Asian extras from Marco Polo , which starred Tani opposite Rory Calhoun as the Venetian explorer. During a punch-up Samson destroys a tavern like a human-wrecking ball and wrestles with a bladed chariot about to behead five unlucky rebels in footage so impressive that it reappeared in Maciste in Hell.

For the film's US. Samson performs only two miracles: first, he finds and tolls the Great Bell of Freedom, calling the oppressed to arms against Garak. Garak buries Samson alive deep in the foundation bowls of the city in a tiny stone chamber. Mighty Samson musters all his strength and ruptures the earth, causing a mighty earthquake which destroys the city, enabling Lai-ling and Cho to found a new dynasty.

Genghis Khan is dead and his three sons stir up trouble, fomenting war between the Mongols and the Christian west. They launch a stock footage attack on the Christian city of Tudela, killing the king and capturing his daughter Bianca Jose Greci , but her little brother Alexander Loris Loddi , the heir to the throne, is taken to safety by his nurse Bianca Doria. Enter Hercules, who resolves to restore Alexander to his throne and kick the Mongols out of Tudela, as foretold by a Chinese seer in the film's pretitle sequence.

A subplot details the villains' search for the treasure of Tudela, which is hidden in a grist mill. Hercules' feats of strength are average stuff, except for a lively scene when he defends himself with an iron bar against a lion. Christian Bratislavan knights led by their king Giuseppe Addobbati storm Tudela and Hercules bursts a dam, routing the Mongols. It was filmed on sunny Yugoslavian exteriors and at Incir-De Paolis Studios interiors: the Mongol torture chamber is the familiar peplum arched stone wall set.

One of many great things about Italian cinema is that even the most innocuous looking film can deliver the unexpected. Paolella's Hercules against the Barbarians would be expected to be a 'muscleman-mongol' hybrid, with the Greek hero adrift in Poland. Soon Paolella's film drifts further from logic and history, with a subplot detailing a witch hunt in a peasant village, complete with torch-bearing locals.

Hercules' lover Armina Jose Greci is kidnapped by the Mongols she is the heir to the Polish throne , so Hercules is dispatched with Arias the accused witch, played by Gloria Milland, a regular in Paolella productions to save Armina from the Mongol fortress at Tarnopol. Ken Clark played Kublai the Mongol villain eventually crushed beneath a descending portcullis and Renato Rossini was Mongol Gasan, while Mirko Ellis appeared as the Polish king Vladimir, Tullio Altamura was a priest and Ugo Sasso was the leader of a band of roving acrobats, who entertain the Mongol court with gymnastics, lance duels and plate spinning.

Obviously a budget production filmed at Incir-De Paolis Studios, the film had music that was lifted from Maciste in Hell. Hercules wrestles a rubber crocodile and crosses a fiery chasm on a log filmed at Tor Caldara in this cross-genera movie that doesn't quite gel.

Hollywood also shot its own Mongol epic in Yugoslavia. Genghis Khan boasted spectacular settings and costumes, and some spectacular miscasting, with Egyptian Omar Sharif in the title role and James Mason and Robert Morley as caricatured Chinese. A Thousand and One Fights: Arabian Adventures A minor cycle of Arabian adventures fused themes found in muscleman epics with ' Nights' settings and stories.

The Conqueror of the Orient , a mercifully brief, overly chatty adventure from Tanio Boccia, is set in an unspecified eastern Orient created at De Laurentiis Studios. Nadir Rik Battaglia , a lowly fisherman, saves the life of a fugitive princess, Fatima Irene Tunc , and discovers that he is the throne's rightful heir.

The film is noteworthy for its insufficient sound effects: as dozens of rebel horsemen hurtle through lush green countryside, two coconuts clatter on the soundtrack. Cutpurse Karim Reeves embarks on a quest to pass through the Seven Doors to find where a magical Blue Rose grows - it is the only cure for the bedevilled princess, Amina Giorgia Moll. The film is essentially Hercules in the Centre of the Earth in turbans. Arturo Dominici guested as the evil prince, Osman, Edy Vessel was a sexy distraction for Karim and George Chama rat was a friendly magician who helps Karim.

Colourfully shot in the Tunisian desert by Tonino Delli Colli and scored by Angelo Lavagnino, Thief is one of Reeves' finest vehicles, featuring an array of mythological creations, including tentacled trees which come to life, a cloak of invisibility, a Pegasus, blank-faced egg-headed swordsmen, fiery caverns, earthquakes, petrified stone men, a duel between Karim and a bald, gummy wrestler on a clifftop bridge, and Karim's magical army, which takes on Osman's forces in the final attack on Baghdad.

Seymuth discovers that the hero's weakness is fire he's 'Kindar the Inflammable' and tries to kill him in the Temple of Horus. Your opponent challenges you! Ha Ha! To the death! For Omar to accede to the Gold Throne he must defeat seven tribal challengers. Ali Baba doesn't hang around: look out for the torture scene where Mahariti tribesmen are throttled with chains, repeated shots of the same quarry used for all the film's exteriors and the climactic tournament an eight-man 'It's a Knockout' with contestants deploying anything that comes to hand - including swords, forks, lances, chains, knives, maces and bows - until only Omar and Ali are left standing.

Mitchell is in fine evil form as Omar, his rock-faced grimace fixed, until he's run over by a chariot. Salvi later directed Mitchell and Mickey Hargitay in the lively western-gothic horror peplum hybrid 3 Bullets for Ringo Italian adventure filmmakers capitalised on its lively formula with a short-lived cycle of derivatives, with titles such as Guns of the Black Witch and Cold Steel for Tortuga Thinking he has put the trafficker, Captain Tortuga Jose Jaspe , out of business, Gordon discovers otherwise when a slave's corpse is washed ashore.

The trader's base, 'a vulture's nest', is the island of San Salvador and the Black Pirate sets sail on his galleon The Indomitable. Gordon impersonates 'Don Carlos Bastia', a rich Cuban plantation owner with 'labour problems', and attempts to woo the governor's daughter, Manuela Cortez de Castilla Giuliana Rubini. Gordon the Black Pirate is flamboyant costume adventure at its best. Montalban cuts a dash, while Price does his usual crafty scene-stealing.

An entertaining skip through Tudor history, the film is a biopic of Francis Drake: mariner, explorer and queen's privateer. Drake returns with a mountain of Spanish gold, which earns him a knighthood. But Mary, Babbington and the conspirators are beheaded. The nautical scenes were shot in the Bay of Naples. The film benefits from fine Eastmancolor and CinemaScope photography, some good sets and ships, and authentic Tudor costumes designed by Filippo Sanjust with doublets, hose and ruffs de rigueur.

Edy Vessel was French exile Arabella who is involved in a love triangle between Marsh and snivelling Babbington. During Drake's three-year voyage they land in America New Albion and bring back potatoes and tobacco. Only in the armada finale does the film fall flat, with an unconvincing sea battle staged by burning model ships in a choppy water tank.

In Port Royal, Governor Townsend has enslaved Arabella's black plantation labourers and the pirates attack as an earthquake strikes. Robert saves his mother and her servants, including Moses John Kitzmiller , and heads for high ground, as Port Royal is engulfed in a tidal wave. Handsome blond Flynn makes a fine swashbuckling lead he also appeared in The Sign ofzorro [].

This location was also used for Cervantes , a dull biopic of poet Miguel De Cervantes Horst Buchholz , which features a re-enactment of the sea battle at Lepanto in the Gulf of Corinth, between Turks and the Holy League. Cervantes thanked the general staff of the Spanish naval base at Cartagena for their assistance in staging the engagement. Astore Manfredi, the Duke of Faenza and an enemy of the Borgias', hides out with a group of travelling players, including blind Dea Haria Occhini and tightrope walker Angelo, who wears a leather mask to conceal his disfigured, grotesquely grinning face.

Most of the players are killed during an attack on the Borgias' stronghold and Angelo swears revenge on Astore: the duke steals Dea from him when she regains her sight. Corbucci cast French actor Jean Sorel as both handsome aristocrat Astore and red-haired acrobat 'freak' Angelo. This dual casting is explained. Cesare's physician experiments on human physiognomies, using lepers as guinea pigs, and alters Angelo's features with cosmetic surgery, transforming him into Astore.

Corbucci regular Gino Pernice appeared as Borgia henchman Galliaco. There is plenty of action from Corbucci and some macabre touches: a sadistic Borgia torture chamber and lepers dragging their death cart through the countryside. Purdom is excellent as cultured sadist Cesare, who notes, 'As painting is an art, so is killing'. Hill played Captain Blackie, an English corsair fighting on the Spanish Main, who tries to steal a shipment of gold from the viceroy Edmond Purdom. Bud Spencer played rival pirate Captain Skull, who sides with Blackie.

The hornpipe score including a terrible title song, 'Ship Ahoy! Brice and Barker later teamed up in the German 'Winnetou' westerns. The Devils of Spartivento was sumptuously photographed and costumed entertainment, starring Scilla Gabel and John Drew Barrymore, who sports distracting black and white striped 'humbug' tights.

Granger was English mercenary freebooter Thomas Stanwood in sixteenth-century Tuscany, though the film was shot at Titanus Studios and in the Lazio countryside. Riddled with court intrigue and subterfuge, Swordsman is one of the best of its type, with Granger excellent as the wisecracking mercenary. His duel with Lupo in a stable demonstrates his expertise with a rapier. Claudio Gora appeared as Councillor Leoni, who is murdered by the Ten, his corpse hung from the town's bell tower.

The film's best sequence is Siena's Palio horserace, a pageant of colour and movement. This dangerous steeplechase through the city streets and across the countryside is excitingly staged,. From pirate and musketeer films to pepla and horror films, Italian audiences loved masked heroes and villains.

Juan strikes as the Masked Rider, in scarlet Zorro mask, cape and gauntlets, to win back the hand of his lover, Dofia Blanca Jose Greci. Ettore Manni appeared as Captain Blasco, Romero's henchman, who has a change of heart when he falls in love with gypsy witch Estella Pilar Cansino , and Nello Pazzafini and Sal Borgese appeared as rebels in this action-filled, cheap, shot-in-italy production, which was backed by a flamenco score by Lavagnino.

As to be expected, Hercules looks lost when hauled out of historical context. Rebellion and Risorgimento: Leopards and Lions There were several mammoth international productions - involving Italian finance, studios or stars - set during the Napoleonic Wars. They were defined by impressive star casts, resplendent costumes and sets, and plodding historical plots leavened periodically by epic battle scenes. The romance was set against Napoleon's Herbert Lorn invasion of Russia.

Abel Gance's French-Italian-Yugoslavian-Liechtenstein The Battle of Austerlitz was a stagy, studio-bound affair which reduced Napoleon's victory over Austro-Russian forces to the level of pantomime. Spanish guerrilleros haul a massive seven-ton, foot-long cannon 1,ooo km across a landscape of dust, rivers, rocks and windmills, to breach the walls of fortified Avila, the French headquarters in Spain.

A British admiralty agent,. Trumbull is indispensable to the guerrilleros as the only man who knows how to fire the cannon. Nino Rota provided the dramatic score. After a slow first section, the second half of the film is virtually non-stop action, as the encounter unfolds in colourful, knockout battle scenes. Cannons thunder, rank upon rank of infantry advance and galloping cavalry sweep across the smoky landscape; 2o,ooo men and 3,ooo horses were deployed in these crunching re-enactments.

The film's stunt coordinator was Franco Fantasia. The two cavalry charges - a frontal assault by the Scots Greys and the French cavalry assault under Marshal Ney Dan O'Herlihy which engulfs the British redcoat infantry squares filmed in an impressive helicopter shot - have been shorn of their dangerous horse stunts on UK DVD releases, diminishing their power.

As Napoleon prepares to deliver the coup de grace, the Prussians under Marshal Blucher Serghej Zakhariadze arrive to save the day. Having refused to surrender, the French Old Guard are mown down at point-blank range by British cannons. In the aftermath of the battle, Napoleon escapes, while looters and crows scavenge the dead. Photographed in Panavision and Technicolor by Armando Nannuzzi, Waterloo resembles period paintings brought to life by the rich cinematography and is a perfect marriage of Italian style and Russian scale.

Livia loans Franz thousands of florins which were supposed to help the rebels' cause, so he can bribe a doctor to exempt him from service. When she visits him in Verona, she discovers he's nothing more than a drunken, unfaithful wastrel, who has frittered the money away on women, booze and gambling. As revenge she reports his desertion to his superiors and he is summarily shot.

The film is notable for great central performances by Valli and Granger, for its Technicolor photography of the Italian locations and for the convincing albeit brief battle scenes, which Visconti seamlessly interweaves into his melodrama. Don Fabrizio is a member of the old ruling class caught between two worlds and finds that his credo - 'Things will have to change in order that they remain the same' - now has added resonance. It was shot over five months from May on location in Sicily, at Donnafugata and the village of Ciminna.

The Battle of Palermo was staged with hundreds of extras, while the Ponteleone ball sequence was shot amidst the golden chandeliered opulence of Palazzo Gangi in Palermo. For this scene Visconti's attention to lavish mise-en-scene went into overload, with the exquisite ball gowns by Oscar-nominated Pietro Tosi. Nino Rota's music swirls as Visconti orchestrates a sea of bobbing, waltzing couples. Rota's majestic, swelling score showcases the composer at his most epic. The cinematography in Technicolor and Super Technirama by Giuseppe Rotunno - of sun-scorched ochre countryside, swathes of blue sky and dusty, grand architecture - captured 'the violence of the landscape' and the luxury of aristocracy.

The Leopard has one of the finest casts assembled for an Italian production. Delon's dashing Tancredi is ambitious, loveable, but 'a sieve with money', while Cardinale's soft-eyed Angelica, with her raucous laugh, is displaced among the effete diners at Don Fabrizio's table.

The Leopard is notable for the noble performance by Lancaster as a man of contradictions, based partly on Visconti. As melancholy Don Fabrizio contemplates Greuze's Death of a just Man, a deathbed painting, and waltzes with Angelica, the old and new worlds meet. In the novel the prince dies, but Visconti's film ends with the tired prince wandering Palermo and fading into a darkened street.

The film was cut by 40 minutes to minutes and dubbed for its English language release, with the inferior print processed in CinemaScope and DeLuxe colour. His most famous work, which you may have seen at some point, Mario riding Yoshi, later nicknamed LUEshi due to its temporary domination of the board Life, the Universe, and Everything.

The characters are arranged to form an image of Mario riding Yoshi. Mario and Yoshi are looking at each other and smiling. End I. This art would make its way to the more popular boards, often edited for additional humor such as the ever unexpected Jinjo, sombreros, top hats, face swapping, and more. All this occurred in the early s. Unfortunately, you won't find many of these posts due to board archiving not being introduced until there's that GameFAQs antique aesthetic again.

Patamon had long left, as did many of the more prolific artists. The ones who hadn't left simply didn't have the desire to keep up with it, what with image sharing becoming easier. Perhaps most importantly, the format of the boards began to discourage it in order to favor mobile displays. In , an update banned strings over 80 characters, which was the final nail in the coffin.

I think the Japanese Discord I used to lurk said it best:. The text on the left is in Japanese and reads, "Komyuniti ga shimetsu shita nochi mo ikinokotte AA o tsukutte kita seikimatsu no bakemono-san mitaidesu o. ASCII at large isn't dead though. Finally, this is a rough retelling of events from someone who was absent for most of them, and there are probably multiple things that need correcting.

Also I have no idea how to make image descriptions other than what I've read other users here say, and I have even less of an idea of how to convey the idea of ASCII art via a description. Corrections on these things would be appreciated most of all. Hey, I was wondering how you make those mountains like that in Minecraft? Wild and fun you. Follow me, a mature, sexually and ecstatically active woman. Wanna hear why and how?

Silly me forgot to say emphatically!! Photo by Al Messerschmidt. Hi Sarah, I'm telling you, I switched to a mac only for the bit version of the sims 3 and I didn't know more about error I continued with the issue. I had to uninstall some things due to the incompatibility of mods and the difficulties of installing, as I see in mac it is more difficult to install the awesome mod anyway my problem is that I have a game with a family that I have more than 5 years and today for the sake of fate the game is removed as you recover it.

I'm really sorry but I don't understand what you're asking for help with. Also, I don't have any knowledge of the mac operating system so I would be no help with that anyway. From my limited understanding of the bit version of The Sims 3 for the mac, it appears to be worse than the bit version and I have not heard anything good about it.

However, please feel free to post over in the NRaas Chatterbox forum as we have a few mac experts over there or maybe someone else here on tumblr will be able to help you when they see this post. TS2 Sims 3 Asks. Online - Terkait perkembangan teranyar situasi pandemi Covid saat ini di Indonesia, Menteri Kesehatan Budi Gunadi Sadikin menyebutkan, sekarang Indonesia sudah melampaui puncak kasus Covid akibat varian Omicron.

Funded decapping all SNES coprocessors to extract their firmware. Mega Man X: Corrupted offers many additional hours of fun than the originals did but also encourages you to replay the game over and over. First launched in Japan and South Korea in , then North America in , and other regions a few years later. Then click the IMG button to make the image.

For many years information has been literally scattered across the world, in old text files, in aging and now disappearing web sites, in dead forums, in some wiki's that never quite made it happen, in books. Information like game name, checksum, size and the bank type.

Compile snes rom Each region will have different names. If you enjoyed playing this, then you can find similar games in the category. Tiny Toon Adventures - Acme All-Stars is a single title from the many, and that we offer for this console.

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